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The MCME Times~ #47/15


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Monday, 12, December

Opening Statement

Welcome to another addition to the Times. Christmas is just around the corner ( Just 10 Days , 6 hours, 45 minute and 38 seconds since I have been typing all this) We do apologize for this coming out a bit late as we all are busy with school and so on, sorry. Also due to me (ooitsbirdo) being and a giant scrub at using google doc this probably gone fail as I am doing this alone today. So this week we won't have any project photos as I have no idea how to do that. Hope you enjoy, please don't hate me.​



Aldburg (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

Construction, with the exception of the inner ring, is relatively complete. Jobs will continue to finish up the farm walls and roads, as well as the outer palisade. The finalists of the Keep Competition will be announced early this week and given personal feedback!

- Fireinferno13

Andrast(In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

Andrast- A little terraforming done, but no seriously notable change. Hopefully this week i can get more stuff done.


Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH

Not much in the way of observable changes in Anfalas this week. Rest assured that there is still plenty of work behind the scenes. Keep an eye on this project everyone, great things will be coming soon.

- Durtalathion

Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur

Not to much progress from me as I'm quite busy irl and with new plugins.

I worked on materials in region 4 of the Mountains of Lamedon and run a job on Saturday for small streams in region 2.

@Thijs1801 is making great progress north-west of Tarnost building farms, villages, roads, forrest and the spooky Cyen Manor at awesome speed. I especially like the forrests he's creating.

@Nic1337 managed to make more fields around the village of Algodan and is about to finish that region.


Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Finrod_Amandil and @Emilio_

No progress on the misties once more, was held busy ny various administrative things.

- Finrod_Amandil

Public Projects:

Linhir outskirts (In Progress) - Lead: @Nic1337

As Eriol has said, Nic has made more fields and is continuing to lead jobs around Algodan​

Scheduled Events:

Upcoming Tours:

ooitsbirdo & Mings fabulous tour of many things like trees and Gondor (that is the actual tour name) - 12/20 - time GMT around 9:00PM

Plotworld Builds:

Gondor Treebuild - /mvtp plotworld and /warp Treebuild - Build trees for Gondor!

For an always up-to-date overview and a list of scheduled jobs, please refer to >>this<< subforum and look at the thread titled ”Scheduled Jobs and Open Plotbuilds”.​

Rank Updates

-None this week

Themed Builds Build

#35/15 - Tower of Cirith Ungol

For any more information click on this link ------> >>more information<<

Media of the Week

WOW, Soooooo many pictures to choose from so i had to go with this one form @q220. Check out all the pictures he added

Community Outreach

Screenshots for Facebook

@Tyranystrasz has access to the MCME Facebook page and will regularly upload stuff there. For that he needs, of course, the very best of MCME, and for that he needs YOUR help! If you have a really awesome screenshot to share, submit it >>here<<!​
~ ~~ ~~ ~

Don’t forget to like our Planetminecraft page daily! Click the picture above!​

Closing Statement

As most people are off doing exams, essays or other school , college , Uni or work stuff we should never give up and always carry on.

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work” by - Thomas Edison
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There actually was some progress on the misties after all as I had to launch an emergency job when some very new staff was late for his scheduled job (which I will not name here but his name starts with T and ends with hijs1801), thus the last glacier in the current misties section has been built (one more left above Freca's Fortress, haven't forgotten it @Ma5terMinD ;) ). Thanks to everyone who helped!

And regarding rank promotions: @Jetfire301 has been promoted back to Artist very early last week (Monday), and as soon as he is over a busy school period he will be building awesome things again :D

(Sowwy that I didn't hand in these news in time)