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The Two Trees Summer Event 2014

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MCME presents
The Two Trees Summer Event 2014

This is the post you’ve all been waiting for! So I’m proud to show you a beautiful google calendar screenshot with every event and activity for the event scheduled in BST (GMT +1).
I’m here to tell you just that little bit more about everything we’ve got install and give you access to all the signup sheets until more official event/activity threads are posted.
Get hyped.​

Official Rules
It is strongly recommended (compulsory) that you read the following rules very carefully to avoid breaking them. If not there are consequences to be had.

Primary Prerequisites to Participate in Events
  • Must be on MCME Teamspeak if required
  • Must be a registered user on Forums
  • Must have passed the New Player World
Other Requirements
  • If a activity has a signup, in order to participate you have to register through the signup form for that particular event to ensure a place
  • You must ensure you arrive early to your event or else the event will start without you.
Primary Schedule

Opening Ceremony 1st 22:00 BST (GMT +1)
We’re kicking this badass month of events with our very own opening ceremony.
At our own Bagend there will be cake, snowballs, an amazing speech from yours truly (@SugarKoala ) and @Iru followed by a beautiful firework display from our amazing @Finrod_Amandil .
This event is THE place to kick off the month as we explain the next month of activities, say a few words, and maybe drop out a few sneaky spoilers for different events.​

Great Lore Tour 10th, 17th, 24th 20:00 BST (GMT +1)
Our next major event as some of you already know is the infamous Great Lore Tour! We’re splitting the journey into 3 weeks to give you that bit more time to digest an abundance of lore and server info on every major location built on our server and get you geared for every other activity of the week.
  • Week 1: Eriador
  • Week 2: Eregion/Rhovanion
  • Week 3: Gondor/Rohan
Starring some of your favourite Rangers and a few familiar faces you’re in for a good few hours of lore and jokes. So pack your traveling cloak and saddle up for the event of the year.​

LOTR Audiobook Stream 8th and 15th 22:00 BST (GMT +1)
The audiobook is making its comeback! Led by @Credoo, it’s been a long while since we finished the last chapters of “The Fellowship of the Ring”. So we’re starting fresh with the second book and proceed from there on out. The first chapters will be streamed via teamspeak for a couple of hours on Friday the 8th of August at 20:00 BST (GMT +1).

More information can be found here. Dont miss out on this wonderful adventure!​

Awards Ceremony 29th 22:00 BST (GMT +1)
A favourite from the last summer events hosted, the award ceremony also returns to bear the great Superfish trophies to those very most deserving in many, many categories.
All of which nominees will be suggested and voted on by you! So be on the lookout for an official post on this soon for two weeks of nominating and two weeks of voting.​

Closing Ceremony 31st 22:00 BST (GMT +1)
And finally our last huzzah of the month will include another spectacular firework display and some well deserved thank yous. So be sure to not pack away your award suit too soon! If there will be any announcements only time will tell~​

So we have a rough understanding of the sheer numbers for the events above, please fill in this small form (one of many!) to help us ensure that you all get a seat ;D

Right~ Moving on to the activities that will also happen throughout the month we have many which have repeats and many without (but hey, the latter may be subject to change during the month!)

Droog Races
Run by @Iru and @kyzcool, the droog races are a series of nostalgic races in which you will race through locations on our server with a bit of a twist on ranks, more information will be posted soon. But be assured that we have dates and times for Europeans, Americans, and Aussies.
Tom Bombadil’s Mushroom Hunt 5th 15:00 BST (GMT +1)
Farmer Maggot has caught you stealing his mushrooms again! He says he'll let you off the hook if you replace the ones you took. Scattered around the Old Forest, mushrooms lie in wait for you to collect them, collect the most before the time runs out and the forest takes you. Run by yours truly (@SugarKoala) You can apply for the activity here.
Uruk-hai Challenge Obstacle Course 3rd 18:00 BST (GMT +1)/10th 13:00 BST (GMT +1)/17th 04:00 BST (GMT +1)
Do you have the stamina and endurance of the mighty Uruk-hai? Can you run across the Wold without a single stop to rest your breath? Well the Uruk-hai obstacle course is the challenge for you.

@Iru and @Wollip666 present to you an insane challenge. Players will face off racing across middle earth, following roughly the journey of the Uruk-hai in the Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers, ending at the mighty battle of Helms Deep. The age of Men is over, the time of the Orc has come. 3 dates and 3 time zones, don’t miss out and sign up here!
Annual Arda Archery Anarchy 22nd 20:00 BST (GMT +1)
@Wollip666 presents, with the help of @foxyyy1, the most exciting event of the summer. Contestants will play off against one another in a battle of skill and efficiency. Do you think you could be the next Legolas?
Come and join us in this most glorious event. More info coming soon. Sign up now.

One of us...
Speed Building 21st 22:00 BST (GMT +1)
You have to be fast, you have to be precise and you have to be furious. This is the speed building contest, where boys turn into men and women grow mighty beards.
You are given a small amount of time, and in that time you need to build and cooperate with your team to create the best and most architecturally advanced build you have ever done. Only the best will survive.
If you’re interested in a fast, fun packed event run by our own @wodleth sign up now to get assigned randomly into a team of 5 here
Boromir Boat Race 19th 22:00 BST (GMT +1) time subject to change
Ever wished you had the ability to take a boat for a spin around Middle-earth? Go over the falls of rauros? Take a fishing trip on the brandywine? And are you tired of getting in trouble for driving boats? Well not anymore! Run by our own ranger @Indorilian starting 19th at 22:00 BST (GMT +1) , join the great competition of Boromir’s Boat races!

It will consist of 3 races and 3 rounds: The preliminary round, which anyone can join, Semi-finals, and finals. Do you have what it takes to become the boating champion? Then sign up today!
*MCME is not responsible for any incidents of drowning, falling, or injury to boaters or property.
Falls of Rauros Challenge 19th 21:00 BST (GMT +1)
So there are boat races, there are marathons, but there is one extreme sport that hasn't been achieved in Middle Earth: Climbing!! The Falls Of Rauros Challenge determines who is the ultimate Minecraft Middle Earth Mountaineer through three short knock-out heats to the top of Tol Brandir, Falls of Rauros. Competitors will begin at the bottom of the Falls, where they will daringly ascend through unforgivable parkour cliff jumps and threatening shear drops!
"Certainty of death, small chance of success- what are you waiting for?"
River Dig Challenge 9th 22:00 BST (GMT +1)
@Tryfor34 presents to you a nostalgic river dig race which has such a storyline I can’t do it justice. More information about this unique activity will be posted in a forum thread soon.
PVP Games (all the time)
An open PVP games server where players have the opportunity to play small pvp games with little assistance from moderators.

These games are as follows:
  • Multiplayer
    • The Walls-Siege
    • The Walls-Sky Island Edition
    • Planetoid Survial
  • Singleplayer
    • Connect 4
    • Tundra Archery Arena
    • Gondor Archery Arena
Other Events
Skin Fashion Contest 4th-31st
And to top it all off, throughout the month we’re hosting a skin contest for each week led by our own @Fireinferno13. More information will be posted soon in a separate forum post but to get you started here are the themes:
  • Animal 4th - 10th Aug
  • Favourite Super Hero 11th - 17th Aug
  • Your Country 18th - 24th Aug
  • Fancy wear 25th - 31st Aug
Closing Statement
31 days, 27 of which have events. MCME, my old friend... this will be an event to remember!

“Farewell, hold to your purpose and may the blessing of Elves and Men and all free folk go with you.”​
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Could someone perhaps film the fireworks for me since i won't be able to attend?


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Could someone perhaps film the fireworks for me since i won't be able to attend?
All of our main events should be getting recorded by a small group of individuals that form a media team :D This doesn't prevent anyone else wishing to record and stream our events mind!


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Lead Builder
sadly i am going on holiday for 10 days but i will do everything possible to win the skin fashion Contest


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Are the sign-ups meant to be binding, semi-binding, or just showing interest? The thing is, I have to start school midway through the festival so a lot could change or things could pop up in that time. :(


Hardcore MCME-er
Are the sign-ups meant to be binding, semi-binding, or just showing interest? The thing is, I have to start school midway through the festival so a lot could change or things could pop up in that time. :(
The sign up for ceremonies are just to show interest and then the rest are all semi-binding, like you need to sign up to take part but just because you've signed up doesn't mean we won't start without you c:


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It says I need to pass the New player test to participate, but I joined well before that was implemented :confused:


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It says the speed build is 15:00 BST but the google form says 22:00?

Edit: and the date is different too
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