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TMNTacular95 Artist Application

Can I be an Artist?

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Starting Adventurer
I joined July 15th, 2017, around 3 pm. I enjoy building any types of things, as long as it's not endless replacing of floors. I uploaded 5 of my current one, and 4 of my other builds. I applied for this, because I would like to be able to build MCME, and to improve it so that all people may enjoy it. This is my Themed-Build for Rammas Echor. I built it by looking at the concept art Gary-Baggins gave me.
Minecraft Build.jpg


Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Head Developer
Thank you for your application!

I appreciate your verve. Sorry but have to improve your builds to get promoted. Artists are the main builders at MCME so we need to make sure they can build very well in the style we use.
Your Rammas Echor Themed-builds is made of smooth stone mainly. This material is supposed to be natural, unbroken stone. So it is not a main building material for walls and houses. Try to use some stone brick blocks instead. Also try to bring a lot more details into your build. Choose at least two main building materials. For example large grey stone bricks and cobble stone. Look around at the main map at some town walls or the Rammas Echor there to get an impression how we usually do it.
You built only the main structures but everything looks very empty. You should always try to fill every bit of your plot with interesting stuff. Maybe some frameworks where people are repairing the wall, fields, carts, roads, bushes, plants ....

You can improve your application by adding more screenshots to the post above with improved or new builds. When you do, reply to this thread with something like "updated". This will make us notice your update. We will give you more feedback then.
You can also improve your chances to get promoted by helping with jobs and plotbuilds.



Hardcore MCME-er
Could I make at the level lower then Artist? Thanks.
TMNT you have to be voted to become commoner by 10 people who think you deserve it and commoner is not a rank that you can apply for. If you need help on your builds and I'm around or probably any free artist, foreman or designer they can help you while your building with tips and recommendations.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Hello and thanks for you interest in the Artist rank from my side as well! Don't worry if that feedback is a bit underwhelming! Getting Artist is not supposed to be easy, not at all! So yeah, you got to work for it a little, barely anyone get's it instantly! The quality of our builds is raisng constantly and the new Artists will be those that carry on with that, so the expectations are high ;) But don't worry, we're all here to give you tips on how you gather the necessary tricks to create nicely looking builds. For a start I highly recommend trying to adapt or even copy some of the things you see on the main map, if you can understand how those were built you soon will be able to build like that on your own!