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~The MCME Times~ #20/15


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Opening Statement

The first Project Build is over, and I am very satisfied with the result! Also from the bit of feedback I got it seems to have been a thoroughly good idea. Check out the amazing builds below and give the creator of your favorite interpretation of Rivendell some feedback!
Today a new Project Build over two weeks will start, I am especially curious with this one as it's a far less well known location and I really want to know how you guys interprete it! And you know what, a good concept for this town may really be a base for the actual town on the main map, once we get to it!

Needless to say that just on there again tons of breathtaking progress has taken place, read on to find out more!​

Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz
Massive progress in Andrast:
The village that has already been featured last week has now been finished, and has even got a small keep next to it! Furthermore it even got a name: Dol Ellyth, the hill of flowers. Check it out, by warping to just that name.
Also the village that was until now simply known as "andovil" has gotten a nicer name: Fennas Vinuial, the gate of dawn. Again a respective warp leads you there.
At the river Lefnui a larger swamp has been built, and of course that too has gotten a name: Hallowmere!
Lastly a nice new castle rises above the plains of Andrast: The Greytower.

On a pass over the White Mountains a wall with a gate has been built to guard it, and a massive keep is just in constrction. No question it has been named too. ./warp Fennas Forven!

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH

Terraforming has continued, with more terrain being added to the green section. A cool (if I may say so) lake and accompanying hermit's cave were added as well, which might be worth checking out. However, as an improved vegetation concept is in the works, a majority of the green section has no trees. The addition of those trees could be something to look forward to in the coming week.

Annúminas (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

Large parts of the city are already in ruins by now, and hey, I can't even tell for sure in wich state I liked it better, it's just uber-awesome anyway!
In the Rich Houses Freebuild are still many houses unclaimed, so if you find yourself any second bored, go to plotworld and /warp annuminas fb to build a house for this incredibly beautiful city!​

Bareketta (New) - Lead: @kisos
This town name may sound familiar to you, the reason is: we already have it on the old map! However it is no canon, the city was made up for MERP, Middle-Earth Roleplaying. But as the lore for that game is so well researched and so thoughtfully made up, there is no issue at all using some of that lore.
- Finrod_Amandil

Even in the first week this project has had much progress. I have finished building the castle and walls, as well as roughly prepping terrain! @BeatHeav3N has done some amazing work, building houses. Big thanks to him!
- kisos
Ethir Anduin (Finished) - Lead: @_Luk
With the help of hard working Artists and Adventures, the last Islands have been finished. The last thing to be done is finishing materials and vegetation now.
- _Luk

So, after a busy week, Ethir Anduin can finally be called finished. And that happened through the help of @DSESGH and @Eriol_Eandur, and tons of Adventures and Artists i can't even count. Hopefully you can enjoy the delta of the Anduin in a new kind of way now.
- _Luk
Lebennin (In Progress) - Lead: @otho
There were road and field jobs in Lebennin almost every day of this week. Most of the work in Lebennin is done now. Special thanks to @Ryiw who joined them all. Furthermore thanks to @Kryptic_Mask, @Stef1004 and all others who helped.
- Eriol_Eandur
Lothlórien Vegetation (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur
Three sections of region 5 have beautiful vegetation now. In addition I planned some small streams in Lothlórien and started the terraforming for them.
- Eriol_Eandur
Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_
No on-site progress this week, but behind the scenes a lot has happened. I am full-steam working on that this project can move on without my help (so that I can focus on Moria), thus I updated the entire 11-post long project thread over on staff forums (public version may follow soon(c)), made a detailed map for the current area (see image gallery above), and next week I'll work on an extensive video tutorial.
Many thanks to @Eriol_Eandur, @kisos and @_Luk who already have shown interest in tackling some areas of the Misties.

Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666 & @Finrod_Amandil

No progress from my side this week, reasons see above ;).​

Pelargir (
In Progress) - Lead: @Credoo - Reporter: @toeyoman
Lots of progress in Pela this week, New docks have been built near the military district along with a whole fleet of ships. The city is beginning to feel very lively! Also new warehouses and shops have been added and as always more jobs run by @kisos. There are STILL two remaining plots in the house build!
- toeyoman

Public Projects:

Ethring (In Progress) - Lead: @mattlego
About a third of the houses have already gotten their interiors, but the other two thirds still urgently need some love! Artists, do /warp ethtemp, and dont forget to bring some furniture for these houses with you!

