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Unable to join server


Experienced Member
Whenever I try to join the MCME server it says,"Connection refused:no further information:" I have the IP address as = "build.mcmiddleearth.com". I am still able to join all other servers.

I have a few mods which I use like optifine, armour HUD, schematica e.t.c I have tried to join without these in my mod folder but no change. I have also made sure that I am on 1.8.9 mc and not forge or 1.9

Any hep would be very nice, thank you.

Also i am able to join the MCME pvp server.


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Edit - there is Darki's post but I was just confused at that. Until now 'lightbulb'.

Also is it just me that can join the PvP server?


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
It's very unusual that the server is down for longer periods of time.
But as automated restart obviously doesn't work, we need to wait for @q220 to restart it manually.