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~The MCME Times~ #8/15


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Opening Statement

Since a few weeks the project updates list only consisted of those orange (In Progress) tags, but now we finally have some green in it, two projects could be finished this week! Read on to find out which ones.
This week I also want to highlight @Tyranystrasz's Short Story Contest. Not that many entries have been handed in so far, and theres still some time left until the 29th of march. From my experiences I can say that whenever you're writing something that really interests you, you most likely can't stop anymore once started. And if you just have no idea for a story, here's a pro-tip of mine: Search yourself a character where only very little lore is given for and come up with some noteworthy deeds of that person.


Project Progress

Annúminas (In Progress) - Lead: @Will_em
Jacen has tried a different design for the castle and work on the small houses is slowly progressing. Will_em, however, is pretty busy the last days with schoolwork, but will make a new update when he finds some time to set it up. If you want to help on building houses for annuminas, contact jacenpeter at the moment.
- Will_em

Calembel (In Progress) - Lead: @Ivan1pl

As promised, another house freebuild started! Read more about it >>here<<.
There was some progress in administration district and layouts started appearing in rich district.
- Ivan1pl

Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Demonataz
The Contest for the military district is fully running and the work so far does look very promising. However for the rest of the city it seems like demon did not yet manage to conquer his technical turbulences.

Edhellond (Finished) - Lead: @_Luk
So Its my pleasure to annouce Edhellond being finished :)
Thank you everyone for your time and creativity you put into this.
Wouldn't look as good as it does without all the helpers.
- Luk_

Lebennin (In Progress) - Lead: @oth0116
All of the rivers are done and most of the pasting of trees.
Marking out villages and finishing up the terrain at the moment!
As I wrote last week, artists will be able to get a village. Just send me a PM if you're interested in helping :)
- otho

Lossarnach (Finished) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

Lossarnach is finished. Thank you to everyone who helped and a special thanks to @Emilio_ . If you want to visit Lossarnach, do /warp Imloth Melui to see the valley of the flowers or /warp Pelargir and visit South Lossarnach. There's many little cool places in this land spared by war, and good luck finding the secret way in Imloth Melui!
- Tyranystrasz

Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Finrod_Amandil
Some progress this week was behind the scenes: As in some places already hinted I will continue the work on the mountains after the first big section is done. And just for that I am currently setting up all the information, maps and so on (takes more time than you may think).
On the server I finished the terraforming in the smaller half (section #21) and am now working on the materials there. Furthermore, as already once wished by @Ardelenia (if i'm not mistaken) and now again by @Despot666 I started fixing the snow/mountain biome so that theres no more areas where it does rain onto snow if you do /playerweather storm. I will also adjust the voxel guide for the 2nd part of the misty mountains so that this will be correct from the start.

Pelargir (In Progress) - Lead: @Credoo
Pelargir is growing ever so slightly. Kisos has joined the project staff team for Pelargir. More yellow plots have been layed out and some are ready for artist to be worked on. Some roads have been added they can be worked on during jobs. Also the last purple plot near the palace has been started. Keep an eye out on the Pelargir project thread for an announcement in the upcoming month.
- Credoo

Shire Trees (In Progress) - Lead: @kisos

The third treebuild is underway, the last of the plots for this project. The trees that were built in the previous treebuilds are being used now. Many of the derpy forests around Bagend and Hobbiton have been transformed into beautiful woodlands with rocks and bushes and things that were lacking in the previous forests. There will be voxel mess-ups in the woods, so if your taking a stroll and see a derp, make sure you report it >> here <<
- kisos

Public Projects:

Agar and Udul (In Progress) - Lead: @Mandos
We have nearly finished a large section of tree roots thanks to Kisos. Also we have built a few houses and the tower of Udul.
- Mandos

Bandit / Traveler Camps (In Progress) - Lead: @PINT00
There hasn't been much progress with my job this week, mostly because the Leader Tent Contest has started and it is currently running. We only have three submissions so far, so if you want to build a Leader Tent please do so, contact me on this page >>here<<, or in game, or PM me, ect. Then you can build a leader tent, and it might get put in the build world.
- PINT00

Ethring (In Progress) - Lead: @AWOL777
Couple more houses built, but no notable progress. I have taken a break for a short time to work on the Dol Amroth military contest. Expect more progress in the coming week, when I will have more free time.
- AWOL777

Lothlórien Vegetation (In Progress) - Lead: @yourie98
In Lothlorien ground vegetation jobs in region 6 have been started. Three sections east of Caras Galadhon have beend finished this week. Thanks to Emilio and and all who helped with the jobs.
- Eriol_Eandur

Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:

Status Updates

kisos managed to take the big step from artist to the staff rank Designer. A truly great accomplishment that is, even more as you relentlessly fought for it over such a long time. Have fun once more exploring a whole new part of MCME and may you make great things with the trust that you have gained throughout the community!

Also Ulmo and Toeyoman earned themselves newly recolored names. Congratulations to both of you on achieving the rank of Artist!


