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Hardcore MCME-er
Hello everyone, as I was researching and stuff last night, I stumbled upon this conundrum:
the flag of the Stewards of Gondor is actually just A field argent (blank white). The painting we have hanging all throughout Minas Tirith, light grey with a dark tree, is an invention of the movies.

Now, I know this is a quite obscure and specific thing, and probably most of you don't care about it too much, but maybe I will be able to arouse the anti-movie ire in some of you. Fix the flag!

I think we could change the current flag to be that of the line of elendil, which is basically the flag for gondor (black with a white tree). Meanwhile, in the Citadel of Minas Tirith, where it makes sense for the Steward's flag to be displayed, we could just use a vanilla white banner.

Edit: Oh also, if anyone can find a credible source describing an actual flag for the nation of gondor, please share!


Head Developer
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Head Developer
I have never heared about a flag of Gondor or Rohan or any other realm.
I think medieval flags were always related to persons not to nations.


Hardcore MCME-er
Thanks for the input, Eriol. That was in fact another option I had thought about: Just get rid of all the flags, because would they even have a national flag?
However a certain person told me they thought it would be better to have a family flag representing the country than no flag at all. This person was of the opinion that since lotr isn't identical to medieval europe we could get away with having flags. I rather agree; it makes sense that in the region ruled by a certain family they would put their colors and crest everywhere, so why not extend it to have the royal line's colors and crest be all over the country?
*cough @mandolore100 *

O great and influential community, please weigh in! At the least, it is an interesting scholarly discussion, even if we don't change the texture!


Hardcore MCME-er
I think it's quite reasonable to fly your monarch's flag. To use England as an example, people say (or used to say) that they are loyal to the king/queen, not to the country. Therefore, I think it's totally reasonable to fly the flag of your monarch, which may not be that of the country.