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~The MCME Times~ #48/15


Hardcore MCME-er

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Opening Statement
This was another fine week on MCME, full of lovely progress and nice productive work. Meanwhile...STAR WARS!!! This thread is, of course, a strictly no-spoiler zone, but I will say: 1) If you like Star Wars, go see it! 2) If you’ve never seen Star Wars, go see it! It’s a great introduction to the series. Also, go back and watch the original trilogy afterwards -- prequels are optional. 3) If you don’t like Star Wars, . . . actually I don’t really have anything to say to you. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of the Times. Now, back to my LotR X Star Wars fanfiction.​

None this week.​

Project Progress

Aldburg Revamp (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13
Project has slowed this week while finishing touches on the farms and housing districts were completed. Everyone is at this point patiently awaiting the final results of the Keep Contest! The winner will be copied onto main on the 23rd and construction of the middle ring will begin thereafter.
- Fire

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter
I think everyone should know what to expect from Andrast by now. Anyways, more terraforming done, you know lots of new sand lumps and narwhals. I’m steadily progressing up the east arm into the fjords.
- jacen

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH
Welcome to another exciting edition of Anfalas news. A great milestone has been reached this week. Like the connecting of the transcontinental railroad in the 1890s connecting east and west America together, the voxelling work by the Anfalas team now has made the connection between Anfalas in the east and Andrast in the west. In an excited report @kisos stated "Anfalas terrain meets with Andrast terrain! Check it out on dynmap" This is a huge milestone for the project and is one more step closer to getting to completion.
- @Durtalathion

Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk
Small streams in regions 2 and 3 of the mountains of Lamedon are finished now. That’s 1/3 of the regions!
- @Eriol_Eandur
@Thijs1801 also got a lot of work done on his area around Tarnost, while @Mandos worked on terrain in the White Mountains and a small town east of Ethring and across the river.​

Lond Daer (On Hold) - Lead: @Mandos
Lond Daer has probably been on hold for quite a while now, without having ever been announced formally. However, yesterday it struck me that perhaps the reason for the lack of progress was because we weren’t working on it anymore. Mandos confirmed and explained that, similar to Moria, it has been placed on hold until a greater part of Gondor is finished.​

Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_ & @Finrod_Amandil
No progress from my side on the misties (why do you have to keep me so busy every year, god dang pre-christmas time?), but as I saw (only) on dynmap there was some progress on Emil's behalf. I'm happy that holidays finally arrived and I at last can again spend my sparse free time on the actual build server. A 12-hour voxel marathon in the misties is something I definitely wanna do in the upcoming weeks, the sooner the better!
- Finrod

Revamps (In Progress)
Fornost (@Demonataz) - Once more, calling all Artists!! Demon says that, if every legionnaire was to ruin just a single house, a goodly part of the first level would be complete.​

Public Projects:

Linhir Outskirts (In Progress) - Lead: @Nic1337
It looks like all of the fields around Algodan are now complete, although some more have been planned across the stream. Lots of roads still need construction, though, so I would expect jobs to come from Linhir!​

Here are some more general things. I apologize for the repeats from above. When there are names in the descriptions, that is whose villa it came from.

I also took many pictures of the three individual villas, although you will forgive me I hope if I took more of the one I built. Again, apologies for repeats. Names still refer to who built the villa that picture came from.
Palace of Tarannon Falastur (New - Kind Of|In Progress) - Lead: @Wroxxite
This location was suggested as a public project long ago, when we realized the lore was against it being the large building in Pelargir. It has since been worked on by @kisos, @Bombur8, and @mattlego. I honored kisk’s request to not include it in the Times, but with the change in leadership we will now report about it. This build includes the palace itself and the garden-covered island it sits on. I would also group with it, since kisk led building of it, a nearby beach with three lavish villas and a Roman circus (a horse-racing track), a sort of retreat for Pelargir’s rich. The island with the palace can be reached by flying north from /warp Ethir Anduin. The beach and circus are a few minutes’ flight east from the palace, or you can take the road west out of Pelargir and use the south fork as you round the bend with the large tree.

“Mostly just interior planning right now but construction has begun on the dock and lower levels of the palace. Thanks to @greglas2 for helping with some wall concepts and of course kisos for giving me the project”
- Wrox

Scheduled Events:

Upcoming Tours:
Gondorian Cities - 12/20 (today!) - 9 pm GMT

For an always up-to-date overview, please refer to >>this<< thread.

Plotworld Builds:
Gondor Treebuild - /mvtp plotworld and /warp Treebuild - There are just a few spots left for people to build trees. Go and leave your mark; they will be used many times!

For an always up-to-date overview and a list of scheduled jobs, please refer to >>this<< subforum and look at the thread titled “Scheduled Jobs and Open Plotbuilds”.​

Rank Updates
  • @gadget271 has been promoted to Guide! Well deserved, and congratulations!
  • On the building ranks front, Finrod says, “No changes, but there are a few very promising applicants! If you are one of them: keep up the good work, it will all be honoured eventually!”

MCME Travel Guide - @Finrod_Amandil

Visit Beautiful Andrath! In the Eriador Pack Region.
How to get there: Warp to Bree, then follow the road southwards. Take the right fork up the hill.
What is it: Several fortifications along a road.
Andrath is a pass between the Barrowdowns and the South Downs. In the early 3rd age it was guarded by many fortresses but now shares the gloomy and a little creepy atmosphere of the Barrow Downs. Furthermore, the southernmost fortress features a tower which is optimal for a medium-hard parkouring experience!​

Visit Beautiful Nen Hen Amlug! In the Eriador Pack Region.
How to get there: Warp to Southern Marshes, then fly south to the ocean, the due west to the lake. Coords are (-5522, y, -504).
What is it: A lake that looks like the eye of a dragon. This lake is on the eastern border of Eryn Vorn, the Black Forest (west of Lond Daer). It is just about in the middle, vertically on a map.
This is a small lake in a very unknown part of the map. It was made by hand by Finrod_Amandil and iSmithz just after the new map got released, and as it turned out to have the shape of an eye it got named Nen Hen Amlug, the Dragon Eye Lake.

A double entry from our Head Designer Finrod! Meanwhile, we remind the general readers that there are new options and request that you either seize on them or advocate against them. Nothing will happen without your response!

>>Times Review<< - Be the critic and tell us about your favorite anything. Books, movies, music, etc -- all will fit here.
>>MCME Time Machine<< - Your chance to share with us a short story about the best moments of your MCME lives. Note that, at this point, we want at least a paragraph explaining the event. If you would post it in the Nostalgia thread, think hard about if it fits what we want here.
>>MCME Travel Guide<< - As demonstrated above, a place for you to share your favorite locations.
>>#WeAreMcme<< - A fun survey to learn a bit more about our community members.​

Themed Build

Arnorian Fortress
>>more information<<

There seems to be some confusion about themed builds among newer members of the server. Perhaps this has always been happening, but I noticed it yesterday so I will mention it in the Times. Hopefully, newer members read it too! Themed builds are not a competition, nor are they used in the actual build world (although they may influence build styles!). They are simply for use in Artist applications, for fun, or to practice building.​

Media of the Week

Not so many media items have been produced this week, sadly. So it’s your task for the holidays (surely many of you are on winter break from school!) to go and take pictures of all the beautiful locations of MCME. Nonetheless, there was one from @gadget271 that we can feature here.


Community Outreach

Screenshots for Facebook
@Tyranystrasz has access to the MCME Facebook page and will regularly upload stuff there. For that he needs, of course, the very best of MCME, and for that he needs YOUR help! If you have a really awesome screenshot to share, submit it >>here<<!​

~ ~~ ~~ ~

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Closing Statement
We are barrelling along towards the new year, which is sure to bring great things to our server. Here at the times, we want to wish you a merry Christmas, if you celebrate it, and for everyone we close with this benediction:

May the force be with you.
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Hardcore MCME-er
I am aware that some of the pictures did not work. However, the hour is too late for me to bother trying to figure it out and fix them. I encourage you to look closely at the thumbnails instead, or better yet, visit the places yourself! If you spot any issues other than the pictures, though, please let me know. Again due to the time, I did not proof this edition as thoroughly as I have in the past.