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United Kingdom (Plus Northern Ireland[And Wales{Oh and Scotland}]) Meet Up Crew


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Hey guys, it's the in-game DragonHorizon here, if i was being honest i would rate this meet up 8/10, thanks to my planning techniques, offered by other services as understanding the patterns and specific algebra for the pubs and clubs we are shooting up.

So, we got it going down hill at 0800 this Saturday outside Swansea City centre bus station. Thanks to Butters we have gotten a good selection from dem trip advisers for some pubs n' clubs (e.g. Flares, PopWorld, Fiction, Varsity, you get the gist).

(Rated the clubs by colour, the brighter the more amazing.)

So by 0100 on the Sunday, we should be hitting up the local's finest B&Bs to chilax. Also got a pal who said you could crash in his uni accommodation (QQ).

We've all agreed that the Sunday will involve a massive freakin sesh where we go cray cray.

I honestly wish to join this crew as i like it here, the people, the parties in general (I LOVE EVERYTHING). And no they do not litter!

Signed: The Dragon...


@wikey1236 @DragonHorizon @Stokie @bobow95 @nOBLER360 @Fornad @Sulyeon @07smithle @Hoobo @muteberlin @butters
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We were planning to go somewhere practical like London, then realised that Swansea is just perfect for what we want!!!
A good place for a night out in England is Nottingham. you can wear anything and no one will bat an eye lid


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hey it's the in game dragonhorizon here,

Yoy seem to have shown interest in our crew lucky larv,

would you be interesting in joining us for a night of great banter

Yours genuinely and sincerely,

Signed the dragon.


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1 - Definitely the latter
2 - Messed up one of the vowels there
3 - Swansea is actually Nightlife capital of the UK cause you know, Swansea...


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You might want to tighten your seat belt for this ride.

Swansea, Swansea consist of 7 letters, 7, god rested on the 7th day of creation, rest, rest rhymes with nuclear arms test, test consists of 4 letters, Independence Day is on the 4th of July, July is 6 months after January, half of 6 is 3, the illuminati symbol has 3 sides.

Swansea is iloominateh conformed.