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~The MCME Tuesday Times~ [10/10/17]


Staff member

Happy 7th Anniversary MCME!
Welcome to this special nostalgic edition of the MCME Times to celebrate the anniversary. I have taken the very first edition of The MCME Times posted on these forums (over 3.5 years ago) by @Fireinferno13 and have edited it to make it up to date with the current projects, etc. I hope you enjoy it!​
  • Andrast (In Progress): Jacen and matt have continued to do terrain there and also developed new textures.​
  • Belfalas (In Progress): No progress this week as the RPs are being worked on.​
  • Dol Amroth (In Progress): "Upper Cliff Town is now complete with @Patrick_0901 and his helpers already making huge progress in the quays of Lower Cliff town: houses, shops, and warehouses have seemingly popped up overnight. It won't be long until the whole south side of Dol Amroth is complete! Middle Town lead by @BWOT is already over 50%, with artists working in the poor sector constantly adding to their builds. Plans for work on New Town are under way and preliminary building has started." Written by @Eldar_Telcontar
  • Mordor Terrain (In Progress):More voxeling done by Designers around the northern region.​
  • Make Ithilien Great Aagin (Finished): @Fireinferno13 has now completed updating the Ithilien terrain after it was nuked.​
  • Noman Lands and Dagorlad (In Progress): And as one thing was fixed after being nuked, the area to the west of Nindalf had to be nuked. The rest of this area is now being worked upon by Designers.​
  • Moria (In Progress): As Patrick has recently been promoted to designer, he has been working more in Moria. Here is what he has said about the progress that he has done: "I ruined and finished quite some halls with the help of many artists and many other people, like Napoleon and Jesia."
~Screenshot of the Week~

Have you checked out the Media section from a few years ago? @Aaldim has posted some great screenshots from around the server! Here is his Helms Deep screenshot!​
~Status Updates~

Please congratulate @Patrick_0901 on his promotion to Designer this week! Well Done!

Also, please congratulate @dav3ck and @barteldvn on their promotions to Foreman! Very well deserved to the both of you!

Unfortunately, we have just seen the demotion of @_Luk from Designer. Thanks for all your help!
~The Community~

Have you updated your Resource Packs recently (as in like the past 24 hours)? There may be some updates to the Gondor2 rp.

This week's theme build is the Tower of Cirith Ungol. Look at the main post for it to find extra details. Be sure to take part because it will be fun!

Have you liked our Facebook page? Did you know we have a Facebook page? Either way, go check it out here for more information. Pictures and update posts are added here to keep the community informed, plus a simple like is always a great sign of support!
The MCME Awards Ceremony will be this coming Saturday at 8pm BST. Be sure to be there and vote if you haven't done so yet! To find out more information, check the main post here.
~Meet the Staff~
As this was in the first MCME Times on the forums, I have decided to keep it in this week. However, I have updated/edited it a bit as it was written a few years ago.Remember, it was also written by a 19 year old Fire so, if he's talking about the future, it may/may not have happened. Enjoy!

Country of Origin:
Current Rank Held: Designer
Age: 22/23?
How did you find out about MCME and when did you join?

There are few things that cause me to fangirl, some of those things include Game of Thrones, Marvel, Parks and Rec, Archer (you get the point). However one of my original favorites had always been Lord of the Rings. This borderline obsession began when I was just 8 years old, watching the movies for the first time on a sick day. At first I was not a fan of Minecraft however over time I became a fan of it not too long ago, always thinking to myself that there must be something I am missing and, sure enough, I stumbled on MCME, early in 2012 but I believe my whitelist application was rejected and I didnt find it again until later that fall to which I became an active member in the community despite the lull in the server itself.
What was it like when you were a thrall/commoner (droog/member)? Any nostalgic moments?

I like to pride myself in never having been “that thrall” who posed annoying questions all the time or bothered people obsessively. Many a times were spent hanging with some of the older rangers such as Speedy, or even members like Muteberlin et al, building houses for Fornost and roaming freebuild. One memorable moment was the great feedback I received from Marozzo, Credoo, and CaptainDagless in terms of my building abilities as a thrall as it was what pushed and encouraged me to become better at it and pursue a higher, more flexible rank.
What was the first staff rank you got? Why did you apply/shoot for that rank in particular?

My first and only staff rank has been Foreman which I do quite enjoy. I always enjoyed helping people on jobs and organizing/participating in the larger projects so getting a staff rank opened an amazing door for me in that it allowed me to help the community and not just myself. Plus it gives the perfect balance between basic jobs where I get to teach newer members the ropes and more complex work to which I can apply my skills.
Is there any type of architecture or server job that you enjoy working on the most? Why?

I really enjoy it all with the exception of creature builds. I hate creature builds. Though I enjoy running road jobs, especially on mountains and hills as they are somewhat repetitive but also extremely complex.
What is your favorite thing about MCME?

Oh the people for sure, the reason I stick around this community is because of the people as we bring together so many awesome cultures and nations where it doesnt matter if you are British or Dutch or even Canadian (though I hesitate with that one haha), you can be friends on the server and have awesome experiences. And if not, watching you get banned is always quite fun just the same!
Do you have any other hobbies outside of MCME (besides MC and gaming)?

Im a pretty social character outside of MCME as many of you may know from my weekend affairs that occasionally bleed into my minecraft playing. Otherwise I enjoy playing tennis, running, and yoga, I also play piano and paint, and I am an Xbox gamer deep down as much as it may pain some of you. Im also a foodie and movie junky as well. And when I am not doing any of the above, I am usually being a full time college student! Currently considering a neuroscience major and potentially a philosophy minor but who really knows!​
~Closing Statement~
I hope you have enjoyed this weeks special edition of The Times. I'm quite sorry that I haven't been posting them as regularly as I want to because I am lacking the motivation to write them. Otherwise, have a wonderful day!​


Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
Love this edition but maybe in the near future, don’t make it just staff for the “interview”. Branch out a bit to other members if they want. But great job on this


Hardcore MCME-er
Why doesn't the times appear on the front page anymore? I keep missing them because of that.


Hardcore MCME-er
The time has a mind to its own. One can't simply choose where the times will appear.


Hardcore MCME-er
FYI: Will_em was one of the original "Builder" ranks who went on to be likely our most active Foremen. A key person who helped many become better builders, and a huge advocate of our various voice chat program for giving assistance to those wanting to improve their skills and also become more Community oriented.


Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
FYI: Will_em was one of the original "Builder" ranks who went on to be likely our most active Foremen. A key person who helped many become better builders, and a huge advocate of our various voice chat program for giving assistance to those wanting to improve their skills and also become more Community oriented.