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Updating New Player Guide


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Hello there,

I have expressed this opinion before and, after having the same discussion with a new player, I believe that it is time to update our "New Player Guide" in order to better serve the community. Currently the resources are somewhat scrambled across the forums. Here is my solution:

  • Dynmap

INFORMATION TAB - combines Wiki and NPG
  • Rules - everything new players need to know for joining/getting through the NPW
  • Guides - includes links to how to join, download RPs, TS, etc
  • FAQ - general questions
To be honest there are good resources in the "Wiki" tab - the problem is I didnt even know they were there and I've been here for like 4+ years! Wiki is not the first place I would search through if I was interested in joining, I would click the New Player tab however that is more confusing than helpful.
@q220 please consider this change as I think it will benefit the navigation of the forums and I do not think it is that complex of a change given that all of the sites are existing.
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Yeah I'm currently revising on how it can be done more efficiently. Especially the FAQ has become something I think should be replaced with a more proper article/page instead (New Player Guide nav button is only a link really) probably in favour of the wiki. FAQ basically has grown into a collection of "ask any question" which makes finding the relevant information a small chore.