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Accepted Tours/Minigames Badge Application [Arkengarde]


Hardcore MCME-er
Tours Badge Application
  • Joined December of 2011.
  • I am currently a commoner.
  • Throughout my time on MCME, I have learned many important lessons in touring! I have learned that it is hard to tour YouTubers as a Guide because the point of a tour is to be a personality for people to listen to and that same trait is seen in YouTubers causing a bit of a awkward conflict. I've also found that the more fun you're having, the more fun the tour! I feel like I can make "good tours" because I have watched, scrutinized, and done a few tours myself!
  • I love being involved in the community and I feel I've lost touch with touring a bit! I'd love to start touring again :)
  • I'd like the Minigames Badge so that I can, again, be involved with this wonderful community in any way possible :) I already know a little bit about running games as it stands, so it shouldn't be too hard to train me!!!
    I really hope I achieve these badges and can continue providing a happy place for the members of MCME!