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~the MCME Times~ #44/15


Hardcore MCME-er

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Opening Statement

Hello! Another week, another Times, and this time it’s time to time the Times. What does that mean, you may ask? I don’t know.

I would like to draw attention to this thread, not in an attempt to continue its argument here, but merely to praise and commend @Lady_of_Rohan for finding a relevant issue and decisively act upon it. (P.S. this is the author’s position, not that of the Times or the server)

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, we are pushing donation again, with pop-ups and banners and the like. It is not really the duty of the Times to proselytize MCME, and no doubt many of you, like myself, do not have the financial independence to donate, but please keep a thought about it.​

We are pleased to announce a new feature of the forums: language fields. Assuming you use the normal graphic style for the forums, you will see this under every person’s name for all of their posts in threads. I have yet to find if there is a place to view it on profiles; if there is please let us know by posting in the thread.

The Guides of the server are trying to implement scheduled tours, which we shall now be announcing in the Times.​

Project Progress

Aldburg Revamp (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13
All are welcome to build a farmhouse for the outskirts of Aldburg in plotworld. Read on to see how. Otherwise, work continues on farms, details, the remaining houses, and the keep competition!
- Fire

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter
Jacen continues to work his way up the cape, redoing mountains (or at least turning them sandy), pasting trees, and adding other details.​

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH
Once again, a fascinating edition of Anfalas news. This week there has been quite a lot completed. Large swaths of terrain have been voxelled, but as project staff stated, only "basic terrain for the eastern section and starting of Pinnath Gelin - waiting until the treebuilds are done to forest them." Although the land itself has made leaps and bounds of progress, the forestation of this region will require artists and staff work on the treebuilds. Either way a huge amount of work done in the space of the week.
- @Durtalathion

Many trees were built this week through the treebuild; special thanks to @IsaacTheBlaze, @BigHead_Dude, and @EmstarrGal for building a ton of them. Keep reading to find out how you can participate!
- @kisos

Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk
The mountains by Calembel continue to receive attention, this week getting some new lakes and more streams. It also appears that more farms have been built in the fertile valley of the Morthond. Meanwhile, planning has started in-game for Tarnost’s surroundings (by @Irmo_Lorien) and sand continues to be transformed to grass (by @Eriol_Eandur).​

Lond Daer (In Progress) - Lead: @Mandos
I am unsure if any work has been done recently, but there are quite a lot of wool outlines on the ground and I expect this to be a pretty magnificent, albeit dilapidated, city when we are through.​

Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_ & @Finrod_Amandil
No apparent progress.​

Revamps (In Progress)
Fornost (@Demonataz) - Work continues slowly via artists and jobs.​

Public Projects:
Linhir Outskirts (In Progress) - Lead: @Nic1337
Around the currently nameless village (hey nic, get on that!), some more terrain has been worked on and some outlines have been lain down in preparation for farms.​

Scheduled Events:
Upcoming Tours:
Rohan Sights - 11/28 - 7pm GMT​
For an always up-to-date overview, please refer to >>this<< thread.

Plotworld Builds:
Aldburg Farmhouses - >>link<<, /mvtp plotworld and /warp AldburgPB - farmhouses for homesteads outside of Aldburg
Gondor Treebuild - /mvtp plotworld and /warp Treebuild - trees for Anfalas and later to be used elsewhere in Gondor​
For an always up-to-date overview and a list of scheduled jobs, please refer to >>this<< subforum and look at the thread titled ”Scheduled Jobs and Open Plotbuilds”.​

Rank Updates
  • None this week.

#WeAreMCME - @4phoenix
  • What story lies behind your username?
    It began in the year 3551, on the planet of Nirba Major. I was the son of two brilliant scientists. We were losing the Nirba-Datani war and our planet was under siege. In an effort to escape, I stole my parents incomplete time-travel device and used it to escape. It kind of worked. I traveled back in time, sure. But my entire galaxy was swallowed by a black hole and everyone else died an incredibly terrible death. Anyway, I lost control of my malfunctioning device and we both crashed into Atlantis. That city and my time machine were destroyed, but I lived. I rose from the ashes of that dead city, alive as ever. Later, when I traveled east to seek enlightenment I discovered the Chinese stories of the phoenix, and so I called myself The Phoenix. The 4 also comes from when I was in the East. I meditated for four years under a waterfall in Tibet without food or water.

