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~The MCME Times~ #7/16


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Opening statement

A bit less extensive edition of the Times this week, as I cannot spend eight hours every week researching and writing this newspaper :p. Fantastic progress has almost become normal by now, which is absolutely awesome of course :D. The unedited terrain parts of Gondor are disappearing one by one now, and if we boldly look ahead into the future we may already see a completion of Gondor at the horizon...

But hey, you, stop staring at the horizon for now, you've got some MCME Times to read!

Whats Up?
Breaking News

The Oak and Iron Doors are fixed! The bug has been caused by an alternate version of the BuildFixes plugin q220 has been giving a try. As I missed one command from the previous version of BuildFixes q again installed that one, and by doing that unintentionally fixed the door bug :D.
Project Progress
Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter
The Dynmap is gaining color again! In various spots Jacen has been doing very delicate and detailed work on the fine terraforming and adding materials. Not much can be guessed from dynmap yet, but I'm sure it will look absolutely awesome very soon!
Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH
@kisos has been voxelling all over Anfalas again, from the shores up into the mountains. From planting millions of trees over fine terraforming to adding materials all is included in his weekly work. He was supported by @bender400 and @Tyranystrasz.
Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur
Eriol has beautified some more valleys in central Lamedon this week. Additionally he taught @Ryiw how to voxel the oustanding rivers we are by now used to from Eriol.
Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_ (Eregion), @Finrod_Amandil (Misties), @Mandos (Gladden Fields)
Work on the Misties has focused on the eastern slopes this week. Double Grass and Flowers have no-physics now so that the new Gladden Fields concept is stable now. For that reason I did make the definite layout of the Gladden Fields, which kinda looked like a fancy piece of modern art in the end (For interested buyers: starting price is 27'300 cookies).
Additionally I made the guide for the Gladden Fields (Misty Mountains [Part 2 - Gladden Pass & High Moors]) so that jobs can be started from now on.
Higher up in the mountains I taught @Genexos a bit about making glaciers with voxel, and on the western slopes the Artists finished all the paths.
Fornost Reruin (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13 & @Demonataz
A lot of progress was made this week. Artists have been hard at work fixing houses and bringing them up to Demon's official standard, and have thus far completed the first district and have moved on to the second one! Keep it up! As for everyone else, jobs have begun to pick up for ruining roads and walls and such so keep an eye out for those in the coming few weeks with Ryiw and Fire.
- Fireinferno13
[Public Project] - Fennas Drúnin (In Progress) - Lead: @thomasd16
While @Thijs1801 keeps carefully voxelling the terrain for the main part of Fennas Drúnin, the Artists kept building houses, fields and many more things in the small village at the Mitheithel. The amount of details is already amazing, check out the very unique flair of that village!
Plugin Development
Plotbuild Plugin (Last bug fixes in progress) - Devs: @Eriol_Eandur & @Ivan1pl
The Plotbuild Plugin will make it possible to make plots on the main map that can be claimed and be built on by anyone and then be easily reviewed and managed by staff.

No changes since last week.
New New Player World (Ready for implementation) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur, Assistance: @_Luk
A new Intro Quiz for new players.

No changes since last week.
Moria Teleport Plugin (In Progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur
For seamless teleports to and from new Moria aswell as inside Moria.

Eriol is still looking for a way to preload chunks clientside before teleporting to have a seamless teleport feeling. He has now found an auxiliary plugin which may make that possible.
Minigames Plugin (Small fixes in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur
A plugin to easily run various minigames like Hide and Seek, Races and Quizzes.

Gathering questions for the quizzes.
Randomising Plugin (Ready for implementation) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur
A small plugin for staff members to easily randomize growth stages on fields.

No changes since last week.
Banner Editor (Ready for implementation) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur
A plugin for easily editing and creating banners.

