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Upcoming forum update


Eru Iluvatar
Staff member
In the next few weeks I will release an update to our forum systems. This post is a recap of the developer's changes.

Profile post comment improvements

Profile post comments have always been missing some love when you compared them to normal posts. They msised tools for user interaction such as liking content or reporting a comment. They also lacked moderator management. The update will change that and more functions to profile comments.


Profile comment likes notifications:

Comments appearing in News Feed / Recent activity:

Soft delete profile post comments

In the current version you only can permanently delete post comments. With this update you can also soft delete them, which makes the comments invisible while they remain in the system should they ever need to be restored.



Profile posts comments now appear in search

The comments are now indexed and can be found through using the search bar.

New posts appear in the sidebar
In prior versions, there was a similar option that only allowed newly created threads to appear in the sidebar. They were added based on the thread creation, which meant that really active threads could disappear from the sidebar if some others were started.

This now changes by introducing latest posts in the sidebar, which gives you a quick glance to the latest replies (similar to how New Posts works under the forums category).


Additional moderator logging

The system will log additional actions taken by moderators, such as warnings given out or when spam cleaning tools are used.


Two-step verification and security improvements

The next xenforo update also took security serious. Two-step verification has been added to the forum and can be used by you if you want (this feature isn't enforced, but is optionally activated by the end user themselves). Two-step verification is based on 'something you know and something you have'. For example using a password alongside with a verification tool such as Google Authenticated, which will give you a unique access code specifically tailored to provide you access.





Notices improvements

Notices can now show a specific image or the poster's avatar. In the past this was possible by using html markup, but now it has become more userfriendly.




Additionally, the floating notices will see a major improvement as well. Currently we use a costum addon that enables me to make these floating notifications, but the functionality has been implenented in the Xenforo forum software.


Thread tagging

This will surely become a very liked feature by all of you hashtaggers or taggers in general. Tagging threads will become a possibility. Tagging a thread adds keywords to a certain thread.


Clicking on a tag will display all the content the tag is attached to, similar to how thread prefixes work.


These tags will be indexed, which means they can show up in the search bars and search engines.
There are also options to limit new users and already established users in going too crazy with adding useless spammy thread tagging such as #yolo or #meforpresident.


Link title conversion

Some observant users probably have noticed our current forum has changed in the way how it handles url's. If you post a url, it will take link title and automatically insert it into posts. The system then automatically makes this said link clickable which leads to prettier results, and you as user can have a better idea where the link will take you to.

This update will be rolled out in the following weeks when the software leaves its beta phase.

Bilbo Baggins

Slab Fanatic
I have seen something knew. I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, it maybe only I'm seeing this but, the colors have changed.