Freca's Fortress (In Progress) - Lead: @Brazen_Helm
There has been good progress on the village, mostly the great work of @Ma5terMinD. Artists can now help out by building the marked houses. Roads and palisades are also marked out and ready for Adventurers to get their teeth (or rather their shovels) into once jobs are organised.
- Brazen_Helm
Mt. Gram (In Progress) - Lead: @_Thijs1801
The tents around the lake have all been built and there are now two watchtowers. The first cave has also been finished and the second cave has began planning.
- thomasd16

Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:
New: @Eriol_Eandur has invoked a "Open Plotbuilds" thread that hopefully always include all open Plotworld occasions. So if you ever want to check what's up there at the moment, or someone else asks for something to build, you can refer to >>this<< thread.

Status Updates

@neubiberger (aka neub) is again Artist! Welcome back to the purple legion!

Media of the Week

@_Luk has created an awesome showcase video of the Paths of the Dead. Watch it on our official youtube channel and share it to your friends that are not yet part of MCME!

@_Thijs1801 has taken a large amount of very nice shader screenshots of locations throughout the server. Check them all out in his media album >>here<<!

Cair Andros

Project Build (Like the Themed Build but better)

The first Project Build is over! Here's a collection of the amazing builds that have been created last week:

Next up is again a Project Build, as it seems that this kind of Themed Build is both appreciated and useful to gain Artist skills (there will still be normal TB's though!)

