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Cancelled UPDATE: FlatBoulders Application for Artist Rank


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While I'm not expecting to be an artist first time, but I want to show my dedication to the server and get feedback on my builds to improve.


I joined about two weeks ago and I have participated in multiple teamed jobs, mainly building and filling out roads and rivers (here and here). I want the artist role for a couple of reasons. The first is that I am a huge fan of LoTR (Favorite Movie: Two Towers, Favorite Book: TFotR). And contributing by essentially building my own Middle-Earth would be a dream come true.

While I have only been here for one themed build, I figured I should give it a shot, while it's rather two-dimensional I wanted to capture what a ruin of a castle's exterior would look like (I based it off of Helm's Deep) The coordinated are at -2479, 18, 40520. And while I am not the greatest builder, I want to show and increase my potential and get motivation and advice, something I can't get really anywhere else.

Thank you for your time,

UPDATE: Interior picture and screenshot now has resource pack (Rohan)

UPDATE 2: Added fortress, foliage/depth, and more screenshots

UPDATE 3: Changed wood texture for the fortress


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Hey FlatBoulders!
Great you want to help. MCME is a good place to improve building skills. First you should use our resource packs, they have so much nicer blocks that the default textures. Second you might want to have a look at @Will_em's builder feedback thread. You'll find tips there and I'm sure Will will give you some more feedback on your wall.