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The Science Page


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So I dont know about you guys, but I love reading scientific articles about weird and random findings across the globe that contribute to the science community. Use this thread to post interesting articles, pictures, or other findings of the internet concerning science for the community to see and maybe even read.

Feel free to discuss articles but abide by the following:
  • Make sure your article is recent and from a reliable source
  • Make sure it is not controversial or targeting a group of people
  • Make sure you have read the article before posting!

Try and use a format similar to this:


Here are a few of the ones that I have read recently and found interesting :D

Mutations Found In 115 Year Old Woman's Blood Could Help Unlock Secrets Of Aging
This article is about research in what really causes aging and the degradation of telomeres on the strands of DNA within our body that is caused by progressive replication.

Beards: Too Hip For Their Own Good
This article is about how beards are considered a form of sexual selection in the environment due to their scarcity as a whole in comparison to clean shaven faces.

Here is Glaucus Atlanticus, a sea slug found in tropical and temperate waters.
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It's too late to find a link, but in math the other day (or two) we watched some Through the Wormhole episode(s) about dimensions. It touched on time travel and dark matter, is why I thought of it. Tomorrow I might try and find a link. Also, it's Morgan Freeman, so it must be a pretty good show.


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Time Travel May Be Possible
If subatomic particles called neutrinos can go faster than the speed of light, as scientists reported Sept.22, it would require a rethinking of the basics of physics, including the possibility of time travel.
Be very very careful with stuff like this. Neutrinos are different enough from other particles that there is a good chance that this will not carry over into any particle that doesn't act in that manner. Also, we have had this before, and this might be what you are referring to. CERN announced that it found tau neutrinos going faster then light, then revoked it http://press-archived.web.cern.ch/press-archived/PressReleases/Releases2011/PR19.11E.html .

In general, please have a basic understanding of what you are describing before you post it. There is a lot of spectacle as press tries to blow up some discovery, and in the end states incorrect information. In my opinion, FTL is by definition impossible, but if it could be broken, then some formulas will be changed, but time travel will still not happen. Also teleportation is practically equivalent to this, no information can go faster than light.
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Here is a neat little one, but it doesn't have the implications of some of the other ones here...

Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

Basically when light is reflected completely, there is a small energyless wave that extends past the mirror. If that wave hits a material with a similar coefficient, then suddenly that wave will have energy through the second material, but still none between the two objects.


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In general, please have a basic understanding of what you are describing before you post it
even more so than this, I would ask that you make sure that an article is as recent as possible, especially if it is controversial within the science world, e.g. neutrinos.
or, if you post a slightly outdated article, at least check to make sure it hasn't been disproven.


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checkout reddit.com/r/futurology for more articles and stuff. This subreddit is primarily where I find interesting articles and keep up with new information coming out.


Anyone else super into space?
Some objects are so massive, that they curve spacetime enough that light bends around them.
So what you're saying is that there could be a supermassive world-consuming spaceship parked on the front porch of the solar system and we'd HAVE NO IDEA.


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Has anybody else read The Elegant Universe? It was written by Brian Greene, who is one of the leading string theorists, and it contains a bunch of "physics stuff" ranging from wormholes to the 11 dimensions. It's really interesting, and if you're a physics nerd, I'd definitely recommend reading it.


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For the second one, I don't think I have seen any mathematical evidence for the 10 dimensions existing in the way represented. (String theory has more but not in the manner described) Parts of it are going from what is a wild guess at what occurs when wave-functions collapse and continuing on that tangent, assumes that it is possible to do things based on postulating that there are 10 visitable dimensions with relatively parallel universes.

The other two ones are great though!


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Yeah I know it's not all 'correct', but it's a lay-man's explanation to something very difficult to grasp.
Plus there are 4 videos, you should check out the last one to!