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~The MCME Times~ #17/16

Discussion in 'Development Blogs' started by Finrod_Amandil, May 1, 2016.

  1. Finrod_Amandil

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    Mar 2, 2014
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    Opening statement

    Welcome to another installment of the MCME Times! This week I got yourself some exciting news form the Plugin Development Department again. They have been slumbering a bit in the past weeks, but now things are starting to roll again, and many of the WIP plugins will, hopefully, very soon cross the line of completion and delight us all with many an awesome feature!
    Whats Up?

    Project Progress

    Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

    As he was working on the foothills of Andrast last week he now moved even further down and worked a lot on the costs of southern Anfalas, trying some interesting ideas, depicting different layers of stone displayed on the coast's cliffs.
    Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @kisos

    lot more stuff done this week, @Darki190 knocked out a ranch, farm, a cabin, river digging and some paths with @samgamgee10 .@NicTheFifth did some paths and other misc stuff. I started on the vegetation in the northern region. @Wraith_Knight has some nice plans for a windmill and @Wroxxite is grinding away at the salt flats. @Wodleth has started some secretive building up on a clifftop,(idk what exactly it is even). And @Ivan1pl is still grinding away at these rivers.
    - kisos
    Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801

    No progress this week.
    Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur

    I voxelled the last banks of River Ringló and added bushes between Arassalath and Spathlin. Both large streams of Lamedon, Morthond and Ringló are finished now. River Ciril is finished from Calembel downstreams to it's confluence with Ringló.

    Still the upper parts of Ciril and some small streams in the south of Lamedon need improvement as well as some hills. But want to delay this work a bit as @Thijs1801 longs for my help with the terrain in Belfalas :D.
    - Eriol_Eandur
    Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_ (Eregion), @Finrod_Amandil (Misties), @Mandos (Gladden Fields)

    No progress this week.
    Tolfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

    While Tyran's work in WorldMachine at first only was intended to be inspiration, he now is looking into whether, respectively how, it may be possible to actually implement the WorldMachine terrain. Something that may get very handy and save a lot of time in the future, e.g. for Mordor and beyond.
    Valleys of Celos and Sirith (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

    Huge amount of progress this week! The Tumladen plotbuild was opened and pretty much filled within 48 hours, most of the finished houses have been copy/pasted into the town and surrounding farmland. Artists have completed most of the shops and stilt-houses around the town as well. This week focus will turn towards detailing all of those tedious walls, as well as continuing to work the terrain in the adjacent valley.
    - Fireinferno13
    [Public Project] Fennas Drúnin (In Progress) - Lead: @thomasd16

    All the houses are done now apart from one or two which need a few changes to their design. Last weekend I mapped out the farms and Thijs is currently re-voxelling the terrain to create a hilly terrain for the vineyards. 1 farm is already in progress being done by Durin. Toey and Smaug finished the crypts which are next to the mansions. Finally I have been working on a design for detailing Fennas, so far I have been working in the Market Square having a go with a few ideas.
    - thomasd17

    Plugin Development
    Animation Plugin (In Progress) - Dev: @Ivan1pl

    No progress this week.
    Plotbuild Plugin (Testing in progress) - Devs: @Eriol_Eandur & @Ivan1pl

    With Ivan I have scheduled a testing session on next saturday. If we cant find anymore bugs then the Plotbuild Plugin is good to go!
    New New Player World (Testing in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur, Assistance: @_Luk

    It is there! It is on the main server now, Eriol is still doing some final tests and tweaks until it will be hooked up, which will be hopefully very soon.
    Minigames Plugin (Small fixes in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

    Small fixes and some question additions yet pending.
    MCME-Architect (Ready for implementation) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

    There are a few more things that may eventually be added in the future (rather technical minorities like showing some information when you hover with the mouse over text), but we settled for that the plugin as it is now is well ready to be implemented as is!

    Resource Packs
    Mordor Pack (In Progress) - Lead: @bender400

    No progress this week.
    32x32 Eriador pack - Creator: @Despot666

    Despot has been working on this amazing beauty of a pack for quite a while, but now he decided to finally publish his work! Checl it out yourself, it looks absolutely fantastic! Eriador 32x32 pack

    Rank Updates

    @Wodleth, as so many before him could not resist the sweet scent of MCME and has stepped back into the rank of Artist. Welcome back Wod!​

    Media of the week

    This week I'd like to present you the "An Egg's Guide to Minecraft" Animation series by Element Animation. The series is already existing since quite a while, but the latest, just released episode number 17 has - spoiler alert - a fun little Lord of the Rings pun built in!

    Other news

    Audiobook review

    I am so sorry guys! I was so busy laying out gondorian beacons that I totally forgot I actually wanted to blow up Helms Deep's wall... Well guess we gotta flood Isengard next week :p

    Very nice impressions of last week's featured locations as always by @Wraith_Knight:


    Themed Build

    Theme: Temple of Morgoth (on Númenor)
    Resource Pack: Rohan
    Thread: #13/16 - Temple of Morgoth
    Scheduled Events
    Audiobook session 13

    Next week is all about the mighty Isengard and it's not much less mighty inhabitant Saruman. Don't let him come to speak, his voice will twist your mind. Bring popcorn and an aluminium hat.

    As usual on Saturday, 19:00 BST.
    Jobs & Plotbuilds

    Jobs for next Saturday will be announced in this thread over the course of the week. Be sure to ask Designers for jobs at any time, maybe they can offer something!
    Closing statement


    [​IMG] . [​IMG] . [​IMG]
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