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Canceled this is a artist application

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Starting Adventurer
Date : A couple of months ago but i havent got any commoner rank yet
Jobs and plotbuilds : Bushes on gondor farm, quarry, detailing river but i prefer building buildings and doing interior
Themed builds : None
Additional builds : Only builds that i built on servers that i dont know the ip to anymore
My Interests : Gondorian, Rohirric
my motivation : i wanna apply for artist cause the world in middle earth here is so nice and i wanna help finish it, what mcme means to me : it means a lot cause ive always wanted to live in this world and i kinda grown to big for lego lotr and lego the hobbit so this is so fun and nice to play on
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I recommend reaching commoner, show us some of your builds and most importantly doing some work on the server before going for artist
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