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The Mouths of Entwash


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The mouths of Entwash: discussion thread

This thread is to explain how I would go about doing this project hopefully rather quickly.


My plan is to use an image of a real delta and use that as a layout. I'd import this image using the built-in feature in FAWE.

Then I'd obviously get rid of the parts I don't need and simplify the blocks in the image.


After this I'll go around, raise the terrain and start doing the vegetation.
This project will be done with world edit/voxel for 95% of the work as it's only terrain and vegetation, hence I hope to finish it in a matter of weeks.


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My only issue is that the picture seems to show a maritime delta not an inland delta. I think shapes in the right half are influenced by tidal effects. But I think it would work great if you use the left part only. Also would match perfectly with shape of River Anduin:


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I believe the river sources NE of the mouth of the Entwash that flow into Nindalf from Emyn Muil were never finished either as part of Tyr's original project. Perhaps you should consider including that in your project as it would be a relatively quick fix? (alternatively this could be part of the dead marshes eventually)
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