This Week's Highlights
Media of the Week

This week there's an absolute screenshot overload! And of course every single one of them makes you at least speechless. As I want to feature all contributions, I will, for not driving those with slower internet mad and to respect those who read it on a smartphone with limited data, spoiler it.

@ThijsdeBruin got us a nice shot of the freshly finished Edhellond! And he's got more >>here<<.


Is... is this real life!?
Wizard @Despot has tried out shader maps and its unbelievably awesome. He has got a ton more examples to show: >>click<<


Paths of the Dead

The definite evidence that not only the newer builds look absolutely amazing: Proven by @Glovr.
For the case you're not overwhelmed enough yet: >>clicketyclick<<

Fornost Erain (/warp Fornost)

And just minutes after the last Times were published @Genexos added two more screens to >>his album<<:


Last but not least also our #1 fish aka @Credoo has discovered the world of screenshotting, and it seems like he feels pretty comfy in there:
His thread can be found >>here<<.

Helm's Deep

New Themed Build

>>Themed Build post<<


Edhellen mi Ennorath - Elvish in Middle-Earth

Part 8 - The Tengwar with English and German

You may know by now how one uses the Tengwar with Sindarin. But you may rather rarely come along the situation where you want to transcribe a Sindarin text. But this week it is about how to instantly make yourself the biggest nerd of your entire school: Writing English with the elvish script. And as I myself (and quite many others on here) speak german I will also have a few words on how to use it there. You have no idea how many conversations already started when I put this booklet onto my table:

(It says "Analysis 2 - 1")


For English Tolkien gave us source material for both a so-called phonological and and orthographical way of use; the first one means you transcribe based on how you pronounce the text, the latter one though starts from how you actually spell it. The first way would be the "proper" one to do it, but as the pronounciation of English is so irregular, that is really hard. Thus I'll present an orthographical mode here:



Source: http://at.mansbjorkman.net/teng_general_english.htm#eng_orth


This here is a phonetic mode with some orthographical simplifications. Tolkien never wrote german with the Tengwar, so I developped that mode basing on a couple basic principles of the Tengwar and comparing some other solutions of modes for german. Some entries are inspired by the mode for Quenya.

You can download this as PDF with some german annotations here: http://www.elbisch.ch/tengwar/

Next week will be the last small chapter for the Tengwar: Punctuation, numbers and dates!


Community Outreach

LotR Audiobook: The audio book under the lead of @Credoo shall return from its long slumber. We will once again follow the trail of remnants of the fellowship. The sessions shall continue where they ended last year. Friday 13 of march 2015 at 9pm GMT. Mark that date if you want to join me on the epic adventure Lord of the Rings narrated by Phil Dragash.

Scheduled Tours: Our guides are running scheduled tours twice a week, every Wednesday at 6pm GMT, and on Saturdays on 9pm GMT. So if you look for a tour and never managed to catch a guide to give you one, those are the dates you gotta go on the server!

Short Story Contest:
@Tyranystrasz organised a Short Story Contest. Until the 29th of march you can submit your fan-fiction based on Arda / Tolkiens Lore. The winner can win a gift card and the 3 best stories get featured here in the Times!
For more info read >>this post<<

Times Feedback:
Have a thought concerning the presentation of the MCME Times and how it can be improved? Because we are always looking for new ways to mix up and improve the Times experience through any means necessary and, if you have a comment or concern, it's likely that someone else had it as well and just didn't say anything about it. So be sure to message @Finrod_Amandil your thoughts through a PM or directly in this thread.

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Closing Statement
Two more projects finished, the result is magnificent, as always. But what does it need to lead big projects to an end? Of course you do need some skills and experience, but if one thing is missing even the most skilled person can not bring his work to a nice and admirable end: Passion
“Passion is a feeling that tells you: this is the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. It doesn't matter what anyone else says. This feeling is so good that it cannot be ignored. I'm going to follow my bliss and act upon this glorious sensation of joy.”
- Wayne W. Dyer


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Hardcore MCME-er
Lossanarch is finished. Thank you to everyone who helped and a special thanks to @Emilio_ . If you want to visit Lossanarch /warp Imloth Melui for see the valley of the flowers or /warp pelargir and visit the south Lossanarch. There's many little cool places in this land spared by war, and good luck finding the secret way in Imloth Melui!


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Another note on the Short Story Contest:

Should you need any help in creating elvish character or place names, or also sentences in elvish, feel free to PM me. Same goes for Khuzdul (dwarfish) and Orkish, however there we gotta limit to really simple things.
If you pm me, give me (if possible) about that information:

- (names): Meaning of the name or some specific character traits (e.g. skilled in sword fight, very just, black hair) then I may craft a name out of that.
- (text): Text in english
- (both): Language (Quenya, Sindarin, Khuzdul, Orkish), if you dont know whether Quenya or Sindarin, I need to know in which Age and where the speaker comes from.

Happy writing!