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Upcoming changes to the forums

Hey everyone, this is quick summarisation of the changes coming in the latest forum update.

Push notifications
Push notifications allows you to be notified in your browser or mobile device (with the exception of Safari on macOS and any iOS based browser)

You will have the ability to chose for what type of content you want notifications for. If you click on one of those notifications you will be taken directly to the content and it will be marked as read.

Font Awesome 5
This is the framework that handles 'stuff' when you write or add text or images to the website, basically it will look like this:

People who write wiki's or pages on Github will be already familiar with this. Markdown is a simplified formatting language. When you use markdown in a post, it will be converted to a specific styling when you submit the post. For example, when using markdown in a post such as:

It would convert to the following style:

Maybe not that super exciting, but useful if you want to start formatting right away. Most of the syntax you will already be familiar with, because Discord also uses Markdown to format its text! If you want to read more about how Markdown works and what you can do with it, you can read https://guides.github.com/pdfs/markdown-cheatsheet-online.pdf Note though that the Github Flavored Markdown section will not work here.

Better editor integration and bb code options
BBCode is sometimes limited in giving us flexibility such as image sizing or other options. This has now been enhanced. This is an example of how you can format an image, give it an alt_text, easily set alignment:

Inline spoiler
The inline spoiler will blurr text until you hover over it

Table support
My personal favorite, the forums will now be able to handle tables!

Reactions to posts
This new feature will be native the forum software, and will replace our current Likes functionality. All likes will be converted over though so they won't get lost.
The new system native to Xenforo will be very similar to what we already have and how likes are given out on Discord.

URL unfurling
This is a technique when a url is used in a post, the system will lookup what the page is about, and insert a small description to the post (title, description, favicon)


Posts and other content types can now be bookmarked for you, so you can easily find them again when you need them later. You can also add labels to manage your bookmarks easier.

Also for people who got this far and are still reading, there will be a sneak-peak in about a month or so in regard of the new frontpage ;)


I'd prefer to keep the old format, but my own opinion can't decide such a thing. Yet, I don't feel the forum update necessary, I'd a phone format or even an app because currently, it's a bit awkward to look at the forum on a phone.