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Thorin's Gate Update Thread


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This is the Thread where updates shall be listed. Check up each sunday or whenever you forget what you're doing at the Build!
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Thorin's Hall Updates (Sunday)
Viewed in: Eriador->Gondor.

as of Aug. 10th (Sunday)
This one is on time, so no more excuses from you dudes. Can we please get that mine FINISHED?? The 2 weeks limit I'd set is up, please put some work into it this week, thanks!
ALSO! MuddyDirt has done a few screens of Thorin's Hall with his SonicEther shaders for us! Go to Imgur and check them out! http://imgur.com/a/m7P2J#mF0eldp
Jobs This week:
  • All: Allowed to build up Front where the board is set, Mining Equipment and Machinery. Examples being Quarry Cranes, or Rock Piles (with ores piled in as well). Do a good enough job and It goes in the Crystal Caves.
  • All: (Complete)
  • Le0nidas: (Complete)
  • Le0nidas, CommandoTrigger: (Late) Now that the Town Hall has been finished, you two may move on to the mines below it. Which, isn't finished yet, so I AM expecting a bit of work this coming week, could you guys come over and work on it a bit? The 2 week limit I've set is up, so it is technically late! Can I see full detail too? Put lots of heart into it, should feel like a artist app when I see it! Aim for perfection!
  • Fistfull20, NinjaPotafo, CommandoTrigger: (Complete) I'll take over the rest. Just get that Mine finished by next week!
/Warp Thorin's Halls - Thorin's Gate
/Searchwarps Thorin's Halls
If you've forgotten the extra warps^^
Be sure to message me on the forums if you've specific questions!
Only PURPOSEFUL comments on this Thread! No blabber about P&J sandwiches! (Though it's tempting) WE MUST RESIST!
Let's not get in trouble with Fire ( <3 ya mate) about "spamming" the forums! ^^
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You can have a project thread. I'm sure some people find it interesting to see what is going on with freebuild projects. You can definitely use this thread to communicate with each other about the project. The reason people got reprimanded for spam was because there was a nonsense conversation going on in a thread that might as well have been carried out in ingame chat/TS.
Don't be afraid to use the forums, that's what they are meant for.