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~The New MCME Times~[8/11/2019]


Aspiring Commoner
MCME Community!
Everyone is helping out!

Editor's Note by Soarz
As we see old faces return from their long rest, there are a lot of people doing what they can to help with the progress. Everyone from Commoners looking for jobs to our great Valar, looking over our projects and helping out themselves, no one is left out! The influx of players is still coming and isn't looking to stop, but that's ok!, there is plenty to do and we have all the time in the world. Through out the next weeks be on the lookout for jobs to join and many fun games to partake in, within this community there is never a dull moment!

~ Project Progress ~

Anorien – Lead: @Oberanio | In Progress
Report by _Lord_Of_Squids_
Great progress here! The terrain outside Osgiliath is completely done, and Ober, Thijs, and Didi have been doing lots of work on more terrain. Jona has started planning on a village, and all the beacon huts west of Amon Dîn (besides Halifirien) are done. Bart has been hard at work in the Entwash finishing a good amount of streams. Most of the grass is in place and he has started blending the falls of Rauros into the delta.


Andrast - Lead: @jacenpeter | In Progress
Report by Monster_Duck

There has been significant progress in Andrast especially with the help of mattlego. He has been working hard creating a river in eastern Andrast.

Andrast the real one.png

Lond Daer – Lead: @Ivan1pl | In Progress
Report by NicovicTheSixth

The city’s basic plan is done, and is now being finished in detail. There have been a lot of concepts made, however the choice on which one to use hasn’t been made yet. There have been more updates on the Eriador pack by FireInferno, so be sure to check that out! If you’ve got time you should check out the planning, which is visible in game or from the Dynmap.

Lond Daer.png

Moria – Lead: @barteldvn | In progress
Report by NicovicTheSixth

RubenPieterMark has started his mine area and finished the first of the halls, Credoo has started a new hall, and Thanx4loot has finished his first hall in Moria near the 21st hall! Blockfant has been working hard with a few dwarves in the mines, they currently are being worked on mainly by artists, however there will be jobs in there later! Furthermore we have Monster_Duck working on a guard post, so be sure to ask him about it if you can check it out! Lastly there have been a few jobs in a tomb cave by NicovicTheSixth, and currently it is about 30% done. Expect more jobs in the future!


Osgiliath Vegetation– Lead: @ooitsbirdo | In progress
Report by _Lord_Of_Squids_

Progress is going really good here! Most of the houses in Area 3 of Section 3 have been completed, with only a few remaining. FoolhardyFish has started working on alleyway vegetation. Trees are being added and the roads are looking more alive than ever!


~ Texture Development ~
Report by Eriol

RP update status (on hold, in progress, finished):

Gondor 2 (old Gondor will not be updated)

~ Plug-in Development ~
Report by Eriol

Update MCME to mc 1.13

Spigot Server:

Spigot development server for 1.13.1 is not reported safe to use on existing worlds:mad:

External Plugins:
no information searched yet: :(:(
no version for 1.13 available yet:
1.13 version found but not tested: :oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:
1.13 version crashes or is bugged: o_Oo_O
1.13 version tested and working fine: -none so far-

MCME Plugin Status

not yet tested with 1.13 :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
1.13 update in progress :rolleyes::rolleyes:
tested and working fine -none so far-

~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor
Hey guys! As usual, we need donations to keep the server running, so please help out if you can!
Viewing Donation Drive: Community Costs
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  • leovir
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  • Nick_Ski
  • wazowskithegrey
  • Snarki


~ Rank Updates ~
Report by Didi45

Finrod_Amandil: Everyone please welcome back our very old member back to the Build Team! Finrod will be taking the role of Designer (In the meantime) and will be resuming his work on the Misty Mountains! Sure as heck missed you mate! (But I always knew this was gonna happen so it was just a matter of time) Best of luck Finrod! Make us proud! #MakeTheMistiesGreatAgain

Will_em: Folks! Please put your hands together and welcome back our old Foreman… Will! Long time no see man! Will (obviously) will be taking the role of Foreman and hopefully will do awesome jobs, and make great progress. Make us proud Will! Good to have you back!

Thanx4Loot: New Artist Alert! Folks, please give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the build team and newest recruit of the Purple Legion! Make us proud! Build some great builds! Best of luck!

~ Interviews ~

Interview with @Odin

Question 1. How did you find MCME?
I found MCME through Keralis's video, and instantly got on.

Question 2. What was your experience like as an Adventurer?
It was amazing, seeing all the new builds for the first time can't be topped. My first time here Lindolas welcomed me, and then showed me the footsteps. Toti and Jona decided to come on the journey too, following the footsteps. Toti took a great picture of me in Moria for the first time in the 21st hall. We got all the way to where the footsteps end currently at Amon Hen, then they I'm guessing went back to work and I then started warping around to all the different places.