Rohan Pack
2 weeks (until June 14th)
>>Themed Build post<<

Short Story Contest
It has been some time since the contest ended, but at last we got to the point where its about time to present the story of the winner @BevsForBros. No more fancy words from me, because what follows now is anyway much fancier.
And yes, there is a second part, and of course I divided the story at the most mean point only possible :cool:.
The rumors that pour off the tongues of superstitious men say the great Dwarven​
treasure halls need no light. With gold so pure and gems so perfectly clear and flawless,
it’s believed the treasure itself gives off a light of its own. They say no man alive has ever
gazed upon a true Dwarven treasure hoard, and that those who have, swiftly ended
their lives. After all, what reason would a man find to continue living after having
witnessed the most beautiful thing there is?
But tales such as these that flit from town to town are no more than frivolous bedtime​
stories. The treasure hoard of Lord Kharzȃl had a far more sinister air about it. Deep in
the mountains of the north the treasure sat piled in a great hall of stone. Slender pillars
towered upwards with ornate carvings winding along their surfaces like snakes. Bright
flames danced in huge sconces that lined the walls and pillars. With each flicker of light
the carvings in the stone seemed to move, sneaking around like creatures of the night.
Watching carefully.
All along the floor of the cavern there was treasure piled higher than 20 dwarves stacked​
on top one another. Without the light of the flames the room would surely be entirely
black, for the treasure did not glow with a light of its own, though it was undeniably
beautiful. The treasure trove glistened like ocean waves reflecting the sunlight. Little dots
of blue, green and red twinkled each time the light passed over a stray gemstone littered
among the gold.
The two biggest flames erupted from a pair of pyres near the entrance to the hall,​
mounted high up on a raised platform. In between the pyres was a towering chair of
black stone. Lord Kharzȃl sat in the chair, slumped over in a posture not befitting a king.
Robes of purple flowed around him. Little silver accents shined faintly with the treasure.
His right arm was propped on the huge arm of the stone chair, his finger slowly tapping
a golden crown.
At first glance he seemed like a strong, young dwarf in his prime. However careful​
inspection revealed the opposite. A pair of blue eyes gazed out from above a long black
beard. They were filled with the wisdom of a dwarf who had lived many years, but they
were also empty. Cold. Lifeless.
Kharzȃl’s eyes were fixed in a vapid stare looking out over the treasure, but it wasn’t the​
gold he was looking at. His other hand was held up in front his face. A single silver ring
curled around his middle finger inset with a deep red ruby. There was a brief twinkle of
something in his eyes, but it disappeared quicker than it had revealed itself. He reached
out with his other hand and began twirling the ring around his finger. Every few turns he
stopped twirling the ring to examine the ruby and then quickly began twirling it again.
Suddenly, the doors behind him burst open with a loud bang that echoed through the​
hall. A sturdy dwarf with matching jet black hair and beard entered the hall walking at a
brisk pace. His silver armor clanked with each step. He was tall for a dwarf. There was
no emptiness in his eyes, but instead a fierce and concerned look. It contrasted starkly
with the empty stare of Kharzȃl. In his hand he held a long, straight sword. The young
dwarf hefted the blade and clanged it once against the side of the chair. Kharzȃl didn’t
“Father what are you still doing here? We need to leave now.” Kharzȃl sat there, still​
staring at his ring.
“Do you remember the feeling of sunshine Barȗk?”
“What?” Barȗk said with a confused look on his face.
“I can’t remember it.” Barȗk clanged his sword against the chair again hoping to snap his​
father out of his trance, but he was met with little success. “I can’t remember the feeling
of wind either. Isn’t that silly?” This time Barȗk grabbed Kharzȃl by the front of his robe
and shook him.
“Father enough!” This time Kharzȃl’s stare broke and he looked Barȗk in the eye. “The​
2nd Hall is breached. They have a dragon with them. It’s gone rampaging through the
5th and 7th Hall incinerating everything in its path.” Kharzȃl looked blankly at him for a
moment and then a soft anger blossomed on his face.
“I don’t care, our city cannot fall! They cannot take my treasure”, Kharzȃl said with his​
hands cupped around Barȗk’s face.
“It has already fallen father. We cannot best a dragon.” Barȗk took his father’s hands in​
his and carefully laid them on his purple robes.
“Is there no way?” Kharzȃl said, now looking more concerned than angry. Barȗk glanced​
into the blackness for a moment, as if deep in thought.
“They haven’t entered the forges. The gates there might hold back the dragon. If we can​
do that, the orcs will have to funnel in a single entrance. We would be able to contain
their assault. However that is a pretty big might.” Kharzȃl nodded firmly.
“Alright. Fall back and reinforce the forges. You must protect that gate at all costs.”
“Yes father.” Barȗk stepped back and bowed. He turned to leave but Kharzȃl grabbed​
him around the wrist.
“Wait.” Barȗk stopped, looking intently at his father. “If you should…fail to return.”
“Stop. None of that kind of talk” he said reassuringly, putting his hands on his father’s​
shoulders. Kharzȃl was now on the verge of tears.
“I know I know. But if you don’t, I want you to know that you were a fine son. You’re a​
strong warrior; you would have made a good king.” Slowly, Kharzȃl grabbed his ring and
took it off his finger, hesitating for only a moment. “Take this. I want you to have it.”
Barȗk’s lips thinned and his brow furrowed into a scowl. He pushed the ring away and
stood up briskly.
“Absolutely not. Father, how could you even think to offer that to me?” Barȗk was now​
fuming in anger. “That cursed piece of metal is the entire reason we are in this mess.
That is the entire reason He is here. And you think to offer me that as a show of
