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Themed Build Ideas


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  • The front gate of Erebor maybe?
  • The gates of Angband
  • The Sea-King tower of Pelargir or whatever it was called
  • The Dome of the Stars if that wasn't too recent of a server build


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No, if Pela was a triangle this would most likely be at its center, Barad Aerhir

Edit: Oh, and I just read the entire thread called "About Pelargir" To be honest, I'm kinda depressed about how much of an argument can be created out of how to geometrically create something
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I think it would be pretty cool and interesting if we tried doing some non Middle Earth related themed builds, like a modern theme or a roman theme for example.
The first themed build was Roman architecture. No idea how many times I've suggested doing real-world stuff since then (at least 3), but its nice to see someone else thinking the same way. Perhaps not a modern thing though, since the skills should still be applicable to mcme. We could maybe try things like real-world castles/other structures as well as more general themes.


It'd be interesting to have a themed build over "The Floating Log" in the shire, seems like a nice cozy place and i'd love to see a bunch of unique adaptations of it :p