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Opening statement

Hello everybody and welcome to this weeks special christmas edition of the MCME Times! I hope everyone is having a lovely christmas, whether that be with family and friends, or on mcme. We have a bit of a special edition this week, (it's not really, it's just the logo that I awfully photoshopped and the date, but don't tell anyone) since I embarrassingly forgot the times completely last week, apologies for that, but on the positive note, the more information and updates for this week!

But anyway, without further ado let's get into this weeks 'special' edition of the MCME Times!

Whats Up?

Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

Not much here as far as I know.
Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801

No progress here this week, other than Dol Amroth, if that counts...
Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Eaglz24

Welp, quite a lot of progress on DA the last 2 weeks. The north eastern farms have been planned out, and I'm about to work on planning the southern farms. Regarding the city itself, myself and @_Luk have been vigorously planning out all of the house plots and buildings in DA. We've reached around 400 houses so far, and with an average of 4 citizens per house, we'll have around 1600 citizens (beds) in southern dol amroth. Once we finish the south, we're going to head towards the north. We think the north will have a similar amount of houses as the south, maybe less. Some cool buildings so far you can find is the library and university in middle town, the bathhouse and music school in sea town, the market place in market town and the barracks in gate town.

Expect the opening build day of dol amroth to be sometime in early january. Until then you will have to wait. We're currently waiting on Eriol and Fin to sort the new blocks into the blockstates for MCME, and then for that to be updated to the main server. I will let you all know when we will start the build day, and when building commences :).
Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk

None this week.
Mordor Terrain (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

None this week.
Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666 & @Finrod_Amandil

As the kings road is officially finished now, there is only one corridor that is left that needs to be done. Connected to these are the offices and the library. I have been working on the library together with @tfaddy1 in the corridor leading from 3rd hall too the Kings Road. @tfaddy1 has also finished a nice stairway leading up too the upper levels in this layer of Moria. Patrick has been working on the barracks that are close to the defenses. This hall is closed to being finished. @Patrick is just working on the insides of the barracks themselves. Despot has decided that there will another hall connecting to the lower levels which will be an armory. @Pieter has been working on 5 offices that needs doing above the main halls. He has finished a view of them and will finish the other ones coming week.

Also the Dining hall has been finished, and is ready to be ruined. Thanks to @Wodleth @Patrick_0901 @dav3ck @julianelijah77 for helping out.

Tolfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

Interesting update for Tolfalas this week,

"trex is struggling with whales hunting in sudan, so there isn't much work done by him this week." -Tyran
Valley of Erui (In Progress) - Lead: @Mandos

I finished the river from the house of Forlong the Fat to the main branch. Also a bit of tree scaping and adding some flowers around.
Texture Development

Textures for Gondor and Dol Amroth are all mostly done for now. Thanks to everybody who helped out on making some. For anybody who is still interested in making some, you can, we'll be adding some textures over time to Gondor if there are any more.

Like I said in the Dol Amroth section, I've sorted out all the approved textures and sent them over to Eriol. So we're waiting on that to happen
Plugin Development
Animation Plugin (In Progress) - Dev: @Ivan1pl

Animations plugin is now finished, and ready for testing.
Plotbuild, Architect & Minigames (Implemented) - Devs: @Eriol_Eandur & @Ivan1pl

Guidebook and Architect updated on devsever:

  • Added window glasses to custom inventory
  • Fixed armor bug, now you can place custom blocks without wearing armor.
  • Added item inventory, open with /inv i g (g for Gondor)
  • Added head inventory, open with /inv h

  • Improved description editing conversation
  • no click needed to stay in conversation
  • click at a line shown in the conversation to copy it into chat entry line (usful to change a line)
  • Added /guidebook description <name> getbook, which gives you a book with the description you can edit and store with /guidebook description <name> save. This is a bit glitchy, there are sometimes whitespaces inserted. Also the mc book editor is meh. But may be useful to enter longer descriptions.
And also...

You can now save your inventory as custom build inventory. This is meant for Designers to create a set of blocks they want to be used for a build. Aritsts will be able to use this, but they will be able to create private inventories only.

  • /inv save <inventory name> <rp>
    Stores your inventory as a new custom inventory. The item in off-hand is uses for menue item.
  • /inv s
    Opens saved inventories

I just uploaded a new Architect version to devserver. The custom inventory supports now an arbitrary number of categories. Also for intuitive scrolling there are buttons now.

Block analyse / replace / switch Plugin (New) - Dev: @Dallen

As the URPS will come with a lot of changes to the packs, a lot of replacing and swapping out blocks will be necessary. Thus @Finrod_Amandil suggested a plugin with which it's possible to replace blocks on the entire map, or big regions, with a single command.
Rank Updates

We have quite a few promotions this christmas,

Firstly, welcome to the rank of Guide to @yomama629! It seems the scrublord has finally made himself useful after 2 years.

Welcome to the Artist rank to the following:

Congratulations and welcome back to you guys!​


There has been some discussion about MCME moving to Discord. For anybody who wants MCME to either move to Discord, or to stay on TS, please be sure to vote in the thread! Also, leave an input on what you think about it.

Inviting a youtuber?
As well as the discord discussion, we also have a discussion about the possibility of inviting a Youtuber by the name of 'Keralis' to a tour of MCME. Give us your thoughts in the threads!

Here is a link to the thread Inviting YouTuber Keralis for a tour?
And also, a recent new poll has been created, so leave your vote! : Poll: inviting YouTuber Keralis?

We're adding back Foreman!
As you may have heard, at our last staff meeting we discussed some possibilities and ideas for making the Guide rank better. We ultimately decided the idea of re-adding the rank of Foreman. The details for this rank are still under consideration, but look out for an update on the rank! For more information, go over to last weeks edition of the MCME Times. ~The MCME Times~ #46/16 - Staff Meeting #20

As many of you have been rumoring, well, the rumors are true! We are in fact discussing about adding back the rank of Commoner. We (staff) are currently discussing the details about the rank, alongside Foreman. For those who were not around when Commoner existed, or if you need a quick recap of what is was, basically it was an extension the adventurer rank, for those who have involved themselves into the community normally by having joined for 2 weeks and participating in jobs and themed build.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any further information in the week(s) to come!
Winter Events
Thanks to everybody who showed up to this years Winter events. I believe everybody had a great time, and even though I only showed up to one event (the boat race or something) it was pretty fun.

We'll see you all again next year!
Race to Rivendell
For the end of @TI_020601's trial month, he has planned a race to rivendell, which will happen on the 31st of December at 7pm GMT. Be there or be square!

Themed Build
Themed Builds are weekly build events that serve to show off your building skills and/or help you to gain the skills required to get promoted to the Artist rank! All instructions on how to participate can be found in the thread linked below.

Theme: Tomb of Elendil
Duration: 1 week

Resource Pack: Gondor
Link: #42/16 - Tomb of Elendil

Closing statement

That's it for this weeks not really special edition of the MCME Times. I'm about to go watch Rogue 1 now, apparently it's pretty good so hype. And with that note that's gonna be my cue to leave, so I'll see you (or fin if he finds time, 50/50 prolly) next week! If I don't forget again hehehehe..
. .

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Yay!! Commoner, that means you can demote from artist as soon as that happens so i can have my beloved rank back :D