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Username Origins


Hardcore MCME-er
Here's another remake thread (for people who didn't know about the old one). I saw it a while ago, and thought it was pretty cool, so here's a remake!

To start off, here's mine:
When I was making a minecraft account, I didn't know you were stuck with the username, and that it's your ingame name. So, DSESGH is my parents' and siblings' first initials, along with my last initial. However, if I was to choose a new name, it would be BeijingStrongbow. Beijing is my irl nickname (don't ask), and Beleg Strongbow is my favorite Tolkien character:p


Dirt Conaisseur
Once I got my Xbox Live account 3 years ago, I picked "AWOL777" as a spin-off of my dad's gamertag. Then, at school, since apparently everyone thinks that it's weird to say my name or something, my friends at school who play Xbox decided to call me Awol as a nickname. Then it spread and almost all of my classmates at school call me Awol to this day. So now I can't abandon the name Awol because it is mine therefore I use it everywhere.


Experienced Member
Far back in the forgotten days of Runescape, I needed to choose a name. My older brothers said yodog would be taken, they added the _ and I chose 117 (masterchief's tag number thing) I then was too lazy to choose anything else.


Builds diagonally
I was watching a stream on twitch.tv when I came up with this amazing idea for a minecraft account name (I spent like two weeks thinking about a name before buying the game). So I finally went to minecraft.net to make my account and forgot it halfway through and ended up with iDwarf. It was still a dwarf related name, just.. not what I currently have. It probably wasn't as great as this name is anyways so I'm glad I forgot it.

oops I'm a mistake


Hardcore MCME-er
I didn't chose my username; my Dad chose it as he got MC for me and my siblings (spike was his nickname). If I could chose, my username would involve 'Lem', which is my nickname :D


Experienced Member
Just because my favorite player in NFL is Desean Jackson. Djax is a shortcut. And the number of the region where I live is 74


Hardcore MCME-er
Pheonixsang = Pheonix (my irl first name, yes correctly misspelled) + sang (sanguinista, another word for vampire. which is my nickname because I only get about 4 hrs of sleep per day).

pheonix + sang = pheoninxsang



My username is from my name (Willem), my favourite colour (green) and because willgreen1 was taken I added a 1


Staff member
My IRL nickname is (or was) Ivan. When I started playing some browser game (I don't even remember what it was) 'Ivan' was taken so I added that '1'. And when I started playing international games I added 'pl' (Poland) and I stick to that nickname every time I create new account anywhere.


My name has not got a sense, it was a name of my friend. My true nickname is Tyranystrasz a name taken from the book "the war of the ancients" of World of Warcraft


Hardcore MCME-er
My name is Cefn hence "CEF" and the rest is just random from my PS3 and COD games. It comes from CEFKILLA96 my second ps3 acoount that I made in 2007.


Experienced Member
my name comes from my brother who wrote a story about a boy named Arcus, who became a great hero. This used to be his profile, but now it's mine. So, i'm stuck with the name =P


One Of Us
I was writing something for school in the third grade (or something like that) and the inner author came out (like always).
The prompt was about a door that was always locked, and it was finally unlocked so you go inside, blah blah blah, exposition, etc etc.

Anyway, a dragon fanatic at the time (and still one, somewhat), I wrote about how I opened the door and a beautiful scene opened up in front of me, one of natural floating land, and majestic winged beasts overhead.
Out of nowhere, a dark figure came from the sky, the clouds darkened, and more creatures started entering the area. They were pretty much pillaging (if fire drakes can pillage). One caught sight of me, and made a beeline towards me. Frozen with fear, I stood there. Then, a white light attacked the dark being (Oh, how literal my little mind was back then. Light v. Dark, Good v. Evil), and knocked it off it's course. Others joined the ranks, and the Dark was gone.
Long story short, that white being was the leader, and his name was Dargona.

1018 is my birthdate (October 18 = 10/18 = 1018), so I added that into it.

I used to use Dragon251 (dragon plus first 3 numbers of my student ID #), but this is better. Now, I am kinda branching out to Gutaan1.

Extra Trivia: I later learned that Dargona can be scrambled into "A Dragon". You gotta love subconscious thoughts.
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