Town of Salem

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May 14, 2014
So if you're like me: you like free things that have some challenge but aren't too hard to learn, and are super fun. Agree? Then this should work for you. No? Ehh never hurts to try.

Town of Salem is a free to play game of deception which strands off of popular games such as "Mafia" and "Warewolf". But I'll stop talking and pop a link to it right here.

(Also I know about the rule for no advertising and what not. If this applies, because I'm new and I'm not 100% sure on what flys here, PLEASE let me know, or just take this down and send me a message.)

Now, if you're still reading, :D I'll explain the game further.

In Town of Salem you have three main groups:
The Townspeople - They want to hang all mafia and evil people.
The Mafia - They want to kill off the townspeople.
Neutral roles - these people have a variety of different roles.

Playing this, you will make up a name for your character of which you choose in the town. You will be given a random role, and based off of that role you will have a certain job in the town. (Always read top right for job description when you get it.)

The twist happens due to the fact that none other then the mafia knows the other player's roles. And even then, mafia only know who each other are.

If you're even remotely interested in this, I recommend you try a good two games to just figure out how it all works, but after the first two or three games most people figure it out.

FUN FACT, if you do not pick a name, you will be given a random one from the play The Crucible, which, written during the cold war, depicts the town of Salem during the Salem witch trials.

Thank you for reading. Hope I didn't butcher too much of this sense I'm only writing this at two in the morning. xD
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