No changes since last week.
Resource Packs
Mordor Pack (In Progress) - Lead: @bender400
New Doors (Waiting for Update) - Creator: @Ryiw
Banners (Waiting for Update) - Creator: @SKy_the_Thunder

Reeds and new flowers (Waiting for Update) - Creator: @Ma5terMinD

I added the Reeds texture to Github now, hopefully soon the RP's can be updated.
Rank Updates

This week we have one promotion to Artist! There was not much time since he applied, but just check out his Floating Log build and you'll know what's up ;)

Congratulations on Artist to @NEEPcrafter!
Media of the week

There are two Adventure maps that were made by MCME members! The newer of the two is called The Fable of the Five Wizards, a very nice, exciting and well thought-through adventure map. Below you'll find the trailer, and here you can download the map: Fable of the five wizards (adventure map) | Minecraft Middle Earth

Other news
Motivation series
@smogpaster has messaged all staff members and asked them about their motivation to build/play on MCME and he got a bunch of really interesting answers which I deem worthy to share with everyone!

I build here simply because I am a nerd. I am extremely fascinated with the world of Middle Earth. This has led me to reading the books a few times, watching the movies to much, and conducting my own research. This place is a great place to do that. We have fin the lore guru, and a platform to voice opinions. Also we can actually BUILD these amazing places. I have learned a lot from this beautiful server, and these beautiful people I have met, except maybe jace. Just kidding jace <3.
Audiobook review
We left Crickhollow and plunged into the deep dark Old Forest. After wandering around for a long while we reached the Withywindle where Merry got caught by the Old Man Willow. Luckily Tom Bombadil rescued the brave Hobbit and so they dwelt at his house for two nights. After many a song and tale they left for the Barrow-Downs, an area not much less uneasing than the forest before. A short rest ended up in awaking in the midst of thick fog, and they lost each other and one by one got caught by the mysterious Barrow-Wights. Again only thanks to Tom Bombadil all Hobbits survived the incident and at last found the Great East Road again and soon after stood in front of the gates of Bree.

@Wraith_Knight has once more compiled a collection of awesome screens!

Lore Bits #4: "How'd you do that?" - "Magic, duh"

This week I'd like to enlighten you all a bit about magic in Middle-Earth and Tolkiens work in general. However instead of assembling something myself I present you three articles on the topic, written by Michael Martinez:

Themed Build

Theme: Rhosgobel (The home of Radagast)
Resource Pack: Rohan
Thread: http://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/6-15-rhosgobel.3069/
Scheduled Events
Audiobook session 4
Important: I will be skiing next weekend, so if one of you wants to organise and stream the next Audiobook session, feel free to do so! Otherwise we'll continue in two weeks time.
There are no Tours announced for this week yet, but keep an eye on this thread and request a tour if you want one!
Jobs & Plotbuilds
Jobs for next Saturday will be announced in this thread over the course of the week. Be sure to ask Designers for jobs at any time, maybe they can offer something!
Community Outreach
Proofreading the MCME Times
I'm not a native English speaker, and while the step up to understandable English may be rather easy compared with other languages, the step from understandable to (very) good English is much more challenging. Both to present you an as perfect as possible reading experience regarding grammar as well as fixing some of my flaws in writing I am letting the Times being proofread from now on. If you are a native English speaker and want to help proofreading, please message me.​
Firework competition for Gondor completion firework show

@SmaugJuice is doing a firework display for when Gondor is completed. Throughout the display, he would like to use YOUR fireworks. To give him your fireworks you need to message him the recipe or the firework that was made on single player minecraft. If you don't know how to craft fireworks go onto YouTube and find out. All fireworks will be included (good or bad) and the creator of the best firework will be able to start the display. Last week he got some designs and at the moment @Finrod_Amandil and @WalpoleLegoMen are winning. Please don't let Finrod win, give @SmaugJuice your firework recipes!
- SmaugJuice
Screenshots for Facebook
@Tyranystrasz has access to the MCME Facebook page and is regularily posting screenshots of our builds there! Lend him a hand and submit your best screens here: MCME screenshots for Facebook
Closing statement

Passion is what makes us all thrive on MCME and makes us create awesome things. Have a fancy quote on that:
“The saddest people I've ever met in life are the ones who don't care deeply about anything at all. Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand, and without them, any happiness is only temporary, because there's nothing to make it last.”
- Nicholas Sparks
These Times have been proofread by @raf_the_eagle, @julianelijah77 and @SmaugJuice
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When is the due date for given Smaug some colorful explosions.
Where do we give Smaug duh recipes.