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~The MCME Times~ #17/15 - Breaking News: Eriol_Eandur promoted to Designer!


hon. Head Designer
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Opening Statement

The reaction on the Reporter shoutout from last week was rather underwhelming :rolleyes:, well anyway, the offer persists and maybe someone feels like bringing his name into the Times ;).
Instead I take the opportunity to thank all those who are submitting updates quite often! I don't call specific names as luckily there's quite many of these nice guys, but that does not mean that I am less thankful for your contributions! Please keep doing this, it's not only helping me, it's aswell a much better addition to the Times as if I would write the updates myself!

And now, have a nice read, and a nice week!


Breaking News
@Eriol_Eandur (formerly known as mullerl) has just been promoted to Designer! He so totally deserved it, I myself very often had the pleasure to simply ask him for help on the Misty Mountains Glaciers, both working alone but aswell already supervising and leading the other builders, no question he already had the leading skills since a long time! I am absolutely confident that your work and passion will have a major impact to the map and I'm really looking forward to feature your first big project in the Times!


Project Progress

Calembel awakes... /warp Calembel

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz
- no progress this week - Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH
No progress this week; I have been busy with finals and other end of the year things.

Annúminas (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13
This project continues to push forward! @jacenpeter has officially opened the rich housing freebuild (all levels) and there is also a "run off" freebuild (experienced only) to finish up the remaining few lower houses. Hopefully the last few houses and details will be added into the lower sections this week and a ruining design can be decided upon! Stay tuned for ruining jobs!
- Fireinferno13

Calembel (Finished) - Lead: @Ivan1pl
It's called Calembel, "Greenham" is the translation of that name, and green it is indeed! Usually only long forgotten ruins have so much greenery on the housewalls, but this city is having its heyday and is simply beautiful.
Congratulations on your first big project Ivan, and of course the same goes to everyone who has built in this town!

Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Demonataz
The Dol Amroth palace is nearly finished. Demonataz copied it to the main map. Just some details to fix.
- Eriol_Eandur

Ethir Anduin (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk
The terraforming has continued and all the islands have gotten a few trees. Another unique looking region is on its way to completion there!

Lebennin (In Progress) - Lead: @otho
- no progress this week -

Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_
Emilio has been working on the river sources in the former Hollin Ridge area. When I checked the area I was totally blown away, the Ridge is gone and has left behind not the slightest trace. I'm not sure whether I would have managed to do it that well myself :eek:

Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666 & @Finrod_Amandil
A massive thank you goes to @DarthRagnar, @Ma5terMinD and @MattTheLegoman who answered our call for aid and contributed a really nice asset of new textures for the essential dwarven pack!

Despot has been laying out the famous stair-collapsing/dwarf-tossing movie scene area, try if you can find it! (Remember: /mvtp moria takes you into the new moria world, only the layout is there yet)

Pelargir (
In Progress) - Lead: @Credoo
The last big open chunk in the west of the city is being filled through jobs run by @kisos. In the southwestern corner is the Artist's realm, all the big buildings there are coming along very nicely tanks to the purple legion.
The House Freebuild is still open and a few houses are unclaimed, get yourself one and finish that freebuild!

Shire Trees (In Progress) - Lead: @kisos
Shire trees: Buckland and the opposite shore of the brandywine have been started... and finished this week! Gamwich forests have been started, so go check those out, you might even get lost in the maze of woodlands up there. ;) All that's left of the project now is the fields of the south.
- kisos

Public Projects:

Ethring (In Progress) - Lead: @AWOL777
- no progress this week -

Lothlórien Vegetation (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur
I started to help @Emilio with all the Vegetation Jobs. 60% of region 6 is finished now. Thanks a lot to all who helped with the jobs. Special thanks to @Ryiw who participated in almost every job.
With the palace of Dol Amroth nearly finished, I intend to speed up the progress on Lothlórien. Expect jobs in evening hours (European time).
- Eriol_Eandur

Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:

Status Updates

Too bad one can only change its name every 30 days, because @toeyoman who changed his username to Not_Artist, is already carrying a purple name again and is again very actively contributing on every opportunity to the various projects.


This Week's Highlights
Media of the Week
We have a new face in the screenshotter's club: @Tillyw29!

Ost-in-Edhil (/warp Ost-in-Edhil)


Secondly one more shot by myself:

Annúminas (/warp Annuminas)

This week's Themed Build
The first Project Build!

