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Accepted the_pharaohs_cat's Artist Application


Builds diagonally
I am the_pharaohs_cat, I joined on 18 November 2015.

I have not done many things on MCME so far as during the middle of last year I had some technical difficulties with my old laptop (which I used to play on). I have participated in a couple of theme builds.

I mostly like building Gondorian houses or fortifications. If I had to not build LOTR structures then I would build medieval buildings.

I am keen to help with Moria and/or any Gondorian towns etc.

MCME is a really awesome server that I thoroughly enjoy and I would like to be able to help more than I may now by getting artist. I do not just enjoy the LOTR aspect of the server though, the architecture side is amazing and fun.

Here are some of my builds (One of my theme builds is among them) :Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet