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Themed Build Ideas


Aspiring Commoner
-Tirion architecture
-esgaroth architecture
-Angband/Utumno/barad-dur (bad guy stronghold, as you will)
-Radagast's home
-Dol Guldur
-Cuiviénen (of course the artists interpretation of it)
-Goblin Town
-Numenórean Architecture


  • Corsair Ships
  • Orc Camp
  • Skippers Canyon (I think this is a good tb for terrain editing and not just houses and stuff like that cause terrain doesnt get used alot by adventurers and commoners and well I think there needs to be some)


nargothrond - Similar to the structures of many underground Dwarven cities, Nargothrond consisted of many miles of caves and tunnels of various shapes and sizes carved through the rock, which was possibly limestone. There were three Great Halls centered around the other tunnels and caves, where the King of the city no doubt sat. The deepest of the caves was the Innermost Chamber where Glaurung later hoarded up the remaining treasures of Nargothrond and sat upon them until he left. Lúthien lived in a southwestern cave chamber during her stay there. The realms armouries were in several chambers south of the Great Halls. The main entrance through the Doors of Felagund to Nargothrond facing river Narog one came into a large chamber, which was about five-hundred feet from the Great Halls of Felagund.