Question 3. What made you want to become an Artist?
I've always enjoyed building in Minecraft so when I found out that there was still tons of work to be done, I wanted to help out building the map as much as possible, so I decided to try my best to become good enough at building to get Artist and after some dedication I got it.

Question 4. What is your favourite thing about being an Artist?
Getting to be able to work pretty much anywhere I want, and being able to work on bigger projects than when I was commoner.

Question 5. What is your favourite place on MCME?
My favourite 2 places would be The Second Hall in Moria and Dol Amroth.

Question 6. Who is your favourite character from Tolkien's legendarium?
Sam, because I relate to him and Frodo’s friendship.

Interviewer: wazowskithegrey

~ Winners of “The Week” ~
So we got some good ones as always. Make sure you show some special recognition towards the winners of the week! They’ve presented exemplary displays of our server’s creative potential! Give a hand to these winners!

This weeks themed-builds had some very promising competition, and I spent many grueling hours going over them all. After much consideration, I have narrowed it down to the best. Thanks to all the new players who have showed off their skill!

~ Lore of the Week ~
The Meteorite Blade - Anglachel/ Gurthang:
Anglachel was a sword forged by an elf named Eöl. It was forged from a meteorite (Kind of like Sokka’s sword from Avatar - The Last Airbender).
The blade was black and would glow very bright, and it was so strong that it could easily slice through Iron. The meaning of the name “Anglachel” is “Flaming Iron” due to its “Flaming” Appearance from the glowing of the blade and it’s strength,
Anglachel, while beautiful, had the heart of its maker - Eöl - who had malice in his heart and a blood lust. The sword was gifted to Thingol king of Doriath as payment for Thingol allowing Eöl to dwell in the forest of Nan Elmoth. Thingol’s wife, Melian, warned him that there was much malice in the blade. Therefore, Thingol never used it and put it away in the armoury of Menegroth.

Beleg Strongbow armed himself with Anglachel when he went off to look for Túrin Turambar (His good friend who fled from Menegroth). Later on, Beleg found Turin, and Turin not recognizing his friend, killed Beleg with Anglachel.
After the murder of Beleg Turin had understood what he had done and was full of grief.
Turin reforged the sword in Nargothrond, and renamed it “Gurthang”, meaning “Iron of Death”, the blade was inscripted with "I am Gurthang, swiftly I slay thee".
Turin wielded the sword during his time in Nargothrond and after slaying many orcs and becoming the captain of the Nargothrondrim, the sword was given a new name which was used by orcs who feared the sword most of all, “Mormegil” - The Black Sword.
Turin spoke to the sword:
" ’Hail Gurthang! No lord or loyalty dost thou know, save the hand that wieldeth thee. From no blood wilt thou shrink. Wilt thou therefore take Túrin Turambar, wilt thou slay me swiftly?'
And from the blade rang a cold voice in answer: 'Yea, I will drink thy blood gladly, that so I may forget the blood of Beleg my master, and the blood of Brandir slain unjustly. I will slay thee swiftly.’ "
Turin later killed Glaurung with Gurthang by slicing the dragon’s stomach open. While Turin laid by the body of the dragon, Nienor, Turin’s sister and wife (long story) thought that Turin was killed and then killed herself. When Turin awoke he saw the body of his sister and out of grief he threw himself on Gurthang and killed himself, thus breaking Gurthang, and ending the sword’s history.

~ More Media ~

Woop woop. Everyone’s favourite part of the times has returned again! Huzzah! We gotta kick off this with the usual twitter. Be sure to give us a “hello!” at MinecraftMiddleEarth (@MCMiddleEarth) | Twitter . Who knows, Cookies may be involved!

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But of course, the most important and obviously most used social network is of course Planet Minecraft! Be sure to give us a diamond there. It costs nothing! Minecraft Middle Earth Minecraft Server

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~ Advertisements ~
Ahh yes. We all know the question. “How can I build?", As well as the responses “You can try a theme build” and “You can take part in jobs." The other answer is “Apply for Artist”, and the last option is by far the most exciting. Being able to build in your favourite places all the time. Sounds awesome. We can never have enough Artists, and with a wide range of current projects, there’s plenty for you to do!
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~ Closing Statement ~

From project progress to some good plug-in development, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. We’ve gotten a lot of stuff done guys, awesome job! See you soon!

Great job for the Times Team, who did what they had to do, great job!

Quote from JRRT

“Never laugh at live dragons”

The Official MCME Times
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