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Opening Statement

BREAKING NEWS: Prepare to see Middle-earth like never before, the moment you have all been waiting for, MCME SURVIVAL SERVER! Everything is fair game! Join up with a group of buddies and prepare to destroy Orthanc for diamonds, dig a secret base in the middle of Edoras, nuke the Brandywine Bridge just because you crafted a ton of TNT, and kill staff members (wait what)! It is perhaps the most anticipated event of the summer so be sure to join. See more information below!

In other news, while the rest of the world, as well as many of you, has been celebrating the Rio Olympics, many of you have had the great time of participating in the summer event! I hope everyone has had time in their busy schedules to attend at least one event this past week. If not, be sure to check out the events being put on by our amazing staff and guides during the rest of the week here.

Otherwise, it has been a relatively busy week combined with the fact that our Facebook page received a record number of likes and views. That being said, this will unfortunately be my last edition of the MCME times brought to you by yours truly for a while. But you have nothing to fear as a reader so sit back and relax with your favorite snack, and enjoy this week's issue!​

Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter
@jacenpeter and the other project staff have been hard at work terraforming Andrast. Each week a new, completely unique area seems to be completed out of thin air!​
Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801

Although @Eriol_Eandur was on vacation this week, @Darki190 made some great terrain progress to the point that the two regions are pretty much indistinguishable from one another!

In terms of construction, a lot of work centers on finishing the southern most village, which has recently adopted the name Methrast! Now that the majority of houses are done, a lot of work has focused on building the walls and details throughout.
Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk

@_Luk is now focusing on the northern most terrain of Lamedon, that stretches almost all the way to Aldburg via the White Mountains.
Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Finrod_Amandil

No progress this week.
Tolfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

No progress this week.
Valleys of Celos and Sirith (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

@Wraith_Knight and I have been hard at work wrapping up the last few mountains in this project. Although the main valleys and rivers are complete as of this point, there are still several mountains that need to be completed in order to transition the new and old terrain. I intend to have this project completed in the coming week.​

Plugin Development

Animation Plugin (In Progress) - Dev: @Ivan1pl

@Ivan1pl worked on triggers this week, however they are still not finished at this point.
Plotbuild Plugin (Ready to Implement) - Devs: @Eriol_Eandur & @Ivan1pl
New New Player World (Ready to Implement) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur, Assistance: @_Luk
MCME-Architect and Minigames (Ready to Implement) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur
PvP Server - Dev: @DSESGH
Resource Packs

Mordor Pack (On Hold) - Lead: @bender400

@bender400 and I worked together this week to make some small adjustments to the Mordor pack. This involved adding some textures that had been left out from Gondor as well as reorganizing the new ones in order to best transition between the two packs. Overall the final pack is looking great!
Beets (In Progress) - Creator: @Fireinferno13

I know I know, this week I promise to work on them.
Bookshelf and Thatch Switch (New!) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

The Rohan thatch texture will be moved to the "purpur block" slot in order to be implemented in all RPs. The Rohan bookshelf texture has also been moved from "spruce planks" to "green clay" as it is overkill to have bookshelves with steps and half slabs. This change will be made as soon as Q updates the official packs.
Rank Updates

Out of the blue, former staff member @iSMiTHz has returned to the rank of artist!

@NicTheFifth cannot seem to decide what his favorite color is. Blue no purple!

Media of the Week

Although our Head Designer Finrod has been busy with school work these past few weeks, that has not stopped him from creating some amazing screenshots of the server. Below is one of my personal favorites that captures pretty much all of Pelargir in one shot.


Themed Build

Based on this week's poll, themed build will likely be Causeway Forts!
Scheduled Events

Durins Day Summer Event

For a complete list of events, dates, and times, check out the spread sheet below!


The Summer Event closing ceremony will be held on the survival server on August 10th 7pm BST. Afterwards, PvP and mobs will be turned on (no fire spread, fangorn and the old forest would crash the server) and the carnage will begin! Finrod will be releasing a survival guide later this week which will detail some basic guidelines and special crafting tips! Please remember, although you are encouraged to slay your enemies and harvest cinematic locations for necessary materials, this is still a community so be nice to your fellow members!

I suggest you add the IP address to your server lists now: build.mcmiddleearth.com:35565

Jobs & Plotbuilds

Jobs for next Saturday will be announced in this thread over the course of the week. Be sure to ask Designers for jobs at any time, maybe they can offer something!

Nic's Planned Tours

Be sure to keep an eye on this thread, although there dont seem to be any new planned tours at the moment.
Community Outreach

Upcoming Ecryption

Q has announced that in the near future, the MCME website will be encrypted. However, this is nothing to worry about as a user! It is simply a way of improving the security. Read up on it here.

Facebook Page

This week, the Trex and Q pretty much broke the facebook page by posting this amazing screenshot! As I mentioned in the intro this image received over 100,000 views and more than 1.1K likes overall. Keep sending these great screenshots and hopefully we can boost another amazing post like this in the future!

Closing Statement

I hope everyone enjoyed this week's issue of the Times, as I definitely enjoyed being a guest writer for them! By no means is this the last issue from me that you will ever see.

I hope to see some of you at the summer events this week and, if not, on the battlefield during survival #nomercy. So in the spirit of survival:

. .

Like our Planetminecraft page daily to help promoting MCME!​
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Builds diagonally
Is there a direct link to the event-time-list?
I can't see it. It just says that I have to relfresh the page, but I cant do that.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
I may have to go and live in the Paths of the Dead because if any droogs want to try and kill me they will get lost and they will never find their way out.
It'll be really cozy with all the mobs in there.

Btw I heard someone (who definitely is not me... o_O:D) has issued the command /difficulty 3...

Edit: maybe it actually was me


Head Developer
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Head Developer
You will be able to submit questions ingame, but for "a couple of hundred more questions" its would be better to make a google speadsheet and send the link to me or @Finrod_Amandil.

Question list format:
<question category letters>;<question type>;<question text>;[choice A];[choice B];[choice C];[choice D];<correct answer>;[precision]

When Minigames is installed you can use /game showCategories to see all valid <question category letters>. You may put here one or more letters without spaces in between.

There are 4 <question types>:
  • 1=free question (to answer you have to type in a word or sentence)
  • 2=number question (to answer you have to type in a number with a given precision)
  • 3=single choice question (to answer you have to choose one of four presented choices)
  • 4=multiple choice question (to answer you have to choose one or more of four presented choices)
[choice A];[choice B];[choice C];[choice D] must be specified only for type 3 and 4.

<correct answer> is the answer text or number or the letter (A, B, C or D) of the correct choice. For question type 4 the answer may consist of more thatn one letter like "ABD".

[precision] must be specified only for question type 2. It defines how close an answer must be to the correct answer to be recognised as correct.

Here are some examples (please put in the whole text in one cell of a spreadsheet):
abefghiltx;1;True or false: In Rivendell the seven members of the Fellowship of the Ring are selected.;false
abefghiltx;2;How many members does the Fellowship of the Ring count?;9;0
abefghiltx;3;How did the Fellowship cross the Misties?Pass of Caradhras;Gap of Rohan;High Pass;Mines of Moria;D

For more information refer to the Minigames Plugin Manual.


Head Moderator
Staff member
Head Moderator
I don't have a Google account so would it be possible for someone to make a blank spreadsheet for me and I will fill it in?


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Yeah put them in any kind of list, can also be excel or word, just send me the file when you're done. I can also take over the formatting and all the categorisation as its a bit a confusing (but nevertheless a good) system. I will not be able to do that before the end of August tho (exams)