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In Progress The Mordor Resource Pack

The Mordor Resource Pack
Greetings, this is your captain speaking. We are on an indirect Flight to Mordor. Our first stop will be Alpha, our second Beta and lastly we will arrive to our final destination. Of course inbetween those stops we will be serving three courses of: improvements, bug fixes, and additions. However, the majority of that we will get at each stop. We might experience some delays due to some severe issues with server moving to 1.13.

Okay, back to your lovely Head Builder: BWOT

Well, it is certainly an understatment to say it has been a while since any mention of the Mordor RP. But, after countless hours of hardwork we have been able to get somewhere. We are certainley far from finished, but what we have now we can only build on and improve. So here it the plan:

Mordor Pack Alhpa
- Planning out of what will go where
- Establishment of the structure
- Some textures done
- A majority fo textures in the work
- 1.13 and 1.14 compatibility
- Establish URPS format
- Will be mixed 16 and 32 px

Mordor Pack Beta
- Basic Structure finished (excluding: variations, optifine features, shader additions)
- Basic Textures finsihed (excluding: seamless, variations, optifine features, shader additions)
- Sorted and separated 16 and 32 px
- GUI in the works

Mordor Pack Finished
- Advanced Structure Finished
- URPS interchangable for future packs
- All textures finished
- Light 16 px, Dark 16 px, Light 32 px, Dark 32px complete
- Custom inv to access all blocks finished
- Custom soundpack and mob pack included
- Custom datapack to accompany
- GUI Finished

Well, a post talking about features for future RPS and how Mordor will be used in this goal will come later. But for now...

Ladies and Gentlemen we have reached our first stop. Please brace for the pure awesomeness of what it is to be :D . I present to you, for all those fortunate to be in a window seat of the left side of the plane.... MCME's Mordor Pack: Alpha

Our next stop Mordor Pack: Beta we will arrive at next year. Like literally next year.... exactly 01/01/2019 which to my calculations is in 15/16 days ;) And, as I said once we get to that date we can begin the Mordor Project. Now this does not guarantee that the server will be 1.13 yet, so we will be doing concepts and/or start doing Mordor on a seperate 1.13 server and copy it over. That has yet to be decided, we are working as hard as we can on this.

Have a good Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Mordor RP Alpha 0.1
Mainly Bug Fixes with this Update!
Mordor_Alpha 0.1.zip
- updated "brown_mushroom_block" *blockstate file*
*All added terrain blocks should now be working!
- updated "red_mushroom_block" *blockstate file*
- updated "mushroom_stem" *blockstate file*
- updated "note_block" *blockstate file*
*Markers allocated!

Textures Changes/Needed Mordor RP
- seamless
- 5 variations for each texture

Block 2
- leather roof material
- red canvas roof material
- vertical planks
- wattle
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Maybe it's a little too late to mention this, and I don't mean to criticse, but why are starting another project when we haven't even finished previous ones? Won't we be spread a little thin?
Hm, the folder inside the zip file should be ziped. Also, it doesen't work for me. Is it because I'm in 1.12.2?
Could you explain or link an explanation of what this light vs dark version is? Thanks. Also how can I change the in-flight entertainment away from the Moria channel?
The light versions will be what we have now: quite fluorescent. The dark version will be a lot more brown based; like conquest, same textures though just different shades.