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~The MCME Times~ #22/16 - There has been an awakening...


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Opening Statement

I, Mr @Finrod_Amandil, have decided to change my minecraft name to be the same as my favorite designer. Either that or @Fireinferno13 has temporarily taken over the MCME Times once again!

Spoiler alert, its the latter. Thats right, @DSESGH and I will be splitting the writing for the MCME Times during the summer while the ever studious Finrod prepares for his finals in August. We have decided to alternate weeks over the course of the summer to divide up the work load and prevent either of us from burning out. You'd be surprised how much time and effort it takes to write a decent issue of the Times. While we won't make any promises to reach the same level of lore spectacularness of the valar himself, we can promise that everyone will be enjoying the next few issues.

So without further ado, I give you once again a Fireinferno edition of the MCME Times..​

Project Progress

-Screenshots by Wraith

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

Some very nice terrain has been completed on the coast of andrast this week thanks to wroxxite. While on my side of things I haven't done to much besides some shaping and detailing of slopes, but progress will soon pick up there too with this coming week.
Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @kisos

Villages villages and more villages!

I have been busy this week trying to finish my farm! So I did alot of jobs that mostly consists of walls, roads and farms. Thanks to@TI_20601 , @Alvin035 , @asg2000 , @RubenPieterMark , @sirsamuel , @D3r3k2003 , @_Lord_Of_Squids_@OriF and more which I forgot the name of :D. Also thanks to the Artists who build some houses there! @samgamgee10 , @simon88_swe , @oriour , @blocks119 . With that all said @Darki190 and @Daddlio also made a farm next to mine, wich only needs some voxel. Anfalas is almost coming to an end and I can safely say it's 90% done! Only some vegetation here and there and finishing up the last farms. Here are some screenshots.
Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801

This week focused on finishing up the terrain of the valley of Goldacre, be sure to check it out as it wraps up!
The Belfalas Belltower Contest: 3 finalists have been chosen! Good luck to all!
Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur

Missing Updates!
Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Finrod_Amandil

@Wroxxite has hosted another Gladden Fields job this week! Luckily the Gladden Fields aren't the biggest marshes out there but the way they have to be done is still fairly time-consuming. Therefore it is very pleasant to witness the amazing progress that has already been achieved since the Gladden Fields jobs have been kicked off!

I myself have continued voxelling the last valley of the Section 2 of the Misty Mountains, which will be the valley I'll showcase as a timelapse video. Of course it's a bit trickier to do the voxelling as I always have to ensure that the recording plugin is actually recording (don't see it as I have only one screen), and also have to make sure all I do is visible! But overall things are going really good and I really hope that timelapse will turn out quite fancy :D
Tolfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

Missing Updates!
Valleys of Celos and Sirith (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

With Luk back from vacation, work has begun to pick back up again in the Celos valley.
[Public Project] Fennas Drúnin (In Progress) - Lead: @thomasd16

I finished the mining village this week and the mines themselves are close to completion. Toey and Darkarz are working on farms 2 and 4 respectively hopefully they will be done by next week. The entire town is now detailed apart from the square. I may also start on ruining the wall this week if I finish the forest outside the city.

Plugin Development
Animation Plugin (In Progress) - Dev: @Ivan1pl

The animation plugin has been resting for a while now, but Ivan has revealed to me his plans for the near future, and that is finishing his rivers in Anfalas as well as fixing all the small things we found in the Plotbuild Plugin still; after that he will pick up the threads for the long-expected Animation Plugin again!​
Plotbuild Plugin (Small fixes in progress) - Devs: @Eriol_Eandur & @Ivan1pl

Eriol has already done his part of the bug fixes, everything that is related to the generation of the plot borders, and Ivan is working on all the other small things while we speak!​
New New Player World (Testing in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur, Assistance: @_Luk

Several staff have tested out the new New Player World and have given feedback, hopefully the final version of the set up will be ready soon and able to implement.​
MCME-Architect and Minigames (Testing in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

Finrod and I had a Minigames and Architect plugin test session today. We found no major issues only a lot of typos. All Architect features for Artists are now working for Adventurers during plotbuilds and jobs too (Armor Stand Editor, Banner Editor, Painting Switcher, Special Blocks like forever buring furnaces).

Resource Packs

Mordor Pack (In Progress) - Lead: @bender400

Bender has selected quite a lot of textures from other resource packs to be added to the Mordor pack, to get a base set of textures to work on. Some of these borrowed textures may eventually get replaced by new ones, and other changes will for sure be made too.
Alternative Elvish Tools (Added)- Creator: @Wodleth

Wodleth's alternate "gold weapons" variation has been added to all resource packs.​
Mobs (In Progress) - Creator: @Fireinferno13

I have been creating mob textures, specifically for those with a respective "head" that can be placed throughout Middle-Earth. I also intend to create several helmets and other textures to be used as alternates with the roll out of @Eriol_Eandur 's plugins.
Rank Updates

A big congratulations to both @samgamgee10 and @RubenPieterMark for their promotions to artist.

Also it turns out artists can be personable after all, @NicTheFifth has joined the ranks of guide as of this week!​

Media of the Week

As promised by Mr @Finrod_Amandil , here is some of the Worldmachine work that @Tyranystrasz has been doing the past few weeks.

Recently Tyr has been working to resize his work accordingly to fit our map. That includes raising mountains and beginning to tinker with valley and ridge concepts for when he begins to play with larger terrain.

Pros? The mountains, valleys, and general shapes seem to be very realistic given that the professional nature of the program. This makes it easy to edit materials, slopes, and environments with much quicker results than voxel.

Cons? Some parts need to be smoothed out after and the rivers generally need to be dug out with voxel or with jobs.


Themed Build
Coming Soon!

Scheduled Events

Jobs & Plotbuilds

Jobs for next Saturday will be announced in this thread over the course of the week. Be sure to ask Designers for jobs at any time, maybe they can offer something!

Community Outreach

Builder School (New!)

Several players have gotten together to rebuild and update @Will_em 's infamous Builder School, which sought to teach new players how to build in the distinctive "MCME Style". We are all looking forward to how this will turn out!

Facebook Page

I am still looking for new ideas to spice up our Facebook page. It seems as though people have responded positively to the increase in posting however several have been very hit or miss. Please help us out and leave feedback on what would improve the facebook experience for you!​

Closing Statement

Well that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this weeks issue, though I honestly dont think I can compete with the omnipotence of Finrod. Be sure to tune in next week for DSE's edition!
. .

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In the project progress can there be more pictures with no shaders. I mean shaders are cool but it takes away from the actual build. Just a suggestion. :cool:


Hardcore MCME-er
Builders School?
What if I already know how to build and I'm waiting for people to consider my application? Are you all so desperate for builders that you have to train them from scratch?
It's to help people who want to learn how to build and aren't quite hitting the grade to get artists. Don't be so stuck up because we don't structure our server around you. And maybe you should be patient, act nicely to people and not just stick around criticising the server all day, and maybe your application will be considered.
Good day.

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It's to help people who want to learn how to build and aren't quite hitting the grade to get artists. Don't be so stuck up because we don't structure our server around you. And maybe you should be patient, act nicely to people and not just stick around criticising the server all day, and maybe your application will be considered.
Good day.