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Join Date: Mid December, 2016
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screenshots of some of my builds are located here:

The first two screenshots are of a big dungeon i built for fun
The next few screenshots are of my themebuild of the tomb of elendil and the last couple screenshots are of my bag end themebuild, which is a work in progress.

I like the dwarven builds and I feel like I'm best at building stone dungeons like dwarven cities.

I want to become an artist because not just in minecraft it's something i want to do when i grow up. I feel like helping to build things on the server will be really fun but also helpful.

p.s. I once was a member on this server as "bowserjuice" and helped in jobs like building a house for michel Delving as a commoner. Something happened though and I lost access to that profile. just something interesting to add.


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Thanks for your application!

I'd like to give you a bit of feedback on your Bagend Themed Build!
  • First off, wow it is really big and rather complex, very awesome! Not many can think of so many rooms to add, also the interior is fairly extensive, and not many rooms stand empty!
  • Material choice: This is one of the trickiest topics when starting a new buildings. You combined the spruce logs with oak planks. Maybe it's just cause I am used to it, but personally I'd rather use oak logs together with the oak planks, somehow it just matches better together for me. Together with the birch planks furniture it just looks a bit chaotic; usually most builds use 2-3 different materials for the majority of their structures, more materials beyond that quickly look a bit like too much variation.
  • Tables: Try the command /get misc for one! In there you'll find piston tables you can easily place without requiring the base!
  • Beyond that it's rather detail things you could look after: I.e. that you make sure that if you use the bookshelf blocks that you can only see books from one side (doesn't make a lot of sense if you have a bookshelf with slots for books on two sides :p), i.e. by placing blocks or an iron door (looks like oak planks) on the side of the shelf. Or that you actually light the chimneys; for that you best place netherrack at the bottom and light it; I think using the iron sword with a left click should do the trick!
As overall tip I would suggest to you that before you start a build you look at some builds on the MCME map in order to find a good sortiment of materials! Try to get some inspiration from there, trying to imitate certain things also helps a lot for learning how to build!

~ Finrod