affection? You insult me father.” Barȗk stopped at the edge of the platform and crossed
his arms, looking out at the vast treasure hoard below him. He shook his head and let
out a deep sigh.
“Even now, at the end of it all, you can’t even say it. To your own son.” A tear rolled​
down Barȗk’s cheek and hung loosely at his jawline. He quickly brought up his gloved
hand and wiped the tear away, as if he was afraid his father might see. But behind him
his father was crying.
“Please take it son. Please. I can’t bear to look at it any more”, he said with a pleading​
desperation in his voice. He held out his grizzled hand with the ring resting carefully in
his palm, beckoning Barȗk to take it. Barȗk stood there motionless for what seemed like
an eternity, his eyes staring menacingly at the piece of jewelry in his father’s hand. The
fires seemed to dim and the blackness pressed on them like a heavy veil. The air was
hot and stifling.
Finally, Barȗk reluctantly stepped forward and picked up the ring. He handled it carefully,​
as if it had just been plucked from a fire. Before sliding it on his finger he pulled a ring off
of his left hand that looked almost identical to the other. He took it and dropped it into his
father’s open hand.
“There. Now if you are suddenly overcome with the loss of your ring, you can look at​
mine and pretend you never lost it.” Kharzȃl closed his fingers around the ring and shut
his eyes. The tension and anger melted off of him. He clutched the ring and held it up
against his chest. Barȗk was already walking briskly out of the room. Momentarily he
froze and glanced over his shoulder. “Remember my bravery father.”
The towering doors shut with a bang just as they had opened. Barȗk sheathed his sword​
and started down the long hallway without looking back. His face was still contorted with
a mix of anger and sadness. He spared a quick glance down at the new silver ring on his
hand, but only for a moment. The look in his eyes revealed a fear of the ring. It was
beautiful craftsmanship, but there was an aura of evil around it. Barȗk shook his hand as
a shiver ran up his spine. He thought about taking it off and throwing it down some dark
abyss, but decided against it.
After winding his way through empty caverns and halls filled with nothing but dust and​
quiet, voices could finally be heard from a hall up ahead. Barȗk exited the serpentine
hallway into a huge expansive cavern. Stretched out along the floor were rows of forges
and troughs of melted metals. Giant lamps hung from the ceiling on thick chains of metal.
All around the cavern dwarves bustled about garbed in full armor. Most of them had​
large axes hanging on their hip or back, while a few sported swords. They carried about
huge stones and wooden beams, bringing them to a huge metal and wooden gate that
barred the forge from the rest of the underground city. Different groups of dwarves were
stationed at the gate stacking the stones in front of it. The hulking wooden beams were
lifted upwards on pulleys and wedged into place to offer additional support.
One dwarf wearing fancy armor stood in the middle of the cavern barking orders at the​
others who were running about. Upon seeing Barȗk enter, he raised his hand and
quickly shuffled over.
“Where ‘ave you been boy? Been lookin’ all over fer ya.” Barȗk surveyed the room and​
uncomfortably shifted his armor.
“My father demanded hourly reports, so I reported to him.”
“Ya could’ve just sent a runner to ‘im. Save ya the time of goin’ there yerself.” Barȗk​
chuckled softly.
“Maybe I didn’t want to hear you complaining about my poorly executed orders I was​
giving, Lorki”, he said with a grin on his face. Lorki let out a booming laugh.
“Ya made a right mess a’ things though. These stumblin’ fools couldn’t tell right from left​
with you barkin’ those confusin’ orders at ‘em.”
“Ya ya, what would I do without you.”
“You said it.” Barȗk’s face went serious again.
“Give me an update.” Lorki went on to explain the hopelessness of the situation. Their​
troops had begun retreating from the other halls to the forges. For hours they had been
reinforcing the gate in hopes of holding out against the dragon. The goblins had taken all
of the main halls and were now moving on their last defense at the forge. Barȗk listened
to the whole thing, nodding and agreeing when appropriate, but mostly standing there
“How long until the dragon gets here?”
“Soon. Bout 20 minutes if were lucky” Lorki said, counting out the minutes on his fingers.
“Have your men down from the gate in ten minutes and lined up in battle formations. We​
are either going to hold out here or make this our last stand.” Lorki nodded approvingly.
“They will be down in five Lord Barȗk.” Barȗk let slip a grin at the sound of the formal​
title. Lorki shuffled off and continued barking orders at the other dwarves even louder
than before.
Within five minutes like Lorki had promised, the workers were down from the gate and​
preparations were set. A heaping monolith of wood and stone covered the entirety of the
gate into the forge. Only a dragon could break a gate such as this, and hopes among the
Dwarven troops were that even a dragon couldn’t break the gate.
Nervous anticipation hung heavy in the air like a choking fog. Every dwarf standing in the​
room appeared to be holding their breath. Beads of sweat poured down their faces, their
eyes fixed like hawks on the gate in front of them. No one moved except for the
occasional dwarf lifting his hand to wipe the sweat from his brow. Their weapons were
held at the ready. Barȗk stood in the back with his sword gripped tightly in his hand.
They had to hold the gate.
Then they heard it. I quiet rumble that vibrated through the entire cavern. Again. And​
again. Each time it got a little louder. Pebbles scattered around on the floor rattled with
each boom. Little bits of dirt and stone crumbled from the ceiling, cascading over the
dwarves like drops of rain. After one last violent rumble, it went quiet. Everyone held
their breath.​
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Closing Statement

All credit goes to Joscha Sauer on www.notfunny.com.​
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