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~The MCME Times~ [23/09/18] Announcements


Hardcore MCME-er
~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor
Hey guys! As usual, we need donations to keep the server running, so please help out if you can!

Our Donors
  • Genexos
  • Jesia
  • Kjolsen

Survival Server:

It has been taken down as well as the chat which went with it!
Mordor Textures:
A Mordor texture forum has been opened as mentioned earlier!
Builder Meeting and Designer Meeting:
Went well and recording and etc will be out asap!
Builders Purge:
A lot of Builders being reshuffled, cross fingers it's not you!
Yeah, you know that big Minecraft Event, it’s happening this week!!!

The Great Timelapse Extravaganza (DA Destruction DAY)
Yes you are reading it right, we are destroying Dol Amroth, so we can reverse the footage and so it looks like we are building it in a timelapse! And sorry to disappoint you haters but its a copy.
The Great Timelapse Extravaganza (Dol Amroth) Destroy Day 2018

Builders Workshop
One of the biggest events we will be hosting for a while, so be sure to be there! It’s in two weeks and more information and a schedule will come out soon.

Silmarillion Primer Reading
Every week I (LegoCellist) am reading an installment of Jeff LaSala’s Silmarillion Primer. Join me next Sunday at 1 pm EST for the 4th installment of The Silmarillion being presented in a fun (often funny) way - believe me, you won't want to miss it!

~ Rank Updates ~
Report by BWOT

The non-staff Builders who have been removed due to the “Builder Purge” will be listed:
From Artist: _Lord_of_Squids, _Robz, BoaiS2, bender400, BizarreMelon (2nd account?), Buubadoof, bobingvar, Eruantien, FireInferno13, Greenleaf1234, greglas2, Isengard, JustJoren, MatthewVP, Milwaren, reycraft, roger1013, Simonay, Tarvallin, the_pharaohs_cat, TheFunnyFace, Toey_, UrmelAusDemIce, Will_slams, Yourie98, :lion:Leo:lion:, xXThe12thXx (not builder purge)
From Foreman: Antecedence

Wraith_Knight: I am grieved and sad to announce that @Dutchknight aka. Wraith will be stepping down from Staff, Designer and the Builders Team Overall. I do not know when will be the next time I see you, but I hope eventually you will come on every once in a while. Thank you for the work you have done. Resignation

Thijs1801: It is all to my dismay to see the resignation of @Thijs1801 from both Lead Builder and Designer. However, he will still be with us as Artist with all badges and I hope he is able to retain there and help out with his amazing building skills! Thank you for your work as Staff and if you are ever able to take it back up, we as a community would love to see it. Resignation

Julius_the_Great: Another resignation, @Julius_the_Great will be stepping down to commoner. He has assured though that when things get freer, he is to come back and resume his position. Thank you for your work so far and I hope to see you soon back in green! Resignation

mattlego: Lastly today we are to see the resignation of @mattlego , who is active, but will be taking a break from the roles of Designer and for at the present retain the position as Artist with all badges. Thank you so much for serving on the Staff and Designer Team and if you ever feel the spark again to come back and lead a project, let me know! Resignation

lizzy_: We are sad and sorry to see @lizzy_ leave the Staff team and the rank of Assistant, thank you for the work that you did contribute in the time of your comeback and we will always be welcome to more contribution form you and will never forget you! Resignation

barteldvn: With all the demotions recently, I am proud and excited to preset MCME with its newest designer. We wish you the best of luck and already you are proving beneficial with co-leading Belfalas. Promotion

ooitsbirdo: Another Staff and Designer promotion, your leadership and work in Osgiliath is going great, smooth and I want more of it. Great job so far and I’m glad you are now part of the team. Promotion

~ Interviews ~

Now as it is custom we have two interviews; the “First Impressions Interview” and the “Meet the Regulars Interview”. I (Lego) will be interviewing a new adventurer about their experience on MCME and this time I will also be interviewing our regular. Our regular in this edition is none one of the newest members of the Guide team - its @Samfries_Taranoc!
Interview with @Samfries_Taranoc

Question 1. How did you find MCME?
I was browsing youtube in October 2017(iirc) and I found a tour of MCME on Welsknight's Youtube channel. By that point I was into Tolkien's works, so I thought I'd come on. However I then didn't come back to the server until the "Keralis Rush", even though I came back because of Docm77's perspective of that tour. It was only once I investigated that I realised had been here before. ;3

Question 2. What was your experience like as an Adventurer?
Adventurer was an alright time - I remember my first job was with Bart doing houses in DA, the first time I joined the server. I remember being quite active post-April, and that I won the first one of each minigame I played (that may be wrong though). All in all it was pretty good and it didn't take tooo long to get commoner.

Question 3. What made you want to become a Guide?
I'm a high-ranked builder on another server, and I didn't really want to build on MCME as well. I was (and still am) very into lore, so Guide was the natural choice.

Question 4. What is your favourite thing about being a Guide?
My favourite thing about being a guide has to be either making races, or the Guide HQ - that place is amazing!

LegoCellist: Yes, races. Those are fun.

Question 5. What is your favourite place on MCME?
My favourite place on MCME... that's a hard one. I think I would have to say... Tolfalas (at least for the moment)... it's just so untamed!

Question 6. Who is your favourite character from Tolkien's legendarium?
My favourite Tolkienian character is probably Sam - I know it's Cliché but I like his characterisation the most. In terms of just liking them as a cool character, though, it would be Eriol or Tuor, because they embody something not often written about in Tolkien's legendarium, but that I have experienced; They're a stranger in a foreign culture who nevertheless grows to the point where they are welcomed by the Elves.

First Impressions Interview
By LegoCellist

I am going to interrogate yet another player that joined recently about their experience and opinions about this server. Welcoming @Imic.

Question 1. How did you find MCME?
I was looking for pictures of Minas Tirith a few years back, and I found one of the build here. The post mentioned the name, I explored further, and I've been ogling at the builds here ever since. It's like a fairy tale.

Question 2: What were your impressions of the community on the server when you first joined?
When I joined, the community was extremely helpful and polite. It's a very nice place to go, even if not to actually talk, since the people are... Nice. It's a nice change.
LegoCellist: Glad you appreciate that, not everyone does.

Question 3: What was your impression of our finished projects; Minas Tirith and the Shire?
My first impression and lasting impression of your build of Minas Tirith was that it's honestly the best interpretation of Minas Tirith I have ever seen in Minecraft.

Question 4: What was your impression of our current projects such as Dol Amroth and Moria?
I loved the Moria build, and I love to walk around it. You use the new texture packs to their full advantage in making all the blocks you don't usually use to new purpose. Gondor feels like something out of a professionally made video game rather than a project built by online volunteers.

Question 5: Have you built anything yet on this server, whether its a Theme Build or Job?
I haven't built much in the server, since I never really have any time to finish them Recently I've been on more, and I built Beorn's hall along with the other theme builders. Other than that, I made a road yesterday, and maybe a few unfinished themes.

Thank you again @Imic!
BWOT: Did anyone else notice he used the word "ogling"

~ Winners of “The Week” ~
So we got some good ones as always. Make sure you show some special recognition towards the winners of the week! They’ve presented exemplary displays of our server’s creative potential! Give a hand to these winners!

We had loads of media posted this week but to me this was the clear winner, this truly stunning picture by @barteldvn of the sunset in Osgiliath. I love the sun behind the Dome of stars and the reflection in the river. Amazing work @barteldvn!

Our first winner of the week goes to… @Alxoan! With this really nice brandywine bridge, it really stood out from most of the builds. Awesome work @Alxoan!

Our second winner of the week, with Beorn’s hall, is chuckie001! Now since its chuckie the attention to detail and lore accuracy is extraordinary, even Beorn’s animals are there although I was deeply saddened when I couldn’t find the white ponies. My favourite part of the build is probably the interior it has such a nice atmosphere to it. Great work @chuckie001!

~ Lore of the Week ~
The Eagles are Coming!:
The Great Eagles of Middle-Earth were messengers of Manwë which played a major role in the history of Middle-Earth. For much of the first age, the lord of the Eagles, Thorondor kept watch over Melkor’s fortress of Angband from his Eyries on Thangorodrim, the mountain overlooking it. This proximity meant that he was able to help those unlucky souls that fell into Melkor’s clutches, or came there willingly. For example, Thorondor and the Eagles are known to have helped both Maedhros and Fingon, and Beren and Lúthien, escape from the “Hells of Iron” below their abode.

In later years, however, the Eagles removed to the Echoriath, surrounding Gondolin and building a friendship with Turgon, its king, and, when the city finally fell, the majestic winged messengers fought to protect the refugees escaping the city, especially aiding Tuor, Idril, Eärendill, and the other refugee Gondolindrim at Cirith Thoronath, where they were ambushed by Orcs and a Balrog. Finally, at the close of the First Age, Eagles were present at the War of Wrath.

Not much is known about the Great Eagles’ movements in the Second Age, apart from that there were reportedly a pair of Eagles in an Eyrie in Armenelos, the capital of Númenor, and three that guarded Melentarma’s summit. Many eagles also lived in the Hills of Sorontil to the north of the island. However, most presumably fled when Númenor and Valinor became antagonized towards each other.

Finally, in the Third Age, there lived a convocation of eagles under the Lord of the Eagles, who rescues the Company in The Hobbit, and who may or may not be the same Gwaihir who is mentioned as Gandalf’s friend - (It’s debatable). Gwaihir as a separate character is featured prominently in The Lord of the Rings, where he rescues Gandalf many times, and at the Battle of the Morannon, comes in to rescue Frodo and Sam from the fires of Mount Doom (Orodruin).

~ More Media ~

Woop woop. Everyone’s favourite part of the times has returned again! Huzzah! We gotta kick off this with the usual twitter. Be sure to give us a “hello!” at MinecraftMiddleEarth (@MCMiddleEarth) | Twitter . Who knows, Cookies may be involved!

Twitter is not the most popular “social platform”, so for you “yooves” with a trendy Facebook account, try following us there too https://www.facebook.com/mcmeproject/

But of course, the most important and obviously most used social network is of course Planet Minecraft! Be sure to give us a diamond there. It costs nothing! Minecraft Middle Earth Minecraft Server

(What do you mean Snapchat is more popular than Planet Minecraft of course it isn’t)

~ Advertisements ~
Ahh yes. We all know the question. “How can I build”. As well as “You can try a theme build” and “You can take part in jobs”, the other answer is “Apply for Artist”, and the last option is by far the most exciting. Being able to build in your favourite places all the time. Sounds awesome. We can never have enough Artists, and with a wide range of current projects, there’s plenty for you to do!

Are you inspired by joining MCME’s main build rank? You can apply for Artist/ today on the forums! The Lead Builders, Designers and current Artists will work with you and help you on your journey.

Or perhaps, you’re not a builder. Well. That’s not a problem! Becoming A guide is obviously the better option anyway. As a Guide, you’re the forefront of MCME, and there’s no greater feeling than when someone says your tour was awesome. You don’t actually have to be a lore nerd either, you’ll pick up on lots really quickly.

When you join the Guides, you’ll be giving tours, running minigames and testing players in lore quizzes, or if you prefer less “on the spot” stuff, Guidebooks are obviously your zen, or helping to tell MCME about MCME by writing up articles in the times. You’ll also plan help plan events such as The Summer Events and The Anniversary Events. We hope you join us soon, because us Guides really would love some more of us. What’re you waiting for?
Just click Guide and apply today!

~ Closing Statement ~

Well that was a lot of work :D , I hope you realize all the amount of work which happens behind the scenes to run MCME and appreciate that! However, with that in mind, I am going to close this edition with another Tolkien quote.
See you in two weeks with hopefully even more updates and good news!

Great job for the Times Team, who did what they had to do, great job!

Quote from JRRT
“Go not to the elves for counsel for they will say neither no or yes”

The Official MCME Times


Media Team
We had loads of media posted this week but to me this was the clear winner, this truly stunning picture by @barteldvn of the sunset in Osgiliath. I love the sun behind the Dome of stars and the reflection in the river. Amazing work @barteldvn!


From last Times:
We had loads of media posted this week but to me this was the clear winner, this truly stunning picture by @barteldvn of the sunset in Osgiliath. I love the sun behind the Dome of stars and the reflection in the river. Amazing work @barteldvn!