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Finished Valleys of Celos and Sirith


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Valleys of Celos and Sirith
/warp Tumladen

Project Leader: Fireinferno13
Reserve Leader: Kisos and Luk_
Project Staff: Wroxxite and Kjolsen
(PM if Interested)

Background Lore:

The Rivers Sirith and Celos flow from the White Mountains of Lebennin, joined by a tributary, through Pelargir to join the Anduin. The Celos is a lesser river, serving as a tributary. Sirith and Celos, in Sindarin, translate roughly to "a flowing" and "flow out swiftly" in Sindarin respectively.

The Sirith flows through the fortified valley of Tumladen where many took refuge during the War of the Ring, suggesting it was large enough to absorb the incoming refugees in both housing and farmland resources. Tumladen translates roughly to "flat valley with steep sides" or simply "wide valley."

General Plan:
  1. Sirith River: done
  2. Celos River: done





Project Key:

  • The Sirith River
    • River Sources
    • Valley should be relatively even on both sides
  • The Celos River
    • River Sources
  • Mountain Range

  • Tumladen
    • Lord's Keep
    • Fortifications/Towers
    • Village
    • Farmland
    • Connecting Road
  • Minor Village
    • Farmland
    • Connecting Road
  • Mead Hall
  • Tavern
  • Stables
  • Healer
  • Barber
  • Tailor
  • Tanner
  • Thatcher
  • Herbalist
  • Falconer
  • Butcher
  • Stone Quarry
  • Pitch Collector

Open Jobs:
Give me feedback on the project!


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This will likely be on hold until Fornost is done - I may convert the area to sand but otherwise wait for now

Will add you both to project staff, thanks for the help :)


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FIRST UPDATE - this project is now officially in motion!

Luk and I are currently working to create the Sirith valley terrain. This includes adjusting the river itself and flattening the valley itself while also steepening the sides in order to best capture the minimal lore on the town of Tumladen. Hopefully, the terrain in this section will be done in the next few days, so that we can start planning the town itself (with the help of artists) - this should create plenty of farm, road, and house jobs for everyone to contribute to going into the summer :)

Once the building side of things is set into motion, it is likely that staff will continue to voxel the valley around the Celos river (though it is less significant in terms of lore).


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UPDATE - Tumladen terrain is done, work continues on prepping the terrain and building farms.

I have been running jobs throughout the week and will continue to do so in order to finish all the necessary roads and farm walls. I am currently focusing on finishing up all of the crops while Luk has been working to touch up some terrain and finish up the keep.

In terms of moving forward, little jobs should be expected while there are still farms to be done. Otherwise, we are working to set up all of the house layouts/frames which will hopefully be run as jobs sometime in the near future (plotworld maybe?)


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Tumladen Plotbuild
[status - closed]

/mv tp plotworld, /warp TumladenBuild

All are welcome to build a house or farmhouse for the town of Tumladen, there are a good chunk of house but not too many so dont wait too long if you are determined to claim your spot. That being said, please complete your house in a timely fashion or I will have to ask someone looking for a job to finish it.

Building Notes
  • Jungle Logs
  • Birch Planks
  • Oak and Birch Furniture
  • Grey, Green, or Blue Roofs
  • Fence or Glass Windows
  2. Do not edit the builds of other people without direct permission
  3. You must read and follow the visual guide provided
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Update - in a blink of an eye, pretty much all the houses were completed! Wow, thanks guys!

For Adventurers:
  • Lots of WALL JOBS this week! Stay tuned!

  • Most/all houses done
  • Most/all farms done
For Artists:
  • Two shops are remaining
  • One stilts house remaining
  • Farming Stuff:
    • Brewery
    • Stables
    • Grainery
    • Windmill


Hardcore MCME-er

Almost everything is done in Tumladen!
  • What IS done:
    • The Lord's keep(led by @_Luk )
    • All houses and shops
    • All farmhouses and respective builds
    • All farm walls
    • All crops*
    • All roads

  • What is NOT done:
    • SE Corner
      • *Hops farm and wall segment (@Wroxxite )
      • Pending terrain completion
    • Beacons
    • Various details
Once the town is officially completed, work will shift towards finishing the surrounding terrain. Afterwards work will begin on the Celos river where there will be one very small farming village to be built by the community.
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Long over due project update!

Below is a map of the mountains to be terraformed. @_Luk and @otho please claim respective sections (PM me). Please also complete the respective river sources in your section, no giant rivers ending in a cave crap, detailed branching is necessary. If any other staff are interested in terraforming just shoot me a PM.

The village will be planned and constructed (via jobs) once the surrounding terrain is finished.


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Looking for Artists for two possible projects, PM me if interested:

1) Mountain Village: ~5 houses and respective farms. Ideally, the artist would lead the project but the majority of the work be done via jobs and such. Warp to "le-village" if curious. DONE

2) Mineshaft: Small mine needs to be dug in Tumladen (see orange wool near town square).
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Media Team
Looking for Artists for two possible projects, PM me if interested:

1) Mountain Village: ~5 houses and respective farms. Ideally, the artist would lead the project but the majority of the work be done via jobs and such. Warp to "le-village" if curious.

2) Mineshaft: Small mine needs to be dug in Tumladen (see orange wool near town square).
Ok, could I do the mineshaft?
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Ya, I'm too frustrated with how the heck to do the stupid sawmill interior to pm you in game about anything, but I'm up to doing anything associated with the village

Edit: (more simplisticly) Could I be the artist you were looking for to lead the mountain village?
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I have continued to work on a bunch of terrain so section 3 is coming along nicely. I know there are several staff that have offered to help finish up this terrain sooner rather than later (@_Luk and @Wraith_Knight ), just let me know where you will be working so that we avoid too much overlap. Ideally, please follow @jacenpeter 's mountain making guide from the staff forums as well as the examples that I have already created. Not interested in overly smooth mountains as the ridges and details are important ;)

@kisos was also nice enough to finish his village so thats nice too.


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Calling all Designers!

I could really use some help finishing up this project, there are only a few (I count 7) mountains left before I get to put the fancy little "finished" tag on this project. I am going on vacation on the 14th and would love to get this done before then.

Please let me know if you are interested!! I know several people have helped out on small portions in the past, these mountains are super easy if you follow the guide.

Section 4 - needs love!
Section 5 - I will be working here


PS: wish I could recruit adventurers and artists, sooner we get this done the sooner I can put my efforts towards projects that create more jobs!
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For now I will be putting the voxel brush down as this project is done!

Thank you to everyone who lent a hand with this project as I think it ended up being bigger than most of us anticipated. Special shout out to @Wraith_Knight and @Eaglz24 for helping finish up the last few mountains, as well as @kisos and @_Luk for helping with the villages. There is some really spectacular terrain in this area (I am a little biased but its still great!) so be sure to either warp to Tumladen or Ridgewood and explore the surrounding area. Cheers.