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~The MCME Times~ #41/15


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Sunday, October 25, 2016

Opening Statement
Hello and good week, friends! I invite you to kick back with a nice glass or mug of your favorite liquid refreshment (orange juice? coffee? tea? miruvor?) and read all about your favorite server with your loyal MCME Times.​

PVP is back! :)

Project Progress

Sorry for the light picture amount; it was getting late.

Aldburg Revamp (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13
Some more houses and shops have been built, as well as the quarry outside.​

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter
Terraforming continues. Also, you may notice there was a change in leadership.​

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH
More terrain.​

Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk
Can you guess?
More voxelling.

Lond Daer (In Progress) - Lead: @Mandos
More ruins happened, both buildings and the wall.​

Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_ & @Finrod_Amandil
I have managed to spend some hours this week to work on the materials of the Misties; as Head Designer that is indeed quite an achievement, as I am involved in so many things that as soon as I log on I get half a dozen personal conversations running…

Next up I will refine and finish the glaciers that have already been built, and as soon as I find a saturday I am free on again I will make jobs on the remaining glaciers, including one that is yet to be done above Freca's Fortress.
- @Finrod_Amandil

Revamps (In Progress)
Fornost - the ruining continues.
Also, in case anyone hasn’t looked at dynmap lately, the Ringlo Vale is being revamped.​

Public Projects:

Linhir Outskirts (In Progress) - Lead: @Nic1337
I had a busy week IRL and spent most of my free time on the new plotbuild plugin. Only made some more terrain and rivers north west of Linhir.
- @Eriol_Eandur
There are also some more walls, trees, and carts around the city.

Would you like to help with the Times too? Volunteer to be a project reporter! Contact one of the Times writers for details. (@Ardelenia, @DarthRagnar, @ooitsbirdo, or @Speeder45)​

Current Plotworld Jobs and Scheduled Jobs:

Currently no activities in the plotworld are available.

For an always up-to-date overview and a list of scheduled jobs, please refer to >>this<< subforum and look at the thread titled ”Scheduled Jobs and Open Plotbuilds”.​

Rank Updates

#WeAreMCME - @Demonataz
  • What story lies behind your username?
    Name comes from a book series written by Darren Shan. I have had a few variations of the name but have since settled on the current form.

  • What was the funniest / weirdest thing / event you encountered on MCME?
    Most funny things come from the chaos that at times is MCME, from funny ban reasons to weird usernames.

  • What was the funniest / weirdest thing /event you encountered in real life?
    I would have to say that 'The Last Leg' on channel 4 Friday night at 10 is by far one of the funniest satirical comedy programs i have encountered.

  • If you could bring one item from Real Life Earth to Middle-Earth to show to Middle-Earth people, which would it be and how would you present / explain it?
    I would give them Soap. anything too high-tech would blow there minds and render the people of middle earth useless. Soap would provide clean and healthy citizens decreasing death and increasing army size to repel any future attacks from the dark forces. Of course they would have to be taught how to make soap, but its better than washing in a dirty river with a dirty cloth.

  • Imagine you're sailing into the Undying Lands. Which LotR / Hobbit / Silmarillion character would you want to accompany you? (optional: why?)
    Sailing to the undying lands would be a long journey with a then eternal wait at the other end. A person with good stories and a worthy companion for me would be Túrin Turambar. With the epic story that is the children of Hurin, why not have him along as protection and as a story teller. although i would also have a hard time not choosing Alfred, the Master of Laketown's right hand man, purely for his comic relief and ridiculous antics.

  • If you would be given the opportunity to lead any MCME project (regardless of being done already or not), which would you choose?
    Well this one is fairly easy, as when Gondor was first ever mention on MCME back on the original map, i requested to lead Dol Amroth. I was given he opportunity to carry out this project and am glad to have lead the city build.
Well, they do say that “Cleanliness is next to Valarliness”. Do you want to get featured in the MCME Times? Fill out your responses >>here<<!! I am also pleased to announce that sometime in the probably-not-too-near future, we will have more diversions for you!

Themed Build

Brandy Hall
>>more information<<

Media of the Week

@DSESGH gave us this subterRAINean shot.

City of the Dead

@greglas2 took this nice picture.
Pelargir castle at sunset.

I am obviously going to include something I made, also I think it’s pretty.

Sunrise over Pelargir with Statue and Mist

Community Outreach

WANTED: Texturers!
As you all hopefully know already, @Despot666 has evolved into one of our most active and skilled texturers; almost the entire dwarven pack is his work. But now he is looking for helping hands as his future contributions will not only remain in the dwarven packs but also the other MCME Resource Packs. If you are not sure about your graphics skills, do not worry: Despot has offered to teach you the drills with gimp and co. So, if you are interested in influencing the look of future MCME, speak forth through a PM directed to Despot!

Screenshots for Facebook
@Tyranystrasz has access to the MCME Facebook page and will regularly upload stuff there. For that he needs, of course, the very best of MCME, and for that he needs YOUR help! If you have a really awesome screenshot to share, submit it >>here<<!​

~ ~~ ~~ ~

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Closing Statement
I chose this quote for two reasons. First, the Times were delayed because last night I got very very quite distracted learning about heraldry. (it happens a lot...) Secondly, it relates to MCME because we are always sure to make lots of nice farms and stuff for our people to do, like outside of Linhir, not just fortresses. Go us! Yeah. Definitely my true feelings. We need more INDUSTRY, not just farms and market stalls -- which often are just selling agricultural products anyway. It would be great if someone saw this.

We may talk as we please of lilies, and lions rampant, and spread eagles in fields of d'or or d'argent, but if heraldry were guided by reason, a plough in the field arable would be the most noble and ancient arms. - Abraham Cowley (who?)
Fine, it's a bit of a stretch.
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Keep up the good work everybody! For some reason my Minecraft client no longer wants to work so I haven't been able to log in to check on things in several weeks, but the screenshots look great! Gondor is really starting to come alive!