  • What was the funniest / weirdest thing / event you encountered on MCME?
    Blocks. Blocks everywhere. I still don't get it.

  • What was the funniest / weirdest thing /event you encountered in real life?
    My friend Brutus stabbed me. It wasn't funny at the time, but in retrospect it's hilarious. In case you're wondering, it was after this that I had to rethink my life and I traveled east.

  • If you could bring one item from Real Life Earth to Middle-Earth to show to Middle-Earth people, which would it be and how would you present / explain it?
    A Toaster. I would tell them that there was another dimension, The Toast Dimension. This device opened a portal between our dimension and The Toast Dimension and exchanged regular bread for Toast. This is, of course, how Toasters really work. The people of Nirba have always understood the divinity of Toast.

  • Imagine you're sailing into the Undying Lands. Which LotR / Hobbit / Silmarillion character would you want to accompany you? (optional: why?)
    Unfortunately an answer was not given so I would have to assume Fredegar Bolger. Don’t call him “Fatty” because it’s offensive!

  • If you would be given the opportunity to lead any MCME project (regardless of being done already or not), which would you choose?
    Also blank.
I felt obligated to use this for today’s edition as a way of showing my gratitude. I have been enlightened now that I understand the true nature of Toast.

Do you want to get featured in the MCME Times? Fill out your responses >>here<<!!

Also, are you looking for new features to captivate your soul? Or at least your mind for a brief amount of time while you read the Times? Well, so are we! Expect more information in this thread some time during the week of new ways you can contribute.

Themed Build
None this week - work on the plotbuilds!

Media of the Week
@TheFunnyFace submitted some nice textures for Rohan this week, but didn't make any posts about them, so I thought I would share his lovely work with all of you.
Unlit Furnace Front - major improvement from the current jeweled state!
Lit Furnace Front

@DSESGH also posted a nice screenshot; I personally love the haziness and the yellowish clouds in this one.

Pelargir, from the south

Community Outreach

WANTED: Texturers!
As you all hopefully know already, @Despot666 has evolved into one of our most active and skilled texturers; almost the entire dwarven pack is his work. But now he is looking for helping hands as his future contributions will not only remain in the dwarven packs but also the other MCME Resource Packs. If you are not sure about your graphics skills, do not worry: Despot has offered to teach you the drills with gimp and co. So, if you are interested in influencing the look of future MCME, speak forth through a PM directed to Despot!

Screenshots for Facebook
@Tyranystrasz has access to the MCME Facebook page and will regularly upload stuff there. For that he needs, of course, the very best of MCME, and for that he needs YOUR help! If you have a really awesome screenshot to share, submit it >>here<<!​

~ ~~ ~~ ~

Don’t forget to like our Planetminecraft page daily! Click the picture above!​

Closing Statement
I hope you have a good week and take advantage of all the opportunities we suddenly have! And for those Americans out there, happy Thanksgiving.​
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Themed Build
Sammath Naur - The Cracks of Doom
>>more information soon<<​
I have to admit that with all the other small things of MCME i've been involved in again this weekend I simply did forget to set up the next TB, and as I am still in military this week I am not capable of logging in and setting one up. I'm really sorry for that and I suggest you take place in the various plotbuilds that are going on currently instead. Note that you should also add these to your artist application!


Hardcore MCME-er
I have to admit that with all the other small things of MCME i've been involved in again this weekend I simply did forget to set up the next TB, and as I am still in military this week I am not capable of logging in and setting one up. I'm really sorry for that and I suggest you take place in the various plotbuilds that are going on currently instead. Note that you should also add these to your artist application!