Duration: 3 weeks
Plot size: 100 x 100 (given terrain, following painting by Tolkien)
>>Themed Build post<<


Short Story Contest

No way back
A short story by Finrod_Amandil

Chapter 2
Worst fears come true

Chapter 1 can be found >>here<<

After another deep breath Elrond faced Arahad again, whose anger was now completely
replaced by confusion about the scene that just happened.

"Forgive me, Arahad, for that I did leave you alone with your sorrows, but it seems as you’re
not the only one fearing about the lives of your people anymore."

Elrond then told the Dúnedain about the journey of Celebrían and the route she had intended
to take. Silence followed the words of the elf. Arahad was the first to speak again:

"Allow me to ask one question. How can you know about the fate of Celebrían? You said she
did not reach Lothlórien."
This time it was Elrond that looked surprised.

"The practice is by far not that common anymore as it once was, and men never widely were
able to use it. But I would have thought the heirs of Isildur at least still know about it.
Communication by thought, or
Ósanwë as we call it, is available to all minds, whether man, elf
or dwarf. The connection between two minds can be enhanced by affinity - the better you
know the other person the easier it is; and urgency - the more weight your seeking for the
other’s mind has. But if the other person closes the mind, there’s no way, regardless of how
strong and experienced one is, to enter the other’s thoughts. While you were telling me about
your journey in the mountains I searched for Celebríans mind, but it was
aquapahta, fully
closed and inaccessible. Never before she closed her mind towards me, and through my mind
I asked my daughter Arwen and the Lady Galadriel in Lórien whether they had any
information about her. And they confirmed what I feared: Celebrían did never arrive.

Only four more elves Elladan and Elrohir chose, they were skilled, but most importantly they
all loved the always just and merry Celebrían and the twins knew they would do everything
to save her. The swiftest horses they took and within few days reached the quickly ascending
road that would lead up to the Redhorn Pass. Here they continued on foot and sent the horses
back to Rivendell. Like the Rangers, they climbed the pass carefully and always looking out
for orcs, however for the elves this was clearly easier with their light step and grey cloaks.

They were just wondering whether they would have to find and check every single orc camp
along the pass now, when they came along a cave which was dug right into the wall next to
the road. On the road in front of the cave was a large amount of dried blood. The elves drew
their swords and peered into the cave. No sound or movement they noticed. Cautiously they
entered the dark cave. Once their eyes accommodated to the darkness they could see the
execrable scene: Two white, dead horses laid next to a burned down campfire, struck down by
many black arrows. Large bones were scattered throughout the cave.

"Horse-bones", Elladan murmured grievously. "More than one horse even. How many orcs are
required to eat multiple horses in a short time… I don’t want to think about the fate of the
riders... Maybe it would have been better if their bones laid in this cave too."

"I swear, my brother, I will make those creatures pay for their crimes", Elrohir said with firm
"I always thought only beings with black hearts and souls would feel glorious about killing
someone. But now there’s nothing else i’d like to do more", Elladan replied.

Ommug golug shrakh gir tar kirgil?"
The elves immediately turned towards the entrance again. A group of twenty orcs assembled
in the entrance of the cave and stared at the small group of elves with a burning lust to kill in
their dark eyes. It were the words of the biggest and grossest orc. With a venomous smile on
his abhorrent, unshapely face he spoke again:

"Um hurnash bûn ker hugumesh, shâ obgurishi. Murgim, goryamidug! Marg!"
"Seems like the Valar did fulfill your wish!" Elrohir shouted, raising his sword as the orcs
began storming into the cave.

"Only being able to hold a random piece of metal in your hand doesn’t make you a warrior"
Elrohir scornfully said to the Orc to his feet.

The twins and their fellows had managed to kill all but two orcs without any casualties beside
one small but nastily painful wound at the leg of one of the elves. Elladan asked him to retreat
and journey home, but he did not want to leave while their task was still undone. The two
leftover orcs they disarmed and tied up their hands and feet.

"We need you to answer a few questions, and you better make sure you choose the right
replies. What have you done with the elves that did ride these horses? Where have you
brought them?"
One of the orcs, even though sitting on the ground, and being unable to stand up and face the
overtowering elf eye to eye, still returned the nauseated gaze of his opponent. The other one,
fighting against the pain of several wounds faced the ground, heavily breathing.

