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~The New MCME Times~[8/25/2019]

We can rest MCME!
The hype has finally started to go down!

Editor's Note by Soarz
Another great two weeks have just flown by and lots of progress has been made. Things have begun to slow down but work is still being done all around the map. Many are off to school and that means less time for what we love, but regardless MCME players will always find a way to get on and have the time of their lives. Be sure keep a look out for jobs and different activities that happen on the server, and don't forget to have a wonderful day!

~ Project Progress ~

Anorien – Lead: @Oberanio | In Progress
Report by _Lord_Of_Squids_
Terrain is being finished all over Anorien. As of now, there are no sandy spots left! Streams are being checked and improved and work is continuing on Dol Calen.


Andrast - Lead: @jacenpeter | In Progress
Report by Monster_Duck

Andrast is moving ahead slow and steady. More than have of the river Lefnui is done thanks to mattlego and some mountains near the river have also been worked on.


Misty Mountains – Lead: @Finrod_Amandil | In progress
Report by ÑicovicTheSixth

Since Fin’s return only a few weeks ago, there have been 10 glaciers done, a whole section got snowed, and a whopping 3 multi hour jobs working on glaciers have been done! Right now the focus is on planning and preparing the new area around the High pass section for Finrod_Amandil, whilst Wroxxite is focusing on finishing the rivers and the finishing touches of the finished glaciers and mountains!


Moria – Lead: @barteldvn | In progress
Report by NicovicTheSixth

Drums in the deep have begun sounding. Yes, that is correct, there have been some orcs invading Moria! NicovicTheSixth ran a job and corrupted a cave on the fellowship’s path. Furthermore, there has been an amazing build day ran by Blockfant and Ooitsbirdo. They worked on a cave that connects into a rift. the terrain is now completely finished, including a dainty river! However, that’s not all! Credoo and Thanx4loot have started a shaft which is near the fellowship’s path movie version, and ON the fellowship’s path book version! Lastly, Will_em ran a job, creating some terrain features in a cave near Durin’s Crossroads. Things are looking amazing!


Osgiliath – Lead: @ooitsbirdo | In progress
Report by _Lord_Of_Squids_

Progress is going good here. Streets and alleys are all very welcoming of the green, and work is almost done in the final area of Section 3, where the focus is to improve the already done houses. Andrewpioneer has started work on Section 4, and FoolhardyFish will begin to work there when Section 3 is complete. As stated by him, “Uni looms ominously.”


~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor
Hey guys! As usual, we need donations to keep the server running, so please help out if you can!

Our Donors
  • Ras27
  • Sierraleone_
  • LordArkanios
  • Megaultratulin9
Special thanks to all the new players who have donated! We appreciate your support!

~ Rank Updates ~
Report by wazowskithegrey

Gadget271: Everybody welcome Gadget back to the rank of Guide! He was inactive for a while, but he’s back and better then ever! He had an awesome trial tour and has been helping out a lot since he got it back. Congrats!

Darki: Darki, the Artist Assistant we all know, has decided to step down to Designer. He came to this decision so he could focus on some stuff in his life. See you later dude!

~ Interviews ~

Regular Interview
Interview with Thanx4Loot

Question 1. How did you find MCME?
Got the itch to play some Minecraft again but didn't have a place to play. Tried a bunch of different servers but couldn't find a good fit in either community or style. Stumbled across MCME while looking through a server list somewhere and decided to try it out since I quite enjoy LotR. And here I am.

Question 2. What was your experience like as an Adventurer?
I didn't spend overly long as an adventurer, but I spent perhaps the first 2 days exploring, and then the rest working on my Theme build. Odin took an interest in me and helped me get Commoner fairly quickly so I could use Freebuild.

Question 3. What made you want to become an Artist?
I very much enjoy building and it helps to have a project to work on to jump start the idea flow, and the best way to always have a project seemed to be being an Artist. I take pride in completed builds, especially when they contribute to a greater whole, and I wanted to chase that build completion rush without the micromanaging that comes with being an adventurer.

Question 4. What is your favourite thing about being an Artist?
Working with Credoo. Call me a kiss ass but hes laid back and has good building sense and interesting ideas. I've been learning MCME style via osmosis. Best part? He's quiet. No loud noises just relaxed building.

Question 5. What is your favourite place on MCME?
Currently Moria because that's where I've gotten the most build freedom.

Question 6. Who is your favourite character from Tolkien's legendarium?
Boromir. The scene in the movie where he says, "I would have followed you, my brother... My captain... My king." Might not be from the books but I tear up every time. Every other member of the fellowship is for one reason or another, more than human in some way. Boromir is just a man trying to protect his people, without all the special powers. What a hero.

Interviewer: wazowskithegrey

~ Winners of “The Fortnight” ~
We got some good ones as always. Make sure you show some special recognition towards the winners of the week! They’ve presented exemplary displays of our server’s creative potential! Give a hand to these winners!

As the influx of newbies cooled down, the number of screenshots did too. That’s alright, because the screenshots included some high-quality ones by our regular photographers, Raffy, Xmine, Lord of Squids, Mithril, ElfishJedi and Lindo, and some great ones from welcomed new photographers, like Rre36, Ben10164 and EliusSolis. (Sorry if I forgot anyone.)
Keep the screenshots up!

~ Lore of the Week ~
In the beginning...:

In the beginning there was only Eru Iluvatar. The One. He who is Alone. Composer of Creation. Eventually Eru, with the Flame Imperishable (basically the ability to create life), created the Ainur, each coming from a different part of his mind. Dwelling in the Timeless Halls, he taught them the gift of music and saw them take this knowledge and expand on it, making it even more beautiful. Then, he showed them his greatest work. In harmony, Eru and the Ainur sang the Song of the Ainur.

At some point one of the greatest Ainur, Melkor, began his own harmony filled with hate and despair. This broke the 1st theme of the song, but the harmony prevailed. In this one, Manwë (Melkor’s “brother”), sang the leading part. Unfortunately Melkor’s music again broke the 2nd theme of the song. Eventually Eru stepped in and began the 3rd and final theme, that he could only comprehend. After he completed the 3rd theme, he showed them his Vision, a vision of space and great stories yet to be told. He told them much of its nature and destiny, making the Ainur extremely knowledgeable of this world’s future. However, they still weren’t omniscient like Eru. Some of the Ainur were immediately drawn to the Vision and pleaded with Eru to make it a reality. That is when Eru Illuvitar uttered a single word… Eä. With that, the physical realm and Arda (Earth) itself was created with a single word.

During this, Eru created Elves and Men. To Men Eru gave a special gift. The gift of free will. The Men wouldn’t be tied to the song and Arda, allowing them to do as they wish, unlike the Elves, who were immortal and deeply connected to the song and Arda’s destiny. He called them his “children.” However, they weren’t immediately placed in the world, they were put to sleep until a later time.

~ More Media ~

Woop woop! Everyone’s favourite part of the times has returned again! Huzzah! We gotta kick off this with the usual twitter. Be sure to give us a “hello!” at MinecraftMiddleEarth (@MCMiddleEarth) | Twitter . Who knows, Cookies may be involved!

Twitter is not the most popular “social platform”, so for you “yooves” with a trendy Facebook account, try following us there too Minecraft Middle-Earth

But of course, the most important and obviously most used social network is of course Planet Minecraft! Be sure to give us a diamond there. It costs nothing! Minecraft Middle Earth Minecraft Server

(What do you mean Snapchat is more popular than Planet Minecraft of course it isn’t)

~ Advertisements ~
Ahh yes. We all know the question. “How can I build?", As well as the responses “You can try a theme build” and “You can take part in jobs." The other answer is “Apply for Artist”, and the last option is by far the most exciting. Being able to build in your favourite places all the time. Sounds awesome. We can never have enough Artists, and with a wide range of current projects, there’s plenty for you to do!
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When you join the Guides, you’ll be giving tours, running minigames and testing players in lore quizzes, or if you prefer less “on the spot” stuff, Guidebooks are obviously your zen, or helping to tell MCME about MCME by writing up articles in the times. You’ll also plan help plan events such as The Summer Events and The Anniversary Events. We hope you join us soon, because us Guides really would love some more of us. What’re you waiting for?
Just click Guide and apply today!

~ Closing Statement ~

As all the Intensity dies down we are able to run jobs more smoothly and continue on our journey on recreating Middle Earth. There is a lot to do and plenty of time to do it. Its been a pleasure showing you what has been done but it comes to an end, so we will see you in two weeks!

Great job for the Times Team, who did what they had to do, great job!

Quote from JRRT

“Courage is found in unlikely places ”

The Official MCME Times
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