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Trapped in NPW


Hardcore MCME-er
'eyyyy so. I made the mistake of checking out the new new player world in /gm 3

Now I cant tp out, and I can't go and stand on the pressure plate, would an enforcer be able to change my gamemode/tp me out, or is there a staff command to get out?

@mandolore100 @MaDIIReD @Finrod_Amandil


Hardcore MCME-er
All is well, darki got me out (after he tp'd to me and got trapped as well, but he had a body, so he could get out)

Why can't staff have perms in the NPW?

i cri erritime


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Head Guide
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Commands in npw are blocked by World Guard, idk if that can be done for some ranks only. Quickest solution would be to allow some commands like /gm /tp which Adventurers don't have access to.

I will ask q to do that.

Btw, in gm 3 you can just fly out of the quiz area. Commands are not blocked in whole new player world but only in the quiz area (I think).
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