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~The MCME Times~ #25/15 - Summer Events Special

Discussion in 'Development Blogs' started by Finrod_Amandil, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Finrod_Amandil

    Finrod_Amandil Head Designer
    Staff Member Head Designer Designer Donor Media Team

    Mar 2, 2014
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    Opening Statement

    Today it finally starts! Even though most of you do only know about the summer events since a week, the preparations have been running since many more! With this special edition I will give you once more a chronological overview of all events and competitions starting today with the opening ceremony!

    Both the staff and guide team hope that as many people as possible join this year's events, and even more important, that you all have as much fun as possible!

    The Three Peaks Summer Event
    >>Main thread<<
    Here you have all events in chronological order! Don't miss out anything, the more participants, the more fun it will be!!

    More information for each event can either be found in the main thread linked above, or in the Tavern Talk forum.

    For your convenience I added links to timeanddate.com, so by clicking on any event time you will see what time that is for your time zone!

    Saturday 4th
    • 9pm BST: Opening Ceremony
      Kicking off this year's summer events with a party worthy of MCME!
      Server: Build server, Mirrormere
      Resourcepack: Eriador
    • Skin Contest: Round 1: LotR-themed
    Sunday 5th
    • 7pm BST: Eomer's Pig Race
      Horses are out of service, so get your pigs ready and ride them over a cliff through entire Rohan!
      Host: @Artie_ & @DarthRagnar
      Server: Build server, Edoras
      Resourcepack: Rohan

    • After Pig Race: Nostalgic River Dig
      We once built every river that way...
      Host: @Emilio_
      Server: Build server, near Rivendell
      Resourcepack: Eriador

    • Skin-Contest: LotR
    Monday 6th
    • 9pm BST: Parkour Challenge
      Until now you only admired the MCME builds. Now it's time to climb them!
      Host: @Artie_
      Server: Build server, various locations

    • Skin-Contest: LotR
    Tuesday 7th
    • 9pm BST: Spleef Tournament
      For once you don't dig rivers, but rather dig away the floor your friends are standing on.
      Host: @JordD04
      Server: Summer Events server (IP tba)
      Resourcepack: tba

    • Skin-Contest: Round 2: Your favorite era
    Wednesday 8th
    • 4pm BST: Anduin Boat Race
      "Can we have boats?" - "Yes, this time you can!"
      Host: @CEFKILLA96
      Server: Build server
      Resourcepack: Rohan

    • 9pm BST: Great Lore Tour Part 1: Eriador
      "I'm going on an adventure!"
      Host: Guides
      Server: Build server, Bagend
      Resourcepack: Eriador

    • Skin-Contest: Eras
    Thursday 9th
    • 4pm BST: Ultra-Pick Challenge
      The moment when you almost get scared by what you wield.
      Host: @CEFKILLA96 & @Finrod_Amandil
      Server: tba
      Resourcepack: tba

    • 9pm BST: Great Lore Tour Part 2: Eregion & Rhovanion
      "Not all those who wander are lost."
      Host: Guides
      Server: Build server, Trollshaws
      Resourcepack: Eriador

    • Skin-Contest: Eras
    Friday 10th
    • 9pm BST: Great Lore Tour Part 3: Rohan & Gondor
      “Short cuts make long delays.”
      Host: Guides
      Server: Build server, Dead Marshes
      Resourcepack: Rohan

    • Skin-Contest: Round 3: Formal
    Staurday 11th
    • 9pm BST: The Great River Race
      Real-life races are lame, this here is the truth of racing!
      Host: @Tryfor34 & @kisos
      Server: Freebuild (freebuild.mcmiddleearth.com)
      Resourcepack: Gondor

    • Skin-Contest: Formal
    Sunday 12th
    • 3pm BST: "The Big Bang" Firework competition
      The task is simple: craft the most beautiful firework rocket MCME has ever seen.
      Host: @Finrod_Amandil
      Server: Freebuild or Summer Events server
      Resourcepack: Eriador
    • 9pm BST: Awards & Closing Ceremony
      “I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam.”
      Server: Summer Event server (IP tba)
      Resourcepack: Gondor

