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Opening statement

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to the first ever special edition of the MCME Times!
Since the release of the regular Times earlier this week there were so many things that would have deserved mentioning that I thought it's way better making an additional superb special extra edition than fixing it all into the other edition and half of the people missing it!​

Winners of the Awards Ceremony 2016
Minigame races:

The big MCME texture recordal

As Eriol and I are currently working on exploring the foundations of how blocks in Minecraft work, and how we can get the maximum for our building venture from it, especially the maximum number of available blocks, it is a piece of very important knowledge, to be able to quickly look up which textures and blocks were used where on our enourmous map. For that I initiated this project that everyone, also Adventurers, can work on!
Basically you can pick yourself any location that uses the Eriador pack (other packs will follow) and note down which textures were used there. The more people help, the quicker we can do this! So if you find yourself being weary of just exploring all day long, consider helping out on this one!
More informations can be found here: The big MCME texture recordal
If you come across any uncertainties or questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment in the spreadsheet, or ask in the forum thread.​

Scene screenshots

4K resolution screenshots are a pretty nice thing, right? But do you know whats even nicer? Right! 4K screenshots with some action going on! To gain some awesome imagery, which might be used to advertise our server to even more people, or just to have something to admire or brag about, I'd like to hire some of you fine guys to re-enact some scenes from the books and movies for some real fancy screenshots!
Please fill out the doodle so I know when might be the best time to take some of these! More information and the doodle you can find here: Book/Movie scenes screenshots

Audiobook revival

@P1eter asked, I will deliver: The Audiobook, where we listen to a fancy reading of the LotR books and follow the story ingame, will continue on Saturday, 19:00 BST, with chapter "Minas Tirith", which marks the first chapter of Book 5 out of 6!​


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