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Themed Build Ideas


I agree with Gary, I think we should tone down some of the monumental builds and do some smaller scale theme builds; houses, camps, farms. This will allow people (like me for example) who aren't so much build inclined to still be able to participate in theme builds without getting too much anxiety over these huge plots.


In the last public meeting the general consensus of the meeting's attendees was that people wanted more general Theme Builds to show off their building skills instead of the often quite limiting specific themes we usually have.
So my proposal is that we should try to include at least one FFA option in every theme build poll (at least for a while, as a test to see how it goes).

To be able to go through with this idea we'll need more FFA suggestions though so here's a few to get us started:
FFA smithy/forge
FFA mansion
FFA bridge
FFA dwarven structure
FFA watch tower
FFA docks
FFA market
FFA house/hut
FFA boat/ship
FFA elven structure