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The Six Dragons Summer Events: The Hunt for Durin's Axe


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~The Six Dragons Summer Events~

The Hunt for Durin's Axe

Starts: Monday 30th July, 10am BST (Time Converter)
Welcome to The Hunt for Durin's Axe! Have you enjoyed the Easter Egg hunts that have happened before? Yes, then enjoy solving clues and searching the server for this scavenger hunt event. Each of the Valar have lost items on the server and it is your job to find them all before you can find Durin's Axe. Solve each of the clues to find the items, however you can only get the next clue when you find an item. These are the lost items that have been reported to me:
  • DynoDaring's Ban Hammer
  • Eriol_Eandur's Boots
  • q220's Piggy Bank
  • Mandolore's Helmet
  • BWOT's Whip
  • Credoo's Fishbowl
Here is how to play, the rules, and extra information about the event. The most important information is marked in bold.
  • The items are placed in the MCME Build Server and on a location which is accessible to any Adventurer+ throughout the time of the event.
  • To unravel the hints you will need to use certain services from within the MCME Network as well as outside it, i.e. Google searches.
  • The hint for the next item is found on signs on the previous item.
  • Each item also contains a sign with a name (not just character names) connected to J.R.R. Tolkien, but with the letters scrambled up.
  • To win you need to message me (@Smaug_Niphredil) the unscrambled names from the items in the right order through the Forums or Discord.
  • There are 6 items to find as well as Durin's Axe
  • Out-of-the-box thinking is vital.
  • Teaming up is encouraged.
  • I will be reluctant to give out hints, in order to keep things fair.
  • I hold the right to disqualify players I help specifically, or if they have an unfair advantage.
Here is your first clue:
At the home of the second of the settled horde,
not many find rest and board;
Under the hills of old,
there stay the bold.
Happy searching!

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The clue for the first item has not been edited in to the main post! You may now start hunting for the items across the server.

Just to remind you, this event will go on all the way to the Closing Ceremony, so you have plenty of time to complete the event. Also, thank you to everyone who helped to organise this event and especially to @Samfries_Taranoc who wrote the riddles. If you find anything wrong with the signs, please let me know.


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Are we using the piggy bank and boots I built...? That would be a shock. I thought they were terrible


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Also whoever built my whip please come forth so I can disown you, did you spend what... ten seconds on it :p


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So, some people have had trouble finding Durin's Axe, so much trouble, in fact, only two people have managed to find it (one of them is me!). Therefore, I have decided that it is too well hidden and I have moved it to a more obvious place at its location. Some people have also asked what it looks like, it looks like an axe! But, it is much smaller than the other items.

Just follow the clue, have a good look around, then find it. Remember to send me your answers once you have found it.