    • Skin-Contest: Formal

    Project Progress

    Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz
    The terrain at Fennas Forven is being reworked at the moment, furthermore the Ras Morthil fortress (aka Pyke) has made some more progress.​

    Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @otho

    - no progress this week -
    Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk
    A massive step forward this project took this week: Terraforming progress in literally every corner of the fief, especially though on the northern end where the Blackroot Vale is being created. For some time the southern exit of the Paths of the Dead was closed due to that, but it is now open again, however still WIP.
    Additionally a very beautiful castle has been built in western Lamedon, a neighbouring village to it has already been marked out almost completely.
    Lond Daer (In Progress) - Lead: @Mandos
    Mandos along with the help of @bender400 and other Artists has made this project take a vertical take-off: Wall and main gate with a massive bridge over the river Gwathló (Greyflood) are to a large part done and a majestic shrine has been constructed in record time!
    Lothlórien Vegetation (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur
    We started to work on region 2 this week. Some nice small streams were made flowing down the mountainsides. All new trees were pasted in. All trees were root fixed in jobs, thanks a lot to all who helped.
    Bush building is finished in seven out of nine sections. Thanks to @Ryiw for building tons of wonderful bushes in awesome speed.
    We will see if we can finish the region during the summer event. There will be flower placing jobs ;).
    - Eriol_Eandur
    Maegoth (Finished) - Lead: @Fireinferno13
    Done and done! The purple legion struck again with the help of a few adventures and cranked out the ruining of this small town in two days which was awesome. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this last Arnorian town for now
    - Fireinferno13
    Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_ & @Finrod_Amandil
    - no progress this week - (busy with Summer Event stuff)
    Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666 & @Finrod_Amandil
    With every week Despots orc structures look more awesome. Checl out his detailed work!
    Pelargir (In Progress) - Lead: @Credoo & @kisos
    Also a very remarkable leap has taken the western part of Pelargir, both about a dozen regular houses and some big buildings have popped up this week. The number of buildings there are now is truly incredible!​

    Public Projects:

    Freca's Fortress (In Progress) - Lead: @Brazen_Helm
    - no progress this week -
    Mt. Gram (In Progress) - Lead: @_Thijs1801 - Reporter: @Nic1337
    The 2nd cave has been finished and the cave with the gate to Angmar is in progress! I am working on the prison in the Angmar cave, and @thomasd16 and @Nic1337 led jobs for goblin houses in the caves. This week has been very hard work for Gram, on to the next! :D

    Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:

    For an always up-to-date overview, please refer to >>this<< thread.

    Status Updates

    - none this week. -

    Media of the Week

    Remember where the summer event ended last year? Exactly, just at the spot @Glov took this nice screenshot:

    And you know where this years events will start? Well, here:

    Themed Build

    PROJECT BUILD 3 weeks
    Harlond (elven haven in Lindon)

    July 5th until july 26th.
    >>Themed Build thread<<

    MCME Activities - Summer Event!
    Of course I do not provide any additional activities this week, you all will be busy enough will all the Summer Event happenings!
    Community Outreach

    Screenshots for Facebook
    @Tyranystrasz now has access to the MCME Facebook page and will start to regularily upload stuff there. For that he needs of course the very best of MCME and for that he needs YOUR help! If you have a really awesome screenshot to share, submit it >>here<<!
    Scheduled Tours
    No weekly tours this week, tune in to the Great Lore Tour though!​

    ~ 14jn5so.png ~~ 24q79y0.png ~~ 21ecgh1.png ~
    Don’t forget to like our Planetminecraft page daily! Click the picture above!

    Closing Statement

    #1 Finrod_Amandil, Jul 4, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2015
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  2. Ardelenia

    Ardelenia Yellow flower puncher

    Mar 1, 2014
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    @Artie_ and @DarthRagnar do you have an estimate/prediction for when the pig race will be over and the river dig will begin? For those of us with busy schedules who may hopefully be able to participate in the later event, but probably not the first.
  3. DarthRagnar

    DarthRagnar Dirt Conaisseur

    Mar 2, 2014
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    Well, that will mostly depend on how long each of the 4 rounds takes. I'm guessing that the event will last about an hour, but I haven't timed the course or anything like that.
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