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~The MCME Times~ #19/15 - Breaking News: Promotions!!


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Opening Statement

Oh boy what a week this was! Wouldn't be surprised if this was the week we achieved the largest overall server progress ever! A record amount of fourteen projects to report on this week, and every single one made amazing progress.
Be sure to enjoy the very voluminous image gallery of this week and tell below what your favorite projects at the moment are!

Our fish chieftain @Credoo has finally ended the longing for a rankup of a few passionate and skilled people, and promoted them to Artist!
Congratulations to

Furthermore veteran member @CEFKILLA96 is back on duty as Guide!

Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz
A new village has sprouted on the narrow landstrip between the river Lefnui and the White Mountains. There's no warp there, so you gotta talk a short walk (or flight) from the closest warp andovil to get there!
Additionally the entire flatlands below that town along the river Lefnui have been covered in sand, to hopefully soon get their urgent facelift.

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH

Another part of Anfalas has been finished in regards of terraforming and has been covered in grass again; however the vegetation has still to be added.
More terrain that is still sand covered has gotten some love, Above I included you a screenshot of the JourneyMap render where you can well see which areas are already reworked and which are still vanilla WorldPainter.

Annúminas (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

The ruining of Annúminas has begun and is going smoothly. There is still a dire need for rich district housing anyone can help, just read the forum post (found >>here<<).
- jacenpeter

Dol Amroth (Finished) - Lead: @Demonataz
So Dol Amroth is finally done!!! (only taken 9 months from first ever post) Big thanks to all though who helped with the building especially the military and palace team. The city look more amazing than I first hoped it would. Be sure to explore it fully and good luck finding the palace hidden docks.
- Demonataz

Ethir Anduin (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk
More islands towards the northern end of the mouths of the Anduin have gotten its splattery island border.

Alright, Calling all the Artists. Those who want to help on Ethir Anduin, can just start building Islands in the Marked out Areas (Blue Wool) or can add Materials and/or Vegetation to the already existing ones.

- Luk_

Isengard Treevamp (New|Finished) - Lead: various

When nobody was looking, @kisos, @Mandos, and @Fireinferno13 all redid the trees and vegetation in Isengard because they were outdated! Be sure to check it out as it looks purty.
- Fireinferno13

Lebennin (In Progress) - Lead: @otho
I helped with road building jobs in Lebennin this week. There are only a few roads, two fields and a bridge left to be done. I will lead some more jobs in the next days to finish the roads, expect them around 20:00 GMT.
- Eriol_Eandur

Lothlórien Vegetation (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur

Region 6 of Lothlorien is finished and has now lots of beautiful vegetation. Special thanks again to @Ryiw, who spent an other week building bushes and placing leaves and flowers. Now 3 out of 8 regions of Lothlorien are done.
There was a very quick plotbuild for bushes, which was finished in some hours, thanks to .... (you know who).
Next we will work on region 5 in the south of Lothlorien. There will be some days until the jobs there start. I want to make some nice small brooks flowing down to Silverlode and Anduin first.
- Eriol_Eandur

Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_
More improvements on Eregion have been made: The last of the rivers that will be lead differently have been removed and the terrain fixed, furthermore all forests in Eregion have been completely remade and feature now the much better custom trees rather than the WorldPainter ones.​

Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666 & @Finrod_Amandil

@Credoo has intensively been working on merging the copied chasm part to the rest of the 2nd chasm.
Despot now is close to dig out the last halls for Moria. Get hyped again, as with every additional hall the part where YOU will be able to work on Moria is getting closer!​

Pelargir (
In Progress) - Lead: @Credoo - Reporter: @toeyoman
New plots have been laid out in the rich district. As well as more house jobs from @kisos! Only two plots left in the house build so get 'em before they're gone!
- toeyoman

Public Projects:

Ethring (In Progress) - Lead: @mattlego
About half of the houses have been furnished, Artists can now work on the other ones, but check the examples marked with green wool first. Warp is /warp ethtemp!
Next to the town are some small farms with field marked out, cuz of course we dont want anyone to starve on here!
Freca's Fortress (New) - Lead: @Brazen_Helm
The project is coming along nicely. @Brazen_Helm and I started working on the keep area. Soon we gonna have jobs for Artists to work on the village using the concept we will provide.
For adventurer there will be roadjobs in the future and possibly some work in the fields (harhar).
- Ma5terMinD

