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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username : TheIronCrab
Date Joined : 15 June 2014 (Registered in forum), 28 July 2015 (Entered the server)
Themed Build participated in: White House (House of Faramir and Éowyn)
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: What is your prefered building style? I like to build castles (japanese and medieval).

Own MC builds:
I would like to help in this epic quest of building the Middle Earth. I joined MCME recently, but I have been playing Minecraft since Alpha, and I always wanted to build something big and durable. I'm bored of little servers with my friends for building little things. Let's conquest Mordor block by block!

P.S: If it's too soon to apply, I'll understand it. I'll participate in Themed Builds every week since now.
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hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thank you for your application! It has now been checked and here follow some tips on what you can improve on to increase your chances on a promotion to Artist.

On your Themed Build are already a lot of nice aspects to be found, however in some places some more details would not hurt, and a bit a more interesting way of furnishing the rooms would be good.
On the first point: Especially in the last picture of your album you can see that the walls of the two small towers (aka second floor) are really uniform and boring. Check out some gondorian buildings on how to add more depth to the wall by adding all kinds of shapes and ornaments.
For the interiors: You can quite clearly see that you now just added some stuff along the walls, you can still clearly see that the rooms were mostly uniform cubeoids. Also here, check some builds on the build map and how they dealt with the interior.
For further feedback please ask an Artist or Designer ingame or submit some more builds to your app.

Also please note that the criterions and the way artist apps are handled in the future are about to change. Further information will be published soon on the forums.

~ Finrod_Amandil, Head Designer.