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The Winter Tales of Middle-Earth


Hardcore MCME-er

This post is just to give a little more information on "The Winter Tales of Middle-Earth" short story competition.

The stories written for this competition need to follow the ToS and have to pertain to MCME server lore/fun OR Tolkiens world must be winter/holiday related and interesting and plot driven .
The competition opens at the end of the opening ceremony and ends on the 30th of December.
The competition is open to everyone, including the judges, if they want to take part.
Completed stories, preferably written on Google Docs, need to be emailed to this address: wintertaleofmiddleearth@gmail.com . If you don't want to share your email address DM the story to one of the judges listed below, in this case a text file is preferable.

The stories will be judged by @Arkengard, @Raffyyy, @Smaug_Niphredil and myself.
The winning story and two runners up will be read out, though the date for this is still to be decided. If there are no objections when the competition closes I might put a post here with all of the entries so you can all have a look.

We know there will be inappropriate meme stories and don't mind them... they won't be able to place or be read during the actual event. You can make your story funny is you want to but know that there is a limit on how far you can take it.

Thanks for reading and good luck!
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Hardcore MCME-er
“The stories written for this competition need to follow the ToS and have to pertain to MCME server lore/fun”

Please elaborate. @TI_020601