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Time for a break.


Hello guys, and girls
I'm certain it has become apparent that my activity on the server has drastically declined. It's partly due to the outside sources of real life but also a lack of motivation from having been in the Enforcement group for 6+ years of my time on MCME. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time online despite many ups or downs and I am not leaving but merely stepping aside for someone else to take MCME forward. @Credoo will be taking over Enforcement in the mean time as a temporary Head Enforcer and I am certain you will all give him every support required.

I have to thank not only the valar/staff team in general for all the help and good memories but most importantly Irufush1 aka @iru and @q220 for trusting me in taking over the burden so many moons ago. I will still be around, answering the many questions new players have and helping them to understand the great community we have available to them. Once a Guide always a Guide I guess...

Adieu my friends, see you on the server!

o/ from Dyno


Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
Even though we never really talked, it’s still a bit sad to see you go. Good luck in life



Hardcore MCME-er
Dyno, you better join discord often enough or I’m coming over to canada and moose-slap you into alaska.
Thanks for the service bud, you did a stellar job.


Staff member
First and foremost thank you for your commitment to MCME these past years. It was a privilege to have you as an admin and to work with you. I will miss your calm and collective-ness when discussion difficult topics. I will be glad to see you online and happy to see that you will stick around.


Hardcore MCME-er
Dyno, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to this community.

I could not think any other person I could personally trust at the time of passing on the baton of Head Enforcer. I have always revered your dedication and commitment to helping people; where did reflective of your impartiality and level-headedness.


Dyno, it's been good serving you under two ranks.We will all miss you, your ban-hammer and the amazing humor you employ. Don't forget to visit and say hi, we will spam you with hellos as soon as you log back on. Until next time!