Mt. Gram (New) - Lead: @_Thijs1801

Far up in the cold North of Eriador rises since Friday night the mighty Mount Gram, and below it soon shall be built what can well be seen as preview of Goblin Town: An underground orc settlement of orcs that once under the lead of Golfimbul attacked the Shire (and were defeated of course by our brave hobbits). In fact we never worked that far north :eek:.Check the area out with /warp gramtemp!
- Finrod_Amandil

The voxeling has begun! And after 3 days @Finrod_Amandil, @_Luk, and @Mandos are almost done again o_O And next to the lake are popping up camps of those nasty goblinses. Soon we can start phase 3!
- _Thijs1801

Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:

Status Updates

@BeatHeav3N, @r0b1n96 and @greglas3 have been promoted to Artist!
@CEFKILLA96 has taken back his position as Guide!

Furthermore this week we're really happy to welcome back one member that has been recently excluded from the server, but our Heads and Enforcers have at last found out the truth about the matter and saw that someone else is the one to blame.
Thus, welcome back @neubiberger !

Media of the Week

First off, there's another shot of Mt. Gram by @_Thijs1801:

Mount Gram (/warp gramtemp)

Secondly I also happily feature some media that is not a screenshot. We had two graphical Artists this week:

Sketch by @DarthRagnar

Sketch of Minas Morgul by @LordEnedar

Project Build (Like the Themed Build but better)

Duration: 3 weeks (1 week left)
Plot size: 100 x 100 (given terrain)
>>Themed Build post<<

Short Story Contest
No way back
A short story by Finrod_Amandil

Chapter 4
I Aear cân nin na mar

>>Chapter 1<<
>>Chapter 2<<
>>Chapter 3<<

The orcs stomped with their feet and viciously laughed at the feeble group of elves.
Unlike his brother, Elrohir still confronted the enemy upright and proudly, but his
grim and confident sight was not directed to the orks, but much rather up to the
distant entrance beyond the narrow bridge.

The stream of orcs ended abruptly and something bigger than all the orcs entered
Elrohir’s field of vision: An extraordinarily tall ork on top of a big and gruesome wolf-
like creature. As he entered the hall the orcs started yelling
"Ran orgai!" and "Azog!".
"Shul!" the orc commanded and at once silence filled the huge hall. The orcs formed a
corridor and slowly the wolf-rider proceeded towards the elves and stopped between
his army and them. For some seconds he contemplatively looked at the elves,
seemingly deciding what he would like to do with his prey.

"Torag khobdaiulud", he then said with calm voice and no expression on his face at all.
He turned around, walked back through the corridor of orcs and left the hall again.
Only seconds later the orcs reawakened, drew their swords or whatever brutal kind of
weapon they got hold of, and started moving steadily towards the elves. Their
disciplined pacing was even more frightening as when they would have just ran
wildly across the hall. Somewhere in the latter rows an orc raised something into the
air, a chopped off head with blond hair and an arrow in the forehead.

Elrohir was still focusing the entrance, fierce his face still was, but now a desperate
trait joined it, overpowering his self-confidence with every step the orcs came closer.
But suddenly, even though no change to the miserable situation of the elves could be
seen and the orcs were just about to reach them, he raised his sword in relief and cried
"Haldir!", just as an elf in heavy armor came out of the entrance at the bridge, followed
by two dozens more of his kind. While still running over the bridge in full speed,
Haldir commanded:
"Tangado a chadad!"
The elves grasped their bows and positioned themselves on a straight line, charged
and upon "Hado i philinn!", shot a wave of arrows through the hall. Elrohir and
Elladan had quickly put down Celebrían and swung their swords after the first orcs.
But before they could kill any of them, they fell over, arrows in their backs. The arrows
of the elves had flewn right through the entire hall, over the army and hit the orcs in
the first row. Some of the proceeding orcs tripped over the fallen and many outcries
came from among the orcs as they witnessed the deadly precision of the elves.

But as good as their skills were, the orcs still heavily outnumbered them. Thus they
focused on repulsing the orcs towards the sides of the hall and back into the corridors,
so that Elladan and Elrohir with the merely unconscious Celebrían on their shoulders
could somehow get through. Another one of the elves of Rivendell found to death
while they were squeezing through the mass of orcs, and when they already were
through the worst, an orcish arrow flew out of the black mass and hit Celebrían in the
shoulder. But then, withthe help of Haldir’s warriors they finally could escape from
the dens of the orcs.


They brought Celebrían to Lórien where her worst wounds were healed. After that,
not awaiting the feast of Samíriën, she returned with a big escort to Rivendell, a
company big and strong enough that no orc would have ever dared to attack them.
But Celebrían again grew weak and sick. Back home Elrond seeked for the cause and
in fact: The arrow that did hit her must have been poisoned.

Although Elrond did manage to fully re-establish her health, the days did not come
back where she would have left the house in the morning with a bright smile on her
face. Whenever there was something to be merry about, Celebrían was not tuning in to
the laughter and soon did retreat from the others. Elrond did remark that, but not even
his wisdom did provide a way to ease her unhinged mood, except one, but he would
not speak of that before it would be clear she would not recover.

Winter came to Middle-Earth and as gray as the sky stayed Celebríans mind
throughout these cold months. One day, in mutual accordance, Elrond and Celebrían
talked about the matter.

“From the depth of my heart I love you, and the worst thing that could happen, would
be if you no longer were at my side”, Elrond began. “But your heart is troubled since
many dark months and that is something I can’t accept any longer.”

“No need to explain my dear”, Celebrían interrupted. “I too have realised that there’s
only one thing that could change anything by now. And for long I prepared for what
does come now. I will leave the lands of Middle-Earth and sail over the Great Sea to
the Undying Lands.”

Elrond, both relieved that she was not surprised about what had to happen, and
deeply saddened that the decision now was irrevocably made, fell silent again.
"We all had always to remain strong in these times", she said. “And whatever
happens, you have to remain strong. A great part of the duty of the free folks of
Middle-Earth lies on your shoulders. You need to stay and help to ultimately ban all
evil from these lands, for that Middle-Earth then will be lead by men and with the fall
of the Dark Lord the time of the elves here shall end too, and then you can follow me. I
would have remained strong until all of this is over. I would have kept standing at
your side and fight for what is right. But now my
fëa is weak, and in a world where the
future is as dark as here, there is no healing for a soul that had to experience what
happened to me. For me there is no way back to how it was before."


As soon as the snow on the roads had melted away, she was ready to depart. Galadriel
and Arwen had come to Rivendell, and together with Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir they
accompanied Celebrían on her journey to the Grey Havens.

On the yestárë of 2510 of the Third Age, Celebrían went aboard the small ship to Aman
and spoke her last words to her family:
“I Aear cân nin na mar.”

This story is based on
LotR, Book VI, Appendix A 1.3. “Eriador, Arnor and Heirs of Isildur”

Tolkien’s essay “Ósanwe-Kenta”.
Glossary for chapter 4:

Languages: Quenya, Sindarin, Orkish, Khuzdul

I Aear cân nin na mar - "The sea calls me home".
Ran orgai - "King of the orcs".
Torag khobdaiulud - "Bring [me] all their heads".
Tangado a chadad! - "Prepare to fire!".
Hado i philinn! - "Release the arrows!".
fëa - "spirit, soul". Counterpart of the body (hroa).
yestarë - The first day of the year in the calendar of Imladris. Corresponds to the 29th of March of the gregorian calendar.
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Closing Statement

I feel like it's again time for a nice quote :).
I found one, it does kinda match to newly finished Dol Amroth and its beautiful swan-shaped ships:
“A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.”
- Albert Einstein
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wow you guys voxelled mount gram pretty quick, it's looking good! I should be more active soon hopefully after my exams and then I can finnally help:D:D


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Let's see...if you went at that pace on the Misty Mountains it would take... :p


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Let's see...if you went at that pace on the Misty Mountains it would take... :p
When I started the Misty Mountains I first had to develop and try out all the techniques, on staff forums I had an 11 post long thread just about how to voxel the misties.


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Sorry for not being on more guys, I'm on my last two weeks of the busiest school-year here in Sweden so all of my focus is on that.
I try to hop on now and then but I will be as active as I was before soon again!


Alright, Calling all the Artists. Those who want to help on Ethir Anduin, can just start building Islands in the Marked out Areas (Blue Wool) or can add Materials and/or Vegetation to the already existing ones.