"You can save your lives and go back to the rest of your despicable race. You can tell them that
they are not as strong as your silly minds make you think you are, and then return to the
maggot holes you all creeped out of. But for that I need answers, now!"

"Hukh", the sunken in orc cursed slowly. "After we showed up on the road in front of the golgai
on their horses, most of them turned around and fled, only four did fight, three men and a
woman. We overpowered them and killed all but the female one. Her we brought to

Khozdband to…"
In that moment the other orc swung his tied wrists around the other’s head, and before
Elrohirs blade did cut off both his arms, he broke the orc’s neck. He stared at what was left of
his limbs, but Elrohir did not wait for any scream that may have left his throat, and
decapitated him on the spot.

They left the cave and just stood there on the road, with hanging heads and completely
clueless of what to do now. After some time though, Elladan looked up and one by one fixated
everyones eyes. They all looked back, not believing he would really have a viable idea.

"The last word the orc used, Khozdband, I think I know what he meant with it."
Amazed and disbelieving expressions were the only answer.
"The only thing we know about orcish is, that it is to a great extent a random collection of
words from other languages. Elrohir, my friends, I think our worst fears have come true. The
word I recognized is

Straight into his brothers eyes Elladan now stared.

"We have to go to Moria."

Glossary for chapter 2:

Languages: Quenya, Sindarin, Orkish, Khuzdul

Ósanwë - "Interchange of thought". Practice of speaking through one's mind.
aquapahta - "fully closed".
Ommug golug shrakh gir tar kirgil? - "More elf filth tries to cross the mountain pass?"
Um hurnash bûn ker hugumesh, shâ obgurishi. Murgim, goryamidug! Marg! - "It was indeed bad to hide in here, they cannot escape. We are many, we will kill them all! Attack!".
hukh! - Curse word.
golgai - "elves".
Khozdband - "Dwarf-town". Moria.
khazad - "dwarf".

Community Outreach

Quick Build Challenge: @PINT00 is running a Quick Build Challenge, which is a competition where four builders try to build a certain topic in a very short time. The third round has taken place this weekend, the winner shall be chosen through community voting! The link to that form aswell as to where one can vote for the next week's topic can be found >>here<<.
And here's another recording by @mattlego, about the theme "World War II":

It would be awesome if anyone who's interested in this fun competition would sign up for next week's round!

Scheduled Tours:
Our guides are running scheduled tours every week on Saturdays at 9pm GMT. So if you look out for a tour and never managed to catch a guide to give you one, this is the date you gotta go on the server.

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Closing Statement

All credit goes to Joscha Sauer from www.notfunny.com.​
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Head Developer
Hey Old Jo,
I think the MCME Times should be published regularly at the start page of MCME. Maybe there is a way to automate this.
It really gives a bad first impression to new people seeing an outdated edtion there.

An other idea I have to improve the presentation is a picture slide show at the top of the Times. Maybe one picture for every project with significant progress.


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@Finrod_Amandil I love your story so far, it's great when people take undeveloped pieces of real lore and give them a story. I was just wondering though, is the mind-communication thing canon? Where?
It is 100% canon, Tolkien wrote an essay just about it; at the end of my story I even give that essay as one of the main sources. >>Here<< you can read it
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hon. Head Designer
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Hey Old Jo,
I think the MCME Times should be published regularly at the start page of MCME. Maybe there is a way to automate this.
It really gives a bad first impression to new people seeing an outdated edtion there.

An other idea I have to improve the presentation is a picture slide show at the top of the Times. Maybe one picture for every project with significant progress.
For the first: @q220, we already have that for the Themed Builds, could you maybe enable that also for the Dev blog forums?

For the Second: Interesting idea, I'll try that next week (if I dont forget :confused:)


Hardcore MCME-er
I don't know the artist pool nearly as well as I used too. But I think it's quite well deserved, and congrats mullerl.


Involved Member
I can be a reporter if needed but it seems as if most of the project progress things are being filled out by staff.


hon. Head Designer
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I can be a reporter if needed but it seems as if most of the project progress things are being filled out by staff.
You're right, but there were also weeks where only about two projects handed in an update. If you're interested I would suggest you may look into Pelargir a bit, even more as Artists are quite busy in that one. As you see, it really does not have to be a giant amount of text, a few lines are already enough, although they should be interesting and informative!
If you're interested, it'd be best if you could PM me the update on Saturdays, and I do already thank you for offering your help ;-)