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~The MCME Times~ [20/05/18] Project Progress

The Official MCME Times

Spring Cleaning Building!

Editor's Note by BWOT

Hola amigos, not as much progress as last time as lots of us are now studying for exams or putting on their spray tan for the Summer. But that doesn’t mean we do not have some good things coming: Summer Events, Summer Survival, New Projects, New Badges and some other important things coming soon. It might just take a while to kick them off as I mentionned before: everyone has been slaved to the real world for the past weeks. I hope you all luck for those with exams, those finishing work and those who are just building on MCME!

~ Project Progress ~

Andrast - Lead: @jacenpeter | In Progress
Report by LegoCellist

No progress the last two weeks.

Belfalas – Lead: @Darki / @Eriol_Eaunder | In Progress
Report by BWOT

No progress due to the waiting for the Gondor rp Merge

Dol Amroth – Lead: @Thijs1801 In Progress
Report by superlolster

Not quite as much progress as the last edition of the times, however, progress has been made by @barteldn and @Lindolas in the palace gardens, and the old market area has been redone by @barteldvn and @QuantaCube, we are one step closer to finishing Dol Amroth entirely now! However…. @Patrick get back to doing the farms and make a team if you need to because we want to finish!!!

Moria – Lead: @Despot666 In progress
Report by superlolster

Lots of progress as usual in Moria with halls being finished left right and center. Not to show off or anything but finally after wayyy too long my hall is finished (@Jesia are you proud I did work in Moria!), as well as lots of work in the second dwelling by @NicTheFifth and @Patrick_0901 has started planning the 21st hall. The central dwelling is still being worked on and lots of new houses are appearing daily.

Other than that there has been many jobs going on in Tolfalas to soon bring that side-project to a close. Also a lot of behind the scene planning of Mordor is happening.

~ Texture Development ~
Report by BWOT

Gondor RP merge
No Update since last edition.

32 RP
No Update since last edition.

Mordor RP
Got a bit done but not a lot.

~ Plug-in Development ~
Report by Eriol

Discord Integration for Tours
No news here.

Minigames Plugin - Race Game Boost Items
No news here.

Role Playing Game - The Shire
No news here.

Feature of the Week - Do you already know...
Because Eriol is away: No news here.

~The MCME Times~ [20/05/18] Announcements
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