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The Three Peaks Summer Event


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MCME Presents:

Hello everyone! I’m here to announce the return of an exciting event from last year: The Summer Event. The Two Trees Summer Event in 2014 was a lot of fun and we’re hoping The Three Peaks Summer Event will be too. We have lots of fun activities planned so read on to find out more about all the things to do.​

Official Rules
It is strongly recommended that you read the following rules very carefully to avoid breaking them. Actions will be taken against those who break the rules.​

Requirements for Participation:
  • You must be a registered user on the Forums
  • You must have passed the New Player World
  • You must not be a current Oathbreaker
  • You must be on the MCME Teamspeak Server if the event requires it
  • If an event has a signup, in order to participate you have to register through the signup form for that event to ensure a place
  • You must ensure you arrive to events on time (or earlier) or else the event may start without you

Main Events

Opening Ceremony - July 4th at 9PM BST (4PM EDT)
The Three Peaks Summer Event begins with our opening ceremony. At Moria East Gate (/warp Moria East Gate) there will be speeches and explanations of the various activities that will take place during the event. This will be followed by a great dance/music party to make many a dwarf jealous.​

Great Lore Tour - July 8th, 9th, & 10th at 9PM BST (4PM EDT)
Our major event for the Three Peaks Summer Event is the famous Great Lore Tour. The tour will be split over three days so you have time to take in all the lore and server information on every major location built on the server. This event will be led by the Guides. Look forward to a few hours of lore and jokes.​
  • July 8th - Eriador
  • July 9th - Eregion & Rhovanion
  • July 10th - Rohan & Gondor
Awards & Closing Ceremony - July 12th at 9PM BST (4PM EDT)
A tradition of the summer events, the award ceremony returns to bear the great Superfish trophies to those very most deserving in many, many categories. All of the nominees will be suggested and voted on by you! You can find out more out that process here. The awards will be handed out on our Summer Event Server (IP to be added) in our fantastic and afterward we will sadly say farewell to the summer event until next year.​

Besides the main events we have planned, there are also many other activities to take part in.​

Eomer’s Pig Race - July 5th at 7PM BST (2PM EDT)
Race around Rohan mustering the Rohirrim to ride to Gondor’s aid. For more information on this event, see this post. Registration for this event is encouraged. Sign up here.​

Nostalgic River Dig - July 5th after the Pig Race
Join Emilio in digging out a new Bruinen river on the Build Server. This is a classic job from the days of old that doesn't happen very often so don't miss out!​

Parkour Challenge - July 6th at 9PM BST (4PM EDT)
Join Artie in parkouring across famous locations throughout the Build Server. For more information on this event, please watch Tavern Talk.. Sign up here.​

Spleef - July 7th at 9PM BST (4PM EDT)
Join Jord for a fun set of PvP events. They will take place at our Special Summer Event Server (IP to be added) and will be loads of fun so you won’t want to miss it. More information about this event can be found here.​

Anduin Boat Race - July 8th at 4PM BST (11AM EDT)
Join Cef on an exciting boat race down the anduin finishing at the falls of Rauros. Prepare for crashing, anger and fun in this twisted and competitive contest of agility and skill. Sign up here.​

Ultra-Pick Challenge - July 9th at 4PM BST (11AM EDT)
Are you bored of the lame golden pickaxes you are forced to use in jobs? Do you too think that in a fantasy world as Middle-Earth you deserved something better? Well now the MCME research team has developed a truly godlike tool, but before you are permitted to wield it you have to succeed in this challenge where it’s your task to completely break down a giant stone cube with an Efficiency 100 pickaxe, but don’t you dare touch the floor!! Sign up here.​

The Great River Race - July 11th at 9PM BST (4PM EDT)
Join Tryfor and Kisos in running a race filled with mayhem and madness. More information on this event can be found here. Sign up here.
The Big Bang” Firework competition - July 12th at 3PM BST (10AM EDT)
Join Finrod in crafting his famous fireworks in this timed challenge of skill and patience. Hosted on our survival server (IP to be added) you will get complete access to all the tools of the trade. So don't delay, sign up here. More info can be found here.
Other Events

Skin Contest - July 4th through 12th
Fireinferno13 will be running a traditional skin contest throughout the whole event. You can find more information in this post, but here are various themes that will be taking place:​
  • Lord of the Rings: July 4th - 6th
  • Eras: July 7th - 9th
  • Formal: July 10th - 12th
Closing Statement
As you can see, we have a lot planned for the Three Peak Summer Event. We hope that you will participate as much as you can and that you have an enjoyable time!​


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Ah yes, perfect time for the opening ceremony. Because all the Americans are gunna be here instead of blowing stuff up. Splendid.


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Fun fact: We Canadians know WAY more about America than Americans know about Canada.

....hmm perhaps we should get back on topic....this festival will be great! (Topic saved;))
Well America is much more noteworthy


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