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The Nargothrond Project

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Hi all I'd like to highlight a project I'm starting on the Freebuild server. As you can tell by the title
that project is Nargothrond

progress album:http://imgur.com/a/uVxGy#0

Reasons for the Project

There are many reason why I have started this project

1) Practice and training to improve my ThemeBuilds

With the unique design of both Dwarven and elven, I believe this would be a perfect way to increase my skill as a builder ad experiment with design concepts, which may help when Moria, Lindon Erebor etc. are started on the main server

2)Gain Artist rank

By taking part in such a large project I hope to be able to showcase my skills as a builder and gain the artist rank (however this project cannot be used for an application only to supplement it)

3)Gain a Staff rank (artisan, foreman)

By heading this project I hope I can show my managerial skills, teamwork planning and dedication to a task/ project which are all good Qualities of a staff member, and also improve upon said skills, as the project unfolds.

What is Nargothrond?

If your not familiar with Nargothrond, It was once a Noldor Stronghold, ruled by Finrod Felegund. Petty dwarves were driven from the caves and Finrod there inspired by meneloth built is his sanctuary, with the aid of the dwarves from Ered Luin. Thus Nargothrond will have both elven and Dwarven architecture, making it an exciting and tricky build.

More information here http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Nargothrond

Why should you join the project?

You should join this project because,
1) It is an odd design that will push your building skills to the limit.

2)It will increase skills in building and teamwork, and there are also supervisor roles available, so managerial skills as well.

3)It will be FUN!! a great way to take part in a large scale project with jobs that wouldn't be available to commoners and thrall on the Build server.

4)Being part of a project gets you interacting more with other players, so you can make new friends!

5)The sense of being part of something epic, and the satisfaction of playing a part in it once complete.

How can I join?

Easy log into the Freebuild server and use /warp Nargothrond-apply to take you to the project apply area. and /warp Nargothrond to get to the build

Once there you'll need to showcase your building skills in the designated apply area and follow the rules and instructions which you can find there.

Once your application has been accepted you will be on the build team!

but worry not! if your not a good builder there will be much you can help do!
Terrain, small building jobs like pillars and hallways( such as simply copying a design a more skilled builder has created)

These things do not need an application so long as there are supervisors who can watch over you.

So what are you waiting for, warp Nargothrond and apply today!!

Please note that this is an unofficial mcme project, and cannot be used, for rank applications, however it is good practice to help you along the way.

Thanks for Reading and hope to see you on the project

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I won't apply because I don't have time and I don't build well, but nice project! Can't wait to see this done. I hope you become an Artist soon! I've seen some of your buildings and they look great!


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Thanks i'm glad you liked my builds :D. I'll be taken screens as the build progresses, so you guys can see how it's getting along


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currently I'm a bit busy, with real life, but I'm gonna try and get on as often as i can


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Activity slowed down for a bit, but this weekend has been full steam ahead.
Only I have been building albeit with some help for bits of the terrain, so its going slower than I'd like. However
I'm pleased to say the entrance hall has been finished. and plans for the grand cavern are almost complete, planned terrain extensions have also been built. and a start on the lake plan has begun.

new images in the progress album to check out

I'll keep you posted


also many of the designs for the entrance were by Indorilian, so thanks Indo :)
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sure I've done a little guide on how to create cliff's and mountains. I'll be on the free build server. so if your on i can show you what to do and you can be away ;)


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lake bed filled with dirt
small island built, with elven pavilion
more mountain work., second river all planned out

more images added to the progress file


it's been a busy two days, and although it doesn't sound a lot, much has been done, I'd like to thank the great guys who helped speed things
up by lending a hand!

more updates soon
i